Problem with German customs



dear eve communtiy,
I recently got an email form DHL requesting an “EORI-number” from me which seems to be required by the German customs.
As far as I know, this number is only needed, if you are either a company or import 10+ packages a year form non-EU countries (which I am both not). I already contacted the eve support and the German customs for help yesterday (obviously did not get an answer yet). My question to you, guys, if you live in the EU: Did you ever get a notification regarding this topic by DHL (or maybe a different logistics company) requesting an EORI-number and how did you solve this issue.
I’m eagerly waiting for your answers.
Thanks in advance!


Maybe you find help here. They said its only related to company, not to private person.

How can I obtain the EORI number?
EORI numbers are assigned on request by the General Directorate of Customs’ Master Data Management office in Dresden (GZD - DO Dresden - Stammdatenmanagement) free of charge. In order to lodge the request, the economic operator must complete and return form 0870 (Operator - EORI number master data) by post or fax to GZD - DO Dresden - Stammdatenmanagement.


As far as I know the customs should be prepaid by eve in the EU.
Please contact the Support about that so they can work that out, since it is probably hard to get your money back from the customs once you double-paid… :confused:

I remembered correctly:


thanks for your quick reply.
“As concerns exports for which an authorisation is required, even a private individual is generally obligated to provide an EORI number whenever such number is needed for the administrative procedure before the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA)”
they are making this exeption, which I - to be honest - don’t really understand. Is my order a case where such “administrative procedure” is needed?


thank you, hopefully the support will answer my question soon:no_mouth:


This, loosely translated means “Ya it says that but we’re asking so give it”.


I think so, since it should be a rather easy fix


I had a similar issue when receiving a prototype - did you put a company address as the receiving one?

If yes then that might be the reason why they’re asking. If you are buying it privately you can explain that to them.
Since you aren’t a company nor import a huge amount to things that hopefully should clear your packet! :slight_smile:


Hmmm, useful information!
I might update my shipping address then because it sounds like I might hit the same snag…


Hi all,
First, I want to give out thanks to all of you who helped me dealing with the German customs. As I’m writing this from my eve V, which finally arrived today, I want to explain to you, what seems to have been the reason for the delay, in case you also discover a “clearence event” in your shipment tracker. After reaching out for the DHL support, the only thing I had to do was to send them an email to (at least if you live in Germany) containing the following information (no joke):

  • the consignment is private
  • the target address is the one form the bill of lading
  • the content of the package

This may sound rediculous to you, considering that every single information I gave already existed on DHL’s website, but hey, it worked. Nevertheless I hope that none of you will ever need this information.
But as I didn’t recieve an email from DHL afterwards, I can only speculate what was the actual problem.

It’s a wrap,
have a nice day


Great to hear that everything got cleared up!

Sometimes customs are a tad bit weird in my experience - we had a case where DHL had reportedly a V already on the truck on it’s way to the customer when customs decided they wanted to check the parcel again - good times :wink:


Jep, Swiss customs gave me once duty free for my 240 CHF parcel but a year before they would charge for 66chf duties…
(free up to 64chf)


hi guys. i have a similar problem. i hope my eve will be here in the next few weeks but i will use it professionally. and my tax consultant said if i want to claim the expense on my tax return, i have to pay this import tax. or i do need some offiicial paper from eve that they paid it. had anybody else done this before ?


You can probably use the buyers agreement (terms and agreements). It says that import taxes are included.


The post of Anno_Holic may give some info.


did you already contact the customs?


do you think i should ?

i didnt wanted to “wake up sleeping dogs” as we say in german…


under 6.3 it says there “For deliveries outside of the United States, Australia, Canada, Japan and Hong Kong any additional costs such as import duties and taxes are the responsibility of customer.”


You’re right, my bad, they’ve been changed.


That is a quote from the international store, not the european one (which I presume you got yours through). The terms and conditions are not the same on the two pages.