Pretty Upset with Light Bleed on my Unit

My monitor look all well and good when it arrived but I instantly noticed a greenish hue in the bottom left corner and I cannot unsee it. on desktop, gaming etc. I can see it no matter what and it’s really distracting.

This is with HDR OFF.

itas hard to get pictures with the reflections etc but it’s even more noticeable in person.


The green hue is likely something different.

To the light bleed It’s the same exact panel as the $800 and $900 LGgn950 and LGgp950. Rtings has reviews and the edge-lit bleed is normal LG 27GN950-B Review -

If you see it off black/dark pictures - maybe the panel was knocked too hard in shipping and it damaged the area.


I’m aware it’s the same panel. I do understand that these issues can happen. It’s just very distracting and always there regardless of what content and the picture doesn’t show how bad it really is.


Hey, @Typical_Leo

I see in the pictures that you’re focusing on a small area at the bottom left of the screen.

Can you give us details regarding what we’re looking at?

  1. Is this occurring inside games / content only, or also when the monitor is not connected to a signal source?
  2. Device(s) being used
  3. (for PCs) OS version, GPU driver version
  4. GPU information

Also, it might help if you took pictures with the ambient lights off (room lights off, windows curtained, etc.), and with the flash mode off on your camera so it only picks up the screen. The flash off on your camera is a must, as it adds its own reflection that can obscure what we’re looking at.

Finally, just for confirmation - this is specifically occurring in that one spot, not moving to other spots as your content changes, correct?


Just a noob thought: might it be the soundbar that is causing magnetic interference?

Perhaps try removing the soundbar, giving it some time to readjust and check if that makes any difference?

This was present before the soundbar was put here, Definitely not related.


  1. This happens in all games, content, when the screen is blank and when not connected to a source. The leakage is always there. It is 100% the monitor.
  2. devices being used are a Nintendo switch, Lenovo Legion 7 RTX 3080 via USB-c to DisplayPort and a separate PC with an RTX 3090 via HDMI 2.1
  3. Windows 10 on PC and Windows 11 on Laptop both on latest Nvidia drivers
    4 GPU’s listed above.

Pictures attached show the bottom right also has the problem but the bottom left is much worse and can be seen much easier during normal content:

to confirm, this is happening in two spots. both bottom left and right as seen in the pictures and are not moving.

Thanks for the reply and further information. I would, if you haven’t already, submit a ticket to support. Since the light is green colored, I suspect this may be something that they need to investigate further.

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i contacted support 8 days ago , the day i opened this thread , and still no response.


OK, let’s see what I can do from my end.

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hello, it’s been 3 days since your reply and 11 since I submitted a ticket and haven’t heard anything. is there any response?

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I haven’t heard anything, let me ask right now, thanks for the reminder.

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My turn to check in - have they been in contact?