[Project B] [Step 3] The Wild zone


Hello there!

Here we are with STEP 3 of the Project B

Yep, I wished to be ready sooner with this and bet many of you as well :wink: but in the team, we all had to take our good share of work on the support side, and that comes first.
I am sure you can understand! I believe some of you guys did actually chat with me on Zendesk… :smiley: Now back on track!


It is a BACKPACK, spacious enough to carry what is needed to be fully prepared to take on our day.

And before jumping into the next step let’s summarize quickly.

Firstly we started from our own personal experience and we have layout our main key pain points with our products, collecting good data about how we like to carry our things around :slight_smile:
In the next phase, we prioritized our main pain points, defining consequently some of the key features of the future product, and voted for the product type to crow develop.


Thanks to the pain points that we defined together and how we prioritize them we know that these will be the key aspects to take into consideration while developing the backpack.


  • For the tech-savvy urban commuters :sunglasses:
  • Best bang for the buck backpack
  • Slick and simple from the outside, high performance inside
  • Unconditional quality in materials and hardware for max reliability


  1. Great and really smart space management inside
  2. Premium looking and following EVE esthetic
  3. Great weather protection and good shock protection
  4. Amazing comfort and ergonomic

Mozo will start soon to develop few concepts for us to work with and evaluate, but we still have few interesting point of discussion…

Water protection. How much is really needed?

As you might know, not all brands offer fully waterproof solutions. They usually referer to water protection, weather protection, etc… This means that you can safely walk in the rain without feeling worried, but you can not jump in a lake and expect your device to be safe :slight_smile:
This is because a fully waterproof products need to follow very strict and specific guidelines. These factors can influence drastically the overall user experience with the product.

So where do you see yourself the most?

  • I am planning to be able to jump in the water with my backpack
  • All I care is that under the rain I am well confident that there is no water getting in.
  • I actually do not mind if the product is not weatherproof. I can just add a rain cover on top of it if needed.
  • Other. I will specify in the comments

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One product or a system?

While reading comments and while exploring the web it is not difficult to encounter backpacks with removable compartments or with extra components. These can be used to rather organize the space inside of the backpack or its outer setup. For instance, military backpacks are a common example of “systems”, with molle systems and different attaching points.
You can see here examples of “one product”:


You can see here examples of “systems”:

If you would need to choose, where would you see yourself?

  • One product. I think that to add extra components and attachable parts just create confusion and I might get annoyed by them. I rather have one item well design with the right place for the right things.
  • A system. I actually really like the idea that I can have system. I could heavily personalize the backpack from the outside with a solution like molle or similar. And / or I could also have removable items on the inside to organize the space better.
  • Other. I will tell more in the comments down below!

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Optimal performance VS Great versatility

In here we discuss about a “pure” and optimized backpack solution OR hybrid solutions (backpack + messenger). There are many hybrid products out there that aim to satisfy both messenger users and backpack users. The result is a product that can be used in both ways in relation to the situation.

So, in my opinion, we could summarize this with 2 schools of thoughts.

  • Rather choose one product type, accept his limitation but optimizing the performance.
  • Choose to stretch the limits of a product type and create a 2 in 1 product type, willing to compromise some features but looking for higher versatility and flexibility.

What would you choose?

  • I choose optimal performance. I want one thing done well, no compromises. I want a well designed backpack and I am ok if I can not use it as a messenger as well.
  • I choose great versatility. I want to use it primarly as a backpack but if needed also as a messenger.
    Even if this will impact the usability and overall comfort, to be able to use it as messenger as well is more important.
  • I wanted to have a EVE messenger bag so I vote this :slight_smile:
  • Other. I will specify in the comments!

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Extra room?

What if the backpack runs out of space when you are going to…

  • No need for extra expandability. I just want it to be spacious enough for the things I usually carry around.
    I am a bit skeptical with adding volumes, expansion zippers,etc since in the past these sort of solutions did not really work for me and I am planning anyway to use it only as a daily carry. I will use other bags if I need extra space
  • Yes I want to be able to add extra volume to the backpack if needed. I think that add one extra component could be the way to go or a “expansion” zipper compartment that can increase the volume if needed.
  • I am fine with both options
  • Other. I will specify in the comments

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Tech ready or Tech integrated?

The easier way is to describe this is with two scenarios:

Think of a backpack with a power bank integrated inside a compartment that it is bundled with the product OR think of a backpack with a dedicated pocket for a powerbank. You can use your own or not have it at all.

These 2 scenarios implicate a very different type of products and very different requirements in a product development stage.

  • Yep. I am willing to pay more. Potentially have a more complex and demanding product but I want tech integrated in the backpack.
  • I have already plenty of tech equipment at home!. Not willing to get more and pay more. I do not think tech integrated backpack is the way to go. I wish to have a tech ready product that is for sure, trusted and reliable to keep my tech.
  • I am open to both options!
  • Other. I will specify in the comments :slight_smile:

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Little secrets…

From the pain points and later on when we prioiritize them the antitheft features was not very voted as a requirements. What i noticed tough is that many backpack manufacturers add secret pockets or add simple solutions so make the life of pickpockets more difficult :sunglasses:

Is this something that you care about?

  • Yeah sure!
  • No need
  • Other. I will specify in the comments

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:gorilla: GREAT, NOW TO WILD ZONE! :gorilla:

Think of this step as a playground to…

  • Freely share your ideas and comments regarding what presented above
  • Freely share a single solution to a specific feature you thougt of :slight_smile:
  • Freely share your designs!
  • Share great products and great solutions already out there that you love…

What next?

Taking into careful consideration all the work we have done Mozo will start soon cooking some concepts!

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Weekly Update 02.03
[Project B] [Step 5] Your type. Your choice!

Just recently came across this gem. It may be a bit pricey, but to me would hit all the marks and is “modular”. Maybe instead of leather it could be some sort of car seatbelt material or even old fire hose material which is very durable. https://www.woolandoak.com/products/voyager-set#3
Just my 2 cents.


What about RGB light comming out of the seems?


Can we make the lights reactive to sound, so I can rock out to my favorite Led Zeppelin tunes and get a sweet disco light show? (only half kidding, maybe lighting inside the bag? )


I think we just need a powerbank pocket and an Integrated usb cabel from the inside to the outside.

Something like these backbacks:



Lol​:sweat_smile:same here mate.:sweat_smile:


I’d love to have (a) a bright colour for the bag’s inside so one can easily find things even in low light conditions.
(b) for being weatherproof I experienced bags made of nylon fabric very reliable.
© to achieve good protection and handling I like some compartments to be framed with e. g. aluminum integrated in the outer walls. You will see what I mean later…
(d) on a rucksack I love it if it’s not only a top loader, but also accessible from the front.

Here’s a picture of one that I use for (sound) equipment. Due to its solid metal framing I can even sit on it to rest (but that’s nothing for the EVE B):

Also, as I mentioned above, for a very functional design with aluminum frames and a lot of the other points I mentioned, please take a look at these ORCA bags. Originally made for sound recording equipment and therefore weatherproof etc: http://www.orcabags.com
To show the idea of frames (please ignore for now, that this is designed especially for sound equipment):

Frames make it possible to have a bag that can sit/stand upright alone by itself.


Ive been looking at this for the past weeks (haven’t taken the plunge to buy one yet)


Yeah that’s an interesting bag. Found it last month,but it is expensive and my wife wouldn’t allow it, because I have one. https://www.ortlieb.com/de/Commuter%20Daypack%20City/


@b0b_R055 My first thought was “what? lights in a bag? you’re joking” but actually, why wouldn’t we try to implement a simple LED? Shouldn’t be hard and would indeed be very handy. Especially with the idea of the bright inside colour of @Ollie_VaBanque

I also saw a bike light on indiegogo with GPS implemented in case it got stolen. I thought it was a bit too much for a bike light but I think it would have great value for an expensive bag with your elektronics in it. Would that be possible?


My experience with small helping lights:
(a) When working outdoor I always make sure in advance that my headlight’s (or other LED’s) battery is properly loaded.
(b) The only light that works reliably on a day by day challenge without me taking care of it is the light of my arm wrist watch which is charged by solar power (fully integrated in surface of watch).

This leads me to the idea of having a sleek solar panel built in on top of the bag with an usb connection (coiled cable?) to the slot that is supposed to take a power bank. But with the power bank still removable for external use/charging etc.
Problem is that a sleek solar panel not only is expensive, but also insufficient to charge a power bank sufficient for the EVE V, I guess.
So maybe, we do need only a very small power bank (size of 1-2 AA-battery?) that is resting in the bag all the time, getting its charging energy “by itself” and is preserved for emergency power support only. Meaning for an inside LED or for some extra minutes to your smartphone.
To run the EVE V you’d likely have to carry a separate/bigger power bank (if you really have the need to do so) which you should thinkbof and charge in advance anyway.

I imagine the size of the solar panel to be like the size of a small ruler, so sth like an inch wide and max 4 inches long? - Also it should be flexible not to crack when bag is packed in a trunk or together with other (hard cased) equipment.
But I’m not a solar panel expert. Dunno if that’s realistic.


I think we all need that pink unicorn bag used by the main character in altered carbon on Netflix. it has light, unicorns and shit…

Backback with solar

I would prefer an usb cabel from the inside to the outside but if you use for example this:

Or any other Powerbank to charge your phone, the inside light is connected to that powerbank over the inside-out usb cabel with an on of button.

So if you don’t have a powerbank,you don’t have light , but if you have a powerbank you can have light (on of button) and charge your phone.


I thought about that solution for energy for electronical gadgets in the bag too!

Almost everybody has an powerbank and will leave it in their bag if the bag has integrated ports for it. It will make it easy to introduce gadgets to the bag without having trouble with batteries.


I love the idea of lights inside the bag. A little switch/ contact at the zipper and it’s off when closed like a fridge… This could be the little difference between other bags… Power should come from a powerbank everybody (or must of us) have at home…


Lights inside the bag would be handy. It’s not necessary though and I wouldn’t put a lot of effort into it if it will difficult to add. I agree that any in-bag charging system should be powered by a user supplied battery bank. We all have one (or should) and including with the bag would just drive costs up. I don’t think including a solar panel on any significant size is worth it either. It’s complicated and expensive. Most of us will have our bags indoor so much of the time that I don’t think it would be that useful. Anyone who wants solar power can use the panel of their choice. A small panel and battery that can power lights in the bag could be useful (again, not a requirement in my book). What about a panel that can produce power indoors (think old calculator)?


Technically I like the solgaard backpack. It would be too small for my needs and also doesn’t really hit me off in terms of how it looks (hello, any sexyness?), but well, its ok. Thx for sharing.


I’m used to stuffing my bag to it’s full potential. Unfortunately, a lot of bags do not seem to be made to do so. Here’s a couple of gripes I run into with my bags that I would hope would be fixed in Project B:

Shoulder straps:

  • the movable extra support bit moves away from your shoulders
  • the straps dig into your shoulders
  • straps break off on weak “metal” rings/musket-hooks/etc. (i think of lot of them are actually plastic or maybe a weak metal)
  • not adjustable enough for proper weight distribution.


  • bigger wear in the bottom corners due to being filled, causing holes
  • lack of organisation possibilities
  • lack of “route” for earphones or other wires. (go up in the back, down under the flap. and back up to the ears, if they make it that far)
  • not washable/very hard to wash

On a side-note, recently my workplace has been visited by an expert, and things i thought i was doing right were actually causing me back/shoulder pain after a long day behind the desk. Maybe we could include a folder/flyer on how to adjust the bag for best weight distribution/most comfort?


I’ve found another backback with build in solar and hidden zippers


I’m just wondering if the Eve team (not tagging them because I don’t know if they’d appreciate) would like to share their personal view.

They are people who transport their technology often, so they have an opinion on what they’d like on a bag. Also, a part of the team (e.g. Konsta) has many connections with tech company’s. Maybe some tech company’s have shared some dreams or visions on what they’d want to offer to people with the possibility using a bag as a bearer of this. Maybe there is a simple option which we haven’t thought of but could be very handy. This question comes from the thought of what e.g. Intel would like to see in a bag.


Thinking about the NUMI backpack I’d say there’s quite a risk of breaking the whole thing as it has a big stiff solar panel just on/in the backside. Not to talk about all the scratches it’ll probably catch (leading to less power efficiency).
So honestly, I wouldn’t trust this design to be functional for a longer time in practice at all…
@Christoph: Please, don’t take it personal. I’m just thinking loudly about some technical aspects that immediately popped up in my mind when looking at the NUMI backpack.