Pre-update before the big announcement


Eve did not “bring a highly complex electronic device to market.” A more accurate claim would be that they had a successful crowdfunding campaign and great marketing. And then they left the kiddie pool.

  • They sold a ton of devices (supposedly). Eve’s success ended there.
  • They’ve delivered umpteen percent of orders (unknown metric because actual numbers are not provided).
  • They’ve failed to fulfill many orders.
  • They’ve failed to provide support for customers who already have a V.
  • They’ve failed to ship accessories on orders where they shipped the V itself.
  • They’ve failed to provide timely refunds and order cancellations.
  • Their funds have been frozen for months. Still no actual solution. Just more …
  • Empty promises. Eve has them in stock and ships them all the time.
  • They’ve continuously missed deadline after deadline announced for solutions.

To ice this crap-tastic cake, Eve have a fanatical following of hypocritical, condescending V owners who think it’s their sacred duty to “defend” Eve from Eve’s own customers who Eve themselves have mistreated.


And if those “fanatic” followers (a cult?) just are followers because they have their V and are content about their device? Being content is not

If one should use the same logic as you, he will end by saying There are “fanatic” V bashers

Why falling in the “I think what you are = what you are” trap?
Everyone has the right to have an opinion based on what they see/ experience.
It is definitely true that all community members don’t have the same experience with V, but that does not make anyone “fanatic”. :roll_eyes:


I did say “have a fanatical following,” meaning there are some—but not all—who exhibit behavior characteristic of a fanatic.

I find it interesting that you so quickly took offense. Perhaps you felt I was attacking you? That was not my intent. My ire lies with Eve’s conduct and failure to meet customer expectations (like providing goods in exchange for currency).

It is however sad that there are people who defend Eve’s misconduct, who deny others first-hand experience, based solely on their own experience. I’d encourage anyone who feels I’m wrong to peruse Wikipedia’s article on fanaticism.

You may use the logic that those upset by Eve’s conduct are fanatics, but I feel that is an inappropriate comparison and logically invalid usage of the term. The dissatisfied customer, in an effort to rectify their situation is not fanatical, they are committed to resolving their issue (as anyone who paid $1000+ for a product [they didn’t receive] should be). The fanatic has no issue to resolve; they are defending the paradigm in their mind that Eve is infallible, and attacking anyone who suggests or asserts otherwise, regardless of their experience or evidence.


= OK friend, my bad: I start to be a bit allergic to see those all saying the same messages. :dizzy_face:


I imagine many share your feelings. Constant negativity doesn’t breed happy people.


No, there is a lot of negativity but some of it is justified, people are annoyed about the whole situation Eve has found themselves in currently regarding the funding leading to a lack of V’s being delivered and for people who already have their V this is causing the accessories to be missing and replacement V’s for those who have detective devices.

I think all of this is just leading to a lot of people venting on here.

I’m really hoping tomorrow brings good news :slight_smile:


Waiting till tomorrow and then we all will see
Waiting till tomorrow we’ll know how it’s going to be

Copy from a great Dutch poet. :star_struck: :thinking: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I don’t argue people have many different complaints about the updates. This is true even with a “positive” update on a product. Phone Z removes the 3.5mm adapter a “positive”. Some will be thrilled, some wont care, and some will think the world is ending. Nothing is perfect, that is life.
My point was that:

  1. Weekly updates were promised (multiple times, even with community/customer input)
  2. Content of the updates just needed to be real (positive, neutral, or negative).
  3. No updates implies the company is dead/dying (generally trying to hide it by silence).

Not “complaining/voicing opinions” especially in a crowd funded project defeats the purpose of it. Should it be constructive, YES. Should it tell how the community/customers really feel, YES. Has it often been done wrong, YES again. But this doesn’t mean stop, it means people need to think about it and do it correctly. It also means that when they do EVE needs to respond and encourage it.

To be clear. I am neither a fan boy or a hater. I ordered an EVE V because I liked the concept, the way it was developed, and what it offered. My choices were not based on the price (for many people they were), it was the product and the idea that interested me. Am I frustrated, sure why wouldn’t I be. My frustration stems from the EVE-Tech company/team however. Not be cause they are late (sure that is disappointing) but because they do not communicate, they continue to false advertise availability, they are not actually telling their community/customers what is really going on (industry secrecy withstanding of course). These points are correctable and have been for a long time. I just want to see a good concept succeed with a team that deserves it (sure that idea is in the clouds but still…).

I think even now they can still turn this around, shipping every ordered product today will not do that for their image however. Proper communication and honesty with what is going on and what people can expect will do that.


pls add in, the people that returned their V and are waiting for a refund.


I was only using those as a couple of examples, I guess there’s lots of people with different cases. It’s not a comprehensive list by any means.


Word I could no have said much better. At least for us two it is not the negative things that happen but how one is treat. I can withstand a lot and help to struggle on but I need as you do @darkrealms the feeling of getting treated with respect. This usually costs nothing and takes not much time. And even if one fails from time to time you loose me only if I have the feeling it’s lost. But it is not something you can just demand without giving it yourself. Maybe everyone should keep that in mind. You can apply it to so many situations in live and it is one of the fundamental truth for me.


On June 22, 2017, I posted my thoughts about serviceability…and potential lack of support etc. That was my reason for holding off-- and buying a Lenovo i7 Gen 8………all of this stuff about dismal support, more and more failures to deliver on a real product and I just had an epitomy: BY NOW if Eve caught up 100% with all, every single backlogged shipment… V is now a 1 1/2 year old tablet.

Who wants to buy this now?


You bring up a very valid point in all of this. The product delivered today from EVE has lower value than when orders were placed back in November (let alone June 22nd, 2017).

@Imiri brings up another significant issue, which is support/service for ongoing issues. That remains to be addressed and dealt with.

In all of this, you are buying 1.5yr old technology with questionable serviceability and lower battery life. (as was stated, they had all the parts back in March, so battery packs are now 6+ months old by the time they are delivered.


Really not much has changed in this time. There aren’t any newer Y series chips in use right now, most laptops are using the same type of RAM, the V has a NVMe SSD (the newest standard), the best-in-class screen in the market still… It’s not really out of date, it’s only older. Plenty of other computer manufacturers are still selling actually out-of-date hardware (SATA HDD, 4GB RAM, 720p display). Eve’s still got a while to go before the V is out-of-date.

Without being in use, this shouldn’t affect anything. Battery life isn’t as was initially advertised, but (a) it isn’t any different than when IGG computers were delivered; and (b) this is true of almost any computer.


Well, having your batteries completely dischard for 7 months is not gonna help with their longevity. It’s probably not gonna be a huge deal breaker, but batteries are consumables unlike processors and RAM… right?


Playing devils advocate a little, but don’t they normally keep batteries with some charge in to stop that happening? That’s what I thought anyway.


Yes, they’re normally kept at around 50% charge to prevent degradation. As far as I know the V also comes with about 50% charge.


I don’t know what is going on. It has been one week since the big update should have come already. For some reason the shipping schedule tool on my order has dissapeared, now it does not indicate end of August anymore, it simple does not say anything.

I can see that there is a gap of 4 days on this thread in which there is no a single post.


There was a new update on last Friday. This thread is not the last one.