[Project B] [Step 3] The Wild zone


@Ollie_VaBanque I just found it and posted it here because you mentioned the solar panel Idea here:

So don’t worry that I’m taking it personal. I wouldn’t buy the numi for myself, it isn’t good looking.

At the moment we know project b is a backback. Now we have to specify what kind a backback we want and the features. I don’t need build in solar only the build in usb cable. That is really nice. I play Ingress and resources with my smartphone and often have to struggle with the cables.

And if I need solar on the go i would buy something from here:


For example this http://www.solarbag-shop.de/elite-nomad-7m-faltbares-solarmodul.html


I haven’t really been posting much, but backpacks are an essential part of my life. I’ve been using a large speedo backpack, it is tiring to carry around when it’s at its max load. I commonly do what @Pixel does and use the most of the room that my backpack has to offer. The fabric of the straps for the speedo backpack is comfortable for my shoulders from my years of using it. I use the speedo backpack because of its water resistance, it’s very good to use when I have it out on a pool deck, and being in USA Florida, it often rains.

The draw back, it’s big, not very professional looking and does not have the V logo.

Just my 2 cents.


This looks like a cool backpack u could get ideas from

OnePack, Most Functional Backpack for Everyday Life & Travel, via @Kickstarter https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/onepack/onepack-most-functional-backpack-for-everyday-life


There’s a lot between “one product” and “a system”. What about the idea in the first and second part of this development to have a bag-in bag device… Is this a system? I would prefer a really safe bag for the electronics inside the bag. But removable and usable for it’s own just to carry the V or a laptop with it’s cable and some other stuff safely around (maybe from the office to a conference room)…
I’m also not that confident with our “winner”… 34% is not that much… We could have 80% with a expandable backpack which could also be used as messenger bag… :blush:


I agree that we won’t meet a majority of users needs/wants with one bag (or a single purpose bag). I’m not keen on Molle but I think that expandability/adaptability would be a good way to meet the needs of more people.


I like the Idea from @dibadibadu
With the removable bag in the bag. So you also can use the backback without the electronic bag to carry more things when needed.


That could be pretty useful for people who fly a lot.


I got my peak design everyday backbag yesterday and it has these configurable compartments inside. Really liie the way they have done it.

I travel a lot with my camera gear on all these product launches and this really helps me to stuff my canera gear (lenses + camera) and separate them from clothes etc.

The bag is pricey but allows me to only varry one bag without too much of a mess inside


Does someone already speak about a special mouse case or something ? Something that would prevent that the mouse button would be clicked?


Are we aiming at the urban/city environment or mountain trek as these are different requirements which will heavily influence our design. I favour mountain for my personal use and don’t care about looking ‘cool’ in the street.


Look at these



i would prefer the urban city style. clean and dark look


Nice pick! I’m also eyeing it. Have you had a chance to use it as an everyday backpack but without camera gear?

I really dig the design but as I’m not a photographer, fairly sure I won’t be using it to carry lenses etc. and was wondering how you found it for everything else? Also - what color did you get? :star_struck:


Well I have used it for “everyday” use too. I usually carry my mirrorless camera with me everyday now, which I didn’t do before. And to be clear I am not a photographer (I am a tech blogger) and I only have a mirrorless camera and few lenses for it.

Now I just tend to carry my camera on lowest part of the bag and then other needed stuff on the top part (on everyday usage I usually don’t use all the three separators for the bag).

I got the 30 litres version in Charcoal color :slight_smile:


Nice choice! Was considering either the 20L Charcoal or Ash.

Out of curiosity, have you covered the V or the Backpack on your blog? Would be good to read up on your thoughts.

Do you store your V in the main laptop pocket and does it feel secure as it would likely be undersized for the pocket?

Final question: do you feel like there are sufficient pockets to keep your stuff organized?


I haven’t actually had any trips with V and the backbag yet. Will have two big events next week so after that I can answer these with certainty.

But I would say that the V will travel in the main compartment and maybe my iPad pro will fit in the “tablet” compartment.

I think the pockets are good unless you have to carry lot of cables etc. On my current trip I have my camera, few power banks and lot of cables with me and these fit well. I think it’s more about how you can organize your stuff


Cool, thanks - would really appreciate an update after covering the two big events - will wait to pull the trigger till then.

And great with regards to the pockets. I doubt I’d be carrying as many cables as you would need to so it should work out fine! Thanks again fro the feedback.

[Project B] [Step 2] Product type and features!

Hey, just wanted to follow up and check in if you had any thoughts on the bag for general use and travel?


Sorry have forgot about it totally.

Still using it everyday as my everyday carry. The only “downside” I can think is it can get pretty heavy if I load it up with my gear when going to a trip.

Also personally not really a huge fan of the straps/handles. They are kind of hard material which in a way keep the bag very sturdy but will also put a little pressure on your shoulders.

But in the end a great backpag and love the way you can modify the compartments how you like.