Pricing for Pyramid flipper is here!


So here goes the pricing for our Core M3 Core i5 and Core i7 models!:

[spoiler]kidding Wait just a bit more! And don’t spoil fun for others:D

I was testing new blur function in discourse that can be found here:




And I ran in here like a fool!


me too :slight_smile:
And I think many others will do too.


Константин, зачем ты так издеваешься над нами?)))


I got too excited :joy:


CTO at his best! :joy:


Sorry but we don’t understand this :wink:


nice one @Konstantinos


aaaaarrrrgggggg. I fell for that one. :slight_smile:


I asked why Konsta so plays our nerves)))


Ahahaha, I almost immediately thought this was a troll :smiley: rumour has it he’s learning from Master Gaben himself!


After seeing a message about a new post I really hoped to see price)))


Konsta likes to tease us :joy: lets hope next time he does tell :wink:


Close, very close :slight_smile:


I was actually waiting for the picture to load.


Hmmm!! is it April 1st in Finland? :rolling_eyes:


Not cool. :frowning: I’ll go cry into my pillow…


I mean, it’s not like I wanted to know the prices …


Haha that’s funny.

But really do we mind that much about price? Most folks that are part of this forum I’m sure have a good sense of what costs what and are less price sensitive than someone without that focus.

I for one would go for the specs I need and then figure out the premium I’m prepared to pay - which is higher when y’all are taking such a unique and interactive approach to your product.

I’m much more excited about how this machine will give the volume pc makers a run for their R&D efforts.


I can’t afford $1000. Laugh at me.

Some people here know the value of their money. And we don’t want to overpay. So yes, the price is important. For example, if I find an alternative with normal FullHD screen and less focus on design (which I honestly douldn’t care less about) I would buy that one. Or if I can get a decent laptop with non-ULV CPU for the same price, I would get that. Because the lack of touch interface is a very worthy tradeoff to get three times better specifications. Or if it goes above what I can afford, of course I won’t buy it either. So yes, pricing is the most important thing right now.