[Project B] [Step 2] Product type and features!

Hello Community!

First of all. Great inputs from :fire: Step 1!! :fire: All the voters and the comments were super good!
It has also been my first real post in community, very happy about it :slight_smile:

Small note, you can see on top of the post the banner about the project path. This represent what we did so far and where we are going. This map will grow in time. Future steps and overall structure of the process might change if we fell that could be improved or we need to pivot direction due to new discoveries :sunglasses::sunglasses:

So let´s start…


See here poll summary from previous step

The goal was to understand the current scene, what is our current favorite way of carrying our goodies and current pain points in our setup.

  • Vast majority of voters like to be generous with what they are carrying and have the need to carry with them more than just the essentials.

  • Roughly 2/3 of voters currently is using a backpack type or prefers to carry on both shoulders.

:left_speech_bubble: Little but very important note…

These "results"do not mean that Project B has to be a backpack. This is just an estimated of the current scenario. So it is just an indicator of what is currently the preferred type of product or way of carrying in the voters group

What I personally find most interesting and valuable in the long term during the development of the project are the PAIN POINTS that you guys were awesome to share!!


This is a summary of the most dominating pain points in the comment area, after digesting them and group them… I might have missed something important… please share it in the post!!

By reading the comments from the previous thread it is already quite noticeable the “most mentioned” pain points, but we still wanted to give it a go and vote for it!


  • Not enough water protection. (I want to feel safe in bad weather)
  • Not enough shock protection for what I carry
  • Not good space management inside (Smarter organization inside, better fitting for my device, dedicated compartment for documents, etc)
  • Not versatile enough. (It does not adapt to daily changes in my lifestyle, does not expand, etc…)
  • Bad ergonomics, not comfortable. (Not comfortable enough because of a bad interaction with human architecture, no good air ventilation on the back during carrying, etc…)
  • Bad quality materials, hardware or overall construction. (My product is not designed to last… I want it more durable)
  • Not secure enough. (I am afraid of thieves that could steal from me)
  • Bad interaction with my bike. ( My product give me hard time when I am traveling on my bike.)
  • Not “professional” or premium looking enough. (I would want a better esthetic for my product. Slicker or better suitable for my work environment)
  • Not easy or quick access. ( I want to have quicker access to my goodies or to pull them out more easily… )

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:left_speech_bubble: Little but very important note…
Important to underline that each member refers to different product types and each person has unique pain points related to their personal lifestyle. The Project B probably will not excel in all of these areas but this phase is still very interesting to layout different areas of needs to take in consideration since the beginning! :muscle:

How many of these pain points you see yourself currently having?

  • None of these
  • From 1 to 3
  • From 3 to 5
  • Actually more than 5…

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Quick feedback, how accurate do you think this summary is in your opinion?
(1 lowest accuracy and 5 highest accuracy)

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5

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Now we know a little more about us, what to take always into account and some of the problems existing out there…

THE STEP 2: Product types and features

This phase is very important for defining the product type, the archetype of our EVE carrying bag. All the previous considerations related to pain points, needs and similar will be taken into account during future development. This is just a first important step to narrow down the potential range of product that our item could be! :sunglasses:


  • To understand the wish of community about what product type, an EVE carrying item
  • Start to layout wishes and requirements from community about the product features


  • Read the summary of Step 1 and vote in the polls
  • Vote for the product type
  • Share your wishes about the product features!


As you can see the green items presented in the illustration here are very stylized product type. The range you can see in here represents a possible range of products. We are focusing of product types by way of carrying.

Please make your decision taking into considerations the following factors.

  • You like the idea to get one of these :hugs::hugs:
  • You think it is a valuable product for EVE.
  • You see yourself using it and would be a good solution for you…
  • You are interested in crowd development this product in the community!

:fire::fire: IMPORTANT NOTES :fire::fire:


OPTION A. Carrying type by hand or shoulder.
OPTION B. Carrying type by hand or shoulder. Bigger and potentially more complex (pockets, features, etc) than Option C. Higher complexity might mean a higher price.
OPTION C. Carrying type by hand or shoulder. Smaller and lighter than Option B
OPTION D. Carrying type on both shoulders. Smaller and lighter than Option E.
OPTION E Carrying type on both shoulders. Bigger and potentially more complex (pockets, features, etc) than Option D. Higher complexity might mean a higher price.
OPTION F it is something a bit different… differs to the other options since it is a bit more uncommon but it is presented for voting after great input from @dibadibadu and reading from Step 1 @razaknk comment and similar ones. See in the poll explanation.
OPTION G if what you were wishing to see here it is not present. Or you think there is no potential in any of the product types here.

Extra. Hybrid solutions like messenger + backpack. Will be considered as additional features later on. We would like to define in this phase what is the dominant form factor.
Example: it might be that we choose option X and during development, we realize that we want it to have some aspects of the excluded product type Z. In that case, we consider to change it to a hybrid solution.


  • ( A ) A EVE tote bag. Not just a shopper but something with more functionalities and additional features…
  • ( B ) A well built, spacious EVE messenger bag…
  • ( C ) A minimal and light EVE laptop bag…
  • ( D ) A light and slick EVE backpack…
  • ( E ) A spacious and “plenty of pockets type” EVE backpack…
  • ( F ) NOT primarily a carrying item but EVE “organizer” (or similar) that provides you the ability to organize better your items and could fit in other bags…
  • ( G ) OTHER. I would like to have something different to the options mentioned here. (Share in the comment area!)

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:left_speech_bubble: Little but very important notes…

  • We might do a second round voting.
  • EVE will take the 2 most voted options and consider them as top candidates for the project! After discussing with Mozo we will choose and lock down the final product type! :muscle:


You have voted now about what kind of product type you would like to see yourself wearing and carrying around… :wink:

Now it is time to start leaning towards: "What are the key features of our product and what does make our product special?"

The idea is to combine the selected option from the pool and combine it with comments about your requirements and interesting features…

So… What do you think should our product have as key features? What would make this product special for you?


Important feature - MOLLE system for potential expansion.

Other - good basic water proofing (covered self healing zippers) combined with water proof (rainproof) cover.


Shock proof, usb connection from the inside to the outside, cut proof, lockable, outside pocket for a bottle, one or two hidden pockets for wallet or smartphone
Big enough to carry the V, charger, some Lunch. I normally take lunch to work.

Waterproof or integrated rain cover.


Nice work on this Dario! I didn’t have time to add a real post to Step 1 but things look well thought out and lots of key things have been covered.

I should be getting a hold of a one-off waterproof commuter backpack from DaKine soon. It didn’t make their product line but I’m curious to see what it’s capable of. I’ll do some comparisons to my current backpack and messenger bag and add more thoughts later.

I agree with Lukas on rain cover (stashable) and waterproof zippers at the very least…expansion too. If it’s a backpack it should have a stashable shoulder strap. Sleeve pocket that is big enough to hold the V inside its MOZO sleeve. I think that is better for providing protection than adding more padding to the pack.

Oh, and venting system. Mesh panel, padding channels, something. DaKine’s mesh panel on their biking hydration packs works well. The air channel systems used in biking helmets might provide some inspiration for a vented padding system.

Edit: I just realized that text prediction turned “stashable” into “washable” and it’s been like that for 20 days. A stashable rain cover! A little pocket for it to live in.


I’m on board with Lucas here. I want something I can expand on (molle) and use outdoors. I want it to hold and organize all my electronics, so waterproofing is key.


I would want it to be organised and shouldn’t my V/laptop, my DSLR in camera bag and few lenses. Would need to be hard shell/good protection.

Extendable would’ve a plus but it can’t lower the design/how it looks. Atleas some kind of water proofing/protection. Must also be comfortable to wear with “heavy load”


A zipper that “unlocks” an extender section should help retain looks while adding space. For a backpack, interchangeable lids could work well. Bigger lid for bigger trips. That would also keep the extra load well centered over the rest of the pack.


For me it would be essential to also pack my dlsr with attached zoomlens plus extra lens.
Waterproof, sort of backpack which I could swing around like a slingback and get stuff out from a sidepocket.


Voted for G) OTHER - And the other is: Messenger bag backpack hybrid.

A frame structure with attachment points for shoulder strap/diagonal backstrap/backpack straps.
The frame structure keeps the bag in shape and provides the basis for impact resistance.

Might be on the expensive side as frame structure is a separate part that needs to be incorporated with softer materials.


I’ve been wondering about the single strap backpack. Never used one but it looks pretty awesome. I always figured they couldn’t support enough weight to carry what I want but the frame structure could deal with that. One thing that seems like it would hard to include is venting…but maybe not with if there’s a frame.


I would be really excited for F, an Eve organizer. Imagine if you could have all of your stuff inside a super neat bag inside bag!


I used to have one, never got on well with it, never quite felt right having been used to thinner rucksack straps

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We can call it the Eve Inception!

For me, I most need a bag for a professional office environment. I know some people like to carry a backpack to the office, but to me a backpack isn’t professional. I find a message bag is best. I most value organization on the inside with easy access to a small pocket for office keys without exposing what I’m carrying to rain. I need a way to organize glasses, pens, some paperwork /folders and carrying deposits to the bank.


Interesting. I figured the thicker strap would be needed to make it comfortable. I could see it being hot though. Did it carry well if you just threw it on a shoulder like a regular messenger bag?

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I wasn’t able to use the single thick strap as a messenger bag owing to the fixed angle of the strap. Just looked and felt weird like that

Also bear in mind that the weight of the rucksack is all on one shoulder which feels weird.

Also that velcro to take the single strap off was really loud!

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An eve organizer for the electronic V stuff to carry (and some more) to fit in any bigger bag made as a matte black aluminium unibody case would be so unique! This is where darios bag-skills and your technical engineering skills would come together…


I second molle system specially inside of the bag. Here an interesting suggestion. Could we have some sort of swappable inserts. Like one inserts for molle system. One insert for a camera like setting. Inserts for different setting. This seems to me to provide a highly customizable system.


It would also help as “one pull action” kind of solution… will quote Razaknk from Step 1 about this!


What if you were able to switch the strap position between three different spots? The bag could be hold with a comfortable angle as a messenger one locking the strap on the same side, or as a backpack locking the strap on the up right and bottom left angles.
Speaking of the concerns raised by this thread I’d say that many focus points are already resolved by a backpack like the one I’m owing, the Everyday BP from Peak Design, what’s the matter with it? The price tag, about 289$ for the 30L version. Imho a way to improve it, is to offer more versatility with a much aggressive price if possible (150$?).So, I voted for product type B, but I’d love also Project B to become more then a simple messenger bag and it could be possible adding product type F inside it, or implementing a different locking mechanism for the strap or with any other fantastic idea. Let’s make it happen!


For me the hybrid messenger/backpack is important - I carry it as a messenger when I need to be presentable, or when it’s a short walk from a car to an office or similar, and a backpack for longer travel, such as an airport.

Similarly, easy access is important, for airport reasons.

At least two separate large compartments, with separate opening. I do want to open the compartment that has my Eve and my charger in front of a customer. I don’t want to open the compartment that has my dirty underwear in front of a customer.

I don’t think a built-in battery is a good idea, as they eventually need replacing. However a dedicated pocket for a battery, along with a hole for a charger cable or headphones is not an bad idea. Similarly, a minijack extension from inside the bag to a shoulder strap is an interesting thought.