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Hello community!

So here we are… :fire::fire: Post 1!!! :fire::fire:

…Previously after a positive poll we decided to start the project! The project goal is to design a carrying “item” for our device and all our goodies. we talk about “Item” for now because we do not know yet if it will be a messenger bag, a tote bag, a backpack, etc

The project plan has been published. Check it here!

Now. Here we are ready to kick it with phase one :sunglasses: but…

OPEN THIS! This is a cool thing!

Project path…

Before we dig into it… and no worries… this is just a rough sketch! :smiley: as you can see here I made a sketched banner image illustrating our project path.This will evolve in time and change. In the future posts this will be on top of each post to help visually to understand what stage we are in!! What we understood from previous steps and what we decided… You will see it from the next post as top image in the post.
Bzzzzt end of announcement.

Ok now, we start. And this is where we start from: the people, us…


In this first phase the focus is on understanding what we are currently using and why we have the setup we have. To understand how we like to carry things and what we carry with us. This phase is about our habits, our stories, our products and our pain points. This will help to define “us” as a group and to find valuable data that will help us to define our design scope and what is the “reason” of our product.


  • Warm up about the topic.
  • Define our user group and current pain points.
  • Collect data to support our design process.


  • Feel great!! Because we are starting a new project :heart_eyes:
  • Vote in the 3 polls you find here
  • Tell your story! Focus on the “WHY” you made the decisions you made… To clarify this see my example post at the bottom!

Ok, now is on YOU. Please start warm up with this 3 polls and then fill in your story!

POLL 1: What I like to carry with me…

Important note: The goal is to understand what type of attitude you have towards packing to go to your work place or university, or similar places where you are going to use your device.

  • As little as possible. I do not like at all to carry things around.
  • I like to carry with me only the essentials.
  • I like to carry with me the things I need and couple of more items. Essential items and little bit of extra.
  • I want to have with me all the important things and much more. I want to be always prepared!
  • Other. Please specify in your story!

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POLL 2: Generally, how I like to carry things…

Important note: When you are comparing between these options please take into consideration that you would be carrying the same weight for the same amount of time (in each of the options listed).

  • I love to carry things just by hand.
  • I like to carry things primarily on one shoulder but also by hand.
  • I only carry things on one shoulder. This is my way.
  • I love to carry things on the back on both shoulders.
  • Other. Please specify in your story!.

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POLL 3: What I generally use.

Important note: Please vote the item you are primarily using accordantly to your current lifestyle.

  • Actually nothing. No idea why I am here. All my things are already where I go.
  • I usually only carry a simple sleeve.
  • I use a briefcase. Or similar item with only top handle and without a shoulder strap.
  • I use a hand bag. With top handle and a shoulder strap.
  • I use a messenger bag (or laptop bag). That I use primarily on one shoulder.
  • I use a backpack.
  • Other. Please specify in your story!.

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Now… STORY TIME! (Super important!)

In this story part the goal is to share what is your current setup and introduce your self! In this story part the focus should be on 4 things, in no particular order.

  • What are you currently using and why…
  • What are you carrying with you…
  • How do you commonly move…
  • Your current pain points or what you wish would be different in your setup.

This is my story…

Dario here. I am designer and I use my backpack / bag to go to work everyday :). (HOW) I travel to work by bus and overall I do not walk more than 10 minutes from home to bus stop and from bus stop to work. I usually also travel a bit and I use this type of product only for very short trips when i do not need any extra clothes or extra things with me.

(The WHAT) The product that I am currently using is a Tucano “hybrid” bag. With hybrid I mean a weird bag that becomes also a back pack or the other way around :smiley: . This is the actual product I am currently using. I found the pic from this second hand shop from a mysterious Italian website:


(The WHY) I have started using this product because I wanted to test a product that does “a bit of everything”. (has a handle like a laptop bag, backpack straps for easy carry and a shoulder strap just in case.) My goal was to test how I would interact with this product in different environments and different situations. To understand what is the best for me. I know sounds a bit weird, but I like this sort of things :gorilla:.
FYI what I noticed is that I find myself switching between shoulder bag - back pack and hand bag (using the top handle) mainly because of 3 factors.

  • How long of a journey I need to make. (SHORT hand - shoulder - backpack LONG)
  • What is the weight i am carrying (LIGHT hand - shoulder - backpack HEAVY)
  • What is the situation I am in. (FORMAL hand - shoulder - backpack INFORMAL)

Another reason why I choose to use this product is that it allows me to carry a lot of things… Consequently because of the weight of my bag the optimal way to carry it is on my back as backpack, I find myself using it like this most of the times.

About this… (The WHAT) I am carrying always with me is:
15 inch laptop, power brick and charging cable, mouse, headphones, mouse pad, extra little cables, couple of books, a lot of paper, notepad, post-it, paper tape, pens and pencils.
I like to carry these things with me (The WHY) because I always want to be ready to work on the road and be mobile with my station. I like to feel geared up with my things :slight_smile:

:warning:`MY PAINPOINTS :warning:

Too much "Compromise"
The idea of a product that can be used in different ways is potentially good, but this product for me is not successful. It is true, I find myself using the product as shoulder bag or back pack in different moments of the day and this means that the versatility that the product offers is a need for me.
But overall it feels like it is a compromise that does not allow the product to succeed fully in any of the areas.
For instance the pockets with the zippers are designed as the product would be a messenger bag (horizontal), because of this when I turn it if the zipper is not closed perfectly I risk to drop little items!

Protection not good
For what I would to have the product does not offer enough protection to impact or weather. The textile material is quite resistant but does not offer real protection for water.:droplet::droplet:

Hardware are not reliable
For what I would like to have the product has quite low quality zippers and hardware. One zipper started to get stacked during use and I replaced the zipper pullers to better ones…

Size and space management not optimal
I don´t really know how to phrase this. :sunglasses: But the product is quite big and this is not a problem. But big enough to carry probably even double of what i usually carry, if I would place everything properly.
The problem is that i do not need that. But what usually happens is that I need to go to training after work and I end up taking an extra bag during those days. I do not really like this.
The problem is that the product I am currently using has a very fixed form factor and the space is divided inside so that it is not possible to put small shoes or some extra clothes.
So the bag is spacious enough, and this is good but does not fit with my need that sometime I would like to insert extra items such shoes, a towel and extra light clothes for training :muscle::muscle:
So the product does not consider the extra activities I do “after” work. That would be great for me!

Emotional attachment
I have no attachment to this product really. In these months that I have been using it did not managed to click with me. It serves the purpose of carrying my things and it does an OK job. But it ends there. I would like to carry a product that tell a story that I want to tell forward. But maybe this is just me! :heart_eyes:

Now it is your turn! What is your story??


  • Read the post
  • Vote in the polls
  • Write about your product type and why you use it
  • Write about what you carry with you and how you usually move
  • Share your Pain Points in your current setup!

… And please feel FREE to share your story in the way that it is the most suitable for you. You do not have to follow the structure I suggested BUT always remember what is the GOAL of this post and what is the REASON of this phase.

See you in the thread! :gorilla:

Update 29.12 on shipping and more

This is what I use as my regular carry device:

It’s a waterproof shoulder bag with a waist strap, so it’ll stay in it’s place when hurling one’s motorcycle on the twisties.
I use it off the bike too, as it’s pretty much the perfect size for me. Occasionally I desire more space, but I don’t want the bag to be too heavy either.

Usually I carry the following items with me in my shoulder bag:

  • notebook
  • documents/papers as needed, usually in a folder
  • 7 inch tablet with sleeve
  • mobile WiFi hotspot
  • chargers
  • wallet
  • pens and pencils
  • plastic shopping bags that I reuse

This shoulder bag doesn’t protect the contents otherwise than by being waterproof. Some padding would be nice to protect the items carried.

If I have plenty of things to carry, the shoulder bag with its shoulder strap can get heavy to carry. The shoulder strap needs to be wider and padded.

I have been looking for another type carrying device and I am mostly interested in messenger bags, like this:

Or more conventionally like this - bag named Messenger of Doom does appeal to me:

Preferably the bag is waterproof and with no tech incorporated.


I’ve been looking for the start of this project for a while! Here you go:

What are you currently using and why…

I am using a backpack by Ted Baker.

I was looking for a backpack that looks nice at a reasonable cost (90USD). Visually I like backpacks with clean shapes and without too much stuff going on.

I used to have a messenger bag before but I found that form factor inconvenient as:

  1. Backpack fits more.
  2. It’s much easier to carry during travel, fairs.

What are you carrying with you…

My team memebers call my backpack a little trading company as it is always full and has absolutely everything starting from a mousepad to Pug Halloween mask :slight_smile:

How do you commonly move…

I mainly move by car when in Finland but when I am traveling abroad I am spending ton of time walking. So it is very important for me to be able to carry stuff easily so that after few hours of walking in a trade show my shoulder does not detach because of the weight of all the catalogs and samples I acquired:)

Your current pain points or what you wish would be different in your setup.

  1. I really dislike my backpack for lack of back ventilation. My back gets sweaty easily with it. Especially in China!
  2. I am not satisfied with the durability of the stitching and shoulder straps. As I have my backpack pretty full all the time :slight_smile: it started tearing after 5 month of use :slight_smile:
  3. I am not emotionally attached to Ted Backers brand after all Ted Baker doesn’t even exsist) it’s a made up brand name not a designer name. It would be great to have an item with a story behind it!


What i use:
Often I just use a gym bag to drive to work like this:

But not practical for many/heavy things, since the straps cut in

If I just want to transport my eve v, I bought this bag:

(very small and only for little things)

Since I’m a lot of biking and then backpacks are just annoying, I have such bike bags:

(but no straps to use it like a backpack)

What would be just great and I have not found anything that looks good and is practical would be a bike bag that you can use as a backpack as soon as the bike is parked. There could be my eve v and an egpu, for example, and a mouse and a little bit of everyday stuff like shopping, drinks, and so on.


What I carry with me everywhere I go:


Solid, long lasting, holds everything I need it to. Also, I got it for free, so that was the best part.


At the moment i use this:

(Not mine, but the offical shop doens’t offer that bag anymore. so i used google to get a picture.)

it was big enough for this https://www.amazon.de/Ordner-Wolkenmarmor-Ringordner-Aktenordner-Briefordner-Schlitzordner/dp/B06X161BTQ/

For my chromebook (Asus C200) i just used a simple sleeve https://www.amazon.de/AmazonBasics-Schutzhülle-Laptops-einer-Bildschirmdiagonale/dp/B00CD8AFT8

But now i am searching for something new. My jost bag is falling appart.

My favorite is this bag:
The Bobby anti theft https://www.xd-design.com/bobby-backpack/bobby-anti-theft-backpack-black
I want now a bagback, sometimes when took the Chromebook and lunch to work i got a bit backpain with my jost bag.

But i want the anti theft + one extra pocket outside for a bottle and more pockets inside.

This is going to be my every day bag for the way to work, i am using public transportation. And one day trips at the weekend or on holidays. For traveling more than one day i have bigger bagbacks.

Normaly i am carrying with me:
food, a bottle, some pens, powerbank, sometimes the chromebook in the future the V.

:warning: `MY PAINPOINTS :warning:
Neck and back pain with my current bag. And the fear to bend the V. The need of one extra slim sleeve. No protection for the items inside.

That’s it.


What are you currently using and why…

A lightweight small generic backpack. I think the maximum size of laptop it can handle is 13-14", to give you some idea on how small that is. I use it because it is lightweight, and to me it is great as I dont want to carry more weight than what I absolutely have to. Also since I dont need to carry a large laptop, a large backpack would be a waste. (also because Im rather short, so a large backpack would be quite a hassle to handle, physically)

What are you carrying with you…

Eve V, iPad Pro (both with their own kb and pen). Eve official charger, MX Master, plus a bunch of cables and adapters. Theres also an A4 folder for me to carry paper/documents. Its roughly the size of the V’s keyboard, and weighs half of that.Then add some plastic spoons and toothbrush for the impromptu sleepovers (student life XD). Thats all I always have with me. However, I need enough space to carry a decent-sized loads like few pieces of clothes for 2-3 days vacations, or whatever I need to carry that day. I hate moving my stuff from one bag to another, and I tend to avoid that unless I absolutely have to. That’s why having the extra space is critical to me.

How do you commonly move…

With buses, trains, and obviously walking because trains dont stop right at my front door :stuck_out_tongue: My whole single trip can last anywhere between half to 3 hours.

Your current pain points or what you wish would be different in your setup.
Better protection for my devices. Currently, if the bag is dropped or stepped over, both of my tablets would break, and Id be pretty much fucked. As I take trains and go to less-than-optimal-for-bags places, it is sometimes placed on the floor, and that makes it vulnerable to kicks or steps. Id like to have a bag where I could drop on the floor, and step or sit on it, without breaking the expensive devices inside. I know these scenarios are rare, but then again, when it happens, youre screwed. Same logic as why you have 6 airbags in your car that you’ll never use.

I previously had a rather heavy Targus backpack designed for laptops with all the fancy padding and stuff, and yet my Acer 4740G and Surface Pro 3 were cracked inside there, on totally separate occasions, without the bag even dropped (it was too much pressure from all the other stuff I believe). Needless to say, i stopped using that backpack.


Wow. This is looking good. Cool features and a design that allows to use it even for business use cases…


What are you currently using and why…

I currently use a bag made by Mokuyobi Threads called the Bedford Bag. Similar to Dario it is a hybrid/3 way carry bag which can be held as a briefcase, shoulder bag or backpack and was actually a Kickstarter campaign in its initial inception. I use this bag daily.

This versatility is important to me as I am an IT freelancer working typically in the city of London and from month to month my commute can vary in length and/or transport type. Currently I have a 5 minute walk to my nearest over ground rail station followed by a 20 train ride. At the other end I have a 30 min walk to my office. At the moment I use the bag mostly in backpack mode as it suits my journey but if I need to go to meetings with it I will tuck the backpack straps into the back and use the carry handles in a briefcase mode. In the summer, when I’m not wearing a heavy jacket or winter coat I’ll use the shoulder strap and carry it across my body like a shoulder bag.

What are you carrying with you…

There is always a laptop with sleeve and charger cable in my bag (either a work provided one or my own depending on the organisation I’m working for at the time), an A5 leather portfolio case, a small pouch containing some laptop peripherals (monitor adaptors, earphones, mouse etc), a compact umbrella (it’s the UK, what can I say!), a pencil case, some over ear headphones, an A4 folder and a small water bottle. These all fit in the bag comfortably.

How do you commonly move…

This can vary but will usually involve a train or tube ride and a walk

Your current pain points or what you wish would be different in your setup…

My main issues with the bag are –

  1. The bag does look that professional – I would have preferred it if it was all black
  2. The material used seems to be quite thin/malleable nylon so when the bag in not 100% full everything just sags to the bottom of the bag as there are not many internal pockets to keep things secure. I think a thicker material (something like ballistic nylon) might give the bag more shape or structure when only partially full.
  3. The bag isn’t quite big enough to carry much more than what I’ve currently described. If I want to bring gym/football gear I need another small holdall for those. In this case it would be great if the bag could be expanded by unzipping an additional compartment for a pair of trainers, shorts and a tshirt.

I’ll admit I’ve been mildly obsessed with the 3 way type bag but most that I have found so far have fallen short in one aspect or another. Apart from the issues mentioned above the Bedford Bag is the closest thing I have found to being the perfect bag for me.


I’m a hydrogeologist/environmental geologist and I spent about 30 % my time in field and about 70 % in office, but I need to be ready for immediate deployment (pipeline breaks, trucks roll-overs, train derailment, spills, leaks, etc.).

My standard daily backpack is this one - National Geographic A5250 Small Rucksack


For long term use (with chargers and accessories) I’m using different versions of 5.11 Tactical Backpacks


Rush 24, Rush 72 or Rush Moab 10.


I use a fairly regular backpack made by High Sierra (not the OS) as my daily driver. It has a little more of an outdoor style and function which I love compared to the more traditional business aesthetic. Generally I carry:

  • Reusable 32oz Water Bottle (Nalgene is the bomb!)
  • Pens and Pencils
  • Notebook (paper, not PC)
  • My SP3 if I’m going to need/use it wherever I’m going
  • A book (yup, the old fashioned kind)
  • A leatherman multi-tool
  • Gloves and hand-warmers in the colder months
  • A jump drive
  • USB A to USB C cable
  • Wallet (yes I actually put this in my bag most of the time).
  • A small bible

Not many pain points right now to be honest. I get that this product is more about just creating something with Mozo than actually making a revolutionary bag, which is fine by me (hence why I’m here). But I’m not sure that I’m the target consumer for this product…

To me, this is an insane price to pay for a backpack. I don’t need a lot of fancy technical features in a bag, I just need something that is comfortable, looks good, has a decent amount of space, and is somewhat durable. I wouldn’t ever expect my bag to be totally waterproof. I live in a very rainy area and have never had a serious problem with water getting into a normal bag. I believe the bag I have now might be water resistant and I can’t recall water ever getting into it. If I need my bag to survive being thrown into a lake, chances are I have bigger problems that a waterproof backpack won’t solve :grin:

I think the most I’d ever pay for a daily use bag would be $40-$55.


This is my story…
Hi! Im Devid from Estonia, Im currently studying but also do amature photography (More or less im still pretty bad :P)

What are you currently using and why…
Im currently using
I currently use a random nike backbag for studying and an old Lowepro Nova 170 AW II for my camera. Lowepro_LP35252_PEU_Nova_170_AW_Shoulder_563927

I mainly use these becouse they where cheap, but I do want something with more quality and a messenger bag instead, I would love a bag that is small in size (not too small but not the size of a backpack eather) but can still carry a dslr, a laptop and maybe some books and small power bank.

What are you carrying with you…
Dslr with lens attached, powerbank, and usualy some chargers and usb A cables. Only books and the occasional bottle in the other bag tho.

How do you commonly move…
Mainly on foot, although I do use public transport sometimes. I usualy walk for hours or the entire day

Your current pain points or what you wish would be different in your setup.
My shoulder and neck, a better shoulder strapwould be amazing, something that is actualy comforatble to use for hours, and is well padded. A rain cover would also be nice also for fear of water damage to my eve and camera.

My current camera bag does not protect against weather, nor is it comforable, Fitting more then a Dslr and a few Im was planning to buy a new messanger bag before I saw the announcement for a new eve bag =P

What I would like from project B
What I would love from an Eve bag would be the ability to carry a Laptop and dslr at the same time, (few bags can do it comforably without being cramped) and with small pockets for lense filters, sd cards and etc. Some space for books and such. I think the best way of doing this would be to have modular dividers and a sleave for the eve on the back.

I have been keeping an Eye on this bag for a while:

Personally I would be comforable paying 100-150 euros for a good bag.


This is my story…
Andy from Singapore here. Currently a project manager for an events setting company.

What are you currently using and why…
I am currently using a Timbuk2 Especial Messenger Bag 2014. Because it is big, holds tons of stuff and somehow I just love messenger bags.

What are you carrying with you…
Basically, if I can carry everything and a kitchen sink I would. What I using bring about are a water bottle, spare clothes, deodorant, portable charger, power extension cord, multi-tool, pens, notebook, my EVE V(still waiting), a towel, an umbrella, foldable cup, dry and wet tissue, 7m measuring tape, laser measurement device and a pair of gloves. Yes I do almost carry everything with me everywhere I go!

How do you commonly move…
Currently by foot or public transport.

What I like about my bag
It is big, it swallows almost everything I put in it!
There are handles everywhere to hold the bag. Love the side handles. Really handy in trains and buses. Napoleon side-entry pocket are awesome for quick access small stuff. And it utterly waterproof!!!

Your current pain points or what you wish would be different in your setup.
I wish my bag can really hold a kitchen sink!!!:joy: Hahaha!!
Actually what I really wish is that there is organization pockets inside of my bag to keep stuff separated and well organised. Currently I am using a Molle insert. Not ideal but passable. Still if there is tons of pockets, or even better Molle webbing for customization, it will be lovely!!!


I like 2H53-26-57-haupt-umhaengetasche-leder.jpg to find that it is not exported to Japan…Hope the similar is the style candidate of Project B


FYI @woku your image did not upload =)


I am currently using a generic cheap Swiss army backpack because they are cheap and I can just buy a new one every 2-3 years when it rips. They aren’t great, but get the job done.

I carry a Quran, notebook, planner, novel, water bottle, pencils & pens, calculators (graphing and scientific), battery pack, multiple wires in case someone needs to charge up, wall brick, laptop, headphones, keys, toothbrush and toothpaste, a couple of small religious hats, prayer beads, umbrella, and sometimes a lunch box, and sometimes a small blanket.

I really like being prepared for all situations and being able to help other people out too.

Car to get to school, and then walk around on campus. I use both shoulder straps. [quote=“Dario, post:1, topic:12736”]

Your current pain points or what you wish would be different in your setup.

I wish I had more organization when it comes to pens and pencils and erasers and lead, organization for wires chargers and wall plugs, a safer spot to put food so it doesn’t accurately spill and make everything else dirty, Better should straps with padding and the waist strap too, magnetic water bottle holder sounds nice, a small pocket for a books (Quran, planner, and novel), extra padding around the laptop pocket, and backpack that can sit upright instead of falling or slouching over.

This is how I’d like to have a school backpack. I’d also like a spot to put athletic clothing and extra shoes but that’s probably a stretch.


I usually carry an iPad with kbd/cover, glasses, a notebook of A4 size, and some candies in my bag. Other stuffs like cellular or wallet is in my pocket. My current bag can carry on one shoulder, but the shoulder band should be connected to the bag at the right middle of the short edge. If it is connected on one side (please find the hooks in the picture), or diagonally, it easily lose the balance.


hi, astrid here. (Living in USA-CA, coming from Germany…)
I am waiting for my V and I thought I participate in this project but… as far as I can see, the votes are far away from mine.
I use my SP4 right now mainly at home (for painting), and this is also how the V will be used; but I will need a bag in which I carry everything I need into… the backyard where I am most of the time when weather permits. At the same time, I do not want a bag bigger than necessary… Right now I use this one in the pic, it is just as big to carry the SP4 + some objects in separate pockets: a cellphone, a b/w ereader (when I want to relax from painting), and my little notebook (paper, the most important object, more important than any digital device :slight_smile: )
So, the V will be a little bit bigger than the SP, and the SP4 barely fits in this bag (I bought it for a 11.6" Lenovo 2in1)… So I am looking for a similar one…
It has a handle and a shoulder strap :wink: I do NOT like the color (I prefer black) but this is the only bag I found at that time…
I do not know if I stay with this your project as it seems to fall way away from what I had in mind…


Hello Skimaster, it would be great if you could implement some pictures or a link to your post to make your decision qickly visible to all. This could help a lot to collect and provide some base knowledge for everybody about this topic… THX a lot in advance


Hello Astrid,

it is very important for us to collect every opinion. It is even more important to have some girls/women here, because this is a problem in tech-communities. Please stay and fight for your opinion!!!