Pre-update before the big announcement


Can you please give me my money back? I’ve been patiently waiting for a refund for months now. I’ve contacted American Express and they’re having a road block and it’s name is Eve. You guys haven’t given anybody an update on refunds and it is really irritating. So many promises with no execution it’s pathetic.


Doesn’t American Express has a way to get your money back if the other party is not responding like paypal to prevent fraud?


Maybe for the next time just post a gif or whatever… still better than nothing :slight_smile:



@Konstantinos That was such a bull shit message - big announcement coming, can’t tell you what it is, then why not just wait until you can tell us - you miss all of your promises and deadlines, why is this different, other than your really not telling us anything this time:

Send me you address - I’ll buy it for you.


Did they ever decide on any form of compensation for the people waiting from he December flash sale? Not heard anything since it was mentioned ages ago but maybe this could be updated on in the news on Friday?


one is complaining about missing weekly updates even though there are no news, the other complains about updates with no content. this is the evidence that you just should stop complaining because it changes nothing…


there are always two sides to see… if you get your V, do you prefer to have a existing Company behind it or do you prefer to save some bucks and have nothing if your V breaks…? support is the thing that makes the “quality-price-time-triangle” a Quadrate…


There are always two sides. If 35% of the orders are still unfilled (half a year after order) the priority should be filling the orders. What would you do as customer if they are igoring you? Right you would refund the money.
And what happens if 35% of the customers refund? The company is broken because no one can compensate 35% of income.


oh… and I forgot one thing… I’m a fanboy… just before one of you complainers start to name me one and feels better because of it…


Unhappy customers in a public forum for my company would be a big cause for alarm… How many people HAVEN’T made a purchase from what they have read on here? If people keep complaining Eve should change their ways eventually else they won’t survive. Complaints here is bad PR and if Eve AREN’T acting on it then they are fools.


and what do you propose to do. just think one moment about the case that all they are telling us is true… what should they do…


I love these Tuesday evenings where I come home from my regulars’ table (there wasn’t only Coke) and still have a little desire to argue… gn8…


There is 100 things they could do. silence is the worst thing they can do above flat out ‘screw you’ messages. Silence breeds paranoia, I see it everyday. Keep intelligent people informed and most will understand. I have had to not recommend my V about 10 times to others… not because it was 11 months late, not because the keyboard broke, but because support has given me no information for 5 months except a broken promise in march.


Of course an existing company would be preferable but with Eve we don’t have a big company so as I want the V I guess I’ll have to make do!

Of course I’m hoping that when the investment is sorted that will get the remaining V’s shipped and then more of the focus can be put into support and replacing defective V’s quick to improve the overall situation for existing, new and future buyers of the V.

Obviously time will if it works out anything like this but it’d be ideal if it did.


Can I get my refund already pls


I feel like the big announcement is going to kind of be some kind of non-announcement.

In fact, it’ll be downright anti-climactic if Eve actually legitimately has a real investor.

There are many ways to spin almost any transaction. For example – and only an example – if Eve Tech was to borrow money from family and friends and such loan is convertible into equity in the company, they could position this as new investment into the company when it’s not really new investment but just a loan.

Alternatively, if they mention a company that is taking a position in Eve Tech, and that company happens to be an accounting firm, then this could just be an unscrupulous way to say that they are insolvent and gone into receivership. :grinning:

Now, some might reply thinking that I am bashing the company.

On the contrary, while the company seems like a disaster at operations and manufacturing, Konsta is really showing himself to be a fantastic spin master. If there is legitimate investment here, and a real bonafide company believes in Eve Tech, then I will be disappointed primarily because we will not have seen how Konsta spins this.

Friday is going to be interesting.


Meanwhile I’m hoping it’ll all be smooth sailing and they’ll legitimately have a solid investor which means it can all move forward, it’s been a long ride. This way people who wantntheirnV and people wanting refunds should both be happy as I’m hoping investment means V’s made/shipped and refunds given.


just think about the fact that eve was one of the only companies ever who managed to bring a highly complex electronic device on the market by crowdfunding… there must be a skill (outside the financial management part) which is worth to invest in…


Just wait till Friday, then we all see. That is more sure than being guided by (bad) feelings :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: