Pre-update before the big announcement


Hello Eve community!

Many of you have been asking for the update on the latest advancements. And we want to keep you informed, whenever there is new concrete details to share. At all times you can be sure that we are working to get all issues ironed out, and to get us to full speed!
We will be making a major announcement next week, on Friday. This is because we are not yet allowed to disclose information about the investment negotiations; we are tied by NDAs. But we want to tell you the news ASAP! So we believe that we are able to give you the full picture by end of next week!

To all of you who are waiting for the next crowd development project, hang on tight! We are here to stay!

Firmware updates

Thanks for that. The last week was communication wise especially horrible, even by the low standards we’ve become used to over the last months here.


Yes really sorry for that. We’ve been putting all the effort towards that announcement we are about to make. It’s not to say that we didn’t have time to write up a short update but we didn’t have anything too concrete to post at that point. Looking forward to next week’s announcement!


Does this announcement have an impact on the last promised refund date for HEB returns?

As far as concrete things to post for how much money you owe this community, you can take 5 minutes daily to login and post the one sentence summary of what you/as a company did that day.


Sounds like positive news!

Does this mean we’ll actually stand a chance of receiving our V by the end of August? Or refunds if people have gone down that route? (not that I have yet personally)


Thanks for this pre-update, but I think what most of us care about is the shipping date, August, is it still conservative? It’s not hard to tell the truth, and this will save the time for those who want to get refund or patient waiting ppl to make decisions.

Even though there is nothing concrete to tell, I think you still should keep in touch with customers, especially for those who have a chance to check the forum.


Ah, we may have to wait until next Friday. :thinking::slightly_smiling_face:


They don’t owe money to this community. They owe a V to the customers who ordered one. This community is not for customer relations, but lots of the waiting people made it a bucket of sorrows. It is made for the development of eve devices. That’s what lots of us were here for and we are tired what you did to our community… What do you expect of a daily report. Just a possibility to complain every day here. No, please not.

I can understand your sorrows about the money and the delivery schedule and the refund process completely. I just wanted to say that this community is the wrong place for it…


One more week to wait :cry:
but then I leave for vacation - still without my V :sob:


What is the right bloody place for it then?

If the damn things had been delivered in a reasonable timeframe or even an unreasonable timeframe which was still months ago, the buckets of sorrows as you so glibly put it would not have materialised or at least dissipated long ago.

There are many other threads that you can develop on and ignore this one.


@Konstantinos - you promised (about month ago) to get information about Mozo sleeves faulty design (scratching V when used with pen) … still nothing …


@Konstantinos I hope you don’t mind me asking a quick question. As a big update will be coming next week will there still be chance afterwards to decide if we want to continue with our order or cancel and opt for the refund? With big news on the way I’m hesitant to do anything currently, I presume there will be a small amount of time to decide once we’ve heard the news (as I doubt all the remaining V’s will be shipped next Friday) but having confirmation on this would be nice!

Again, thanks for the update.


Thank you for addressing our concerns about no update, what I do hope @Konstantinos, is that you will be able to provide information about the items owed to us, including the V. We have been patient, some over 7 months, and while you can’t provide the details of the investment, you could at least mention the shipping status, as that’s probably the #1 issue that we want to hear about, then the other would be the status of the accessories, then for those that have given up on you, the refunds. The rest…new products…etc, we aren’t sure yet if we want to keep supporting you, as your track record isn’t great about delivering. That may not be entirely your fault, but it is problematic.


Eve has previously said that things like shipping status, refunds status, etc are dependant upon the investment and unfreezing of frozen funds. Until there is something new to report about either of those then we can safely assume that there isn’t anything new to report about anything else.


did you ever tried to ask mozo? sorry, I forgot, they have no community as complaints-bucket… so let’s use this here…


Why? I bought it from EVE, EVE helped with design and testing, approved it as “genuine” accessory, I paid EVE … so why to communicate with Mozo??

And @Konstantinos multiple times personally promised me to discuss this with Mozo (every time saying that he is meeting Mozo next day or during this week) … His last promise about that was month ago … For his well being I hope he is better with fulfilling promises to his wife because here he has long record of being chronic liar.


Unfortunately that is the only thing most of us care about. No bank would hold onto money that is frozen for 6 months. There has to be something else. Funding issues being solved is great IF it leads to me getting my V, otherwise I don’t really care.


and what’s the answer you are waiting for? if my pen scratches my V inside the sleeve, I just don’t use the inside loop… should they design a personal ficker-pen condom just for you to avoid scratches?


Why not to use it? It was designed (poorly as it shows) for this use … or you are trying same game as with faulty upper USB-C port? I.e. suggestions - don’t use it - you still have the other one, or cut cable (this doesn’t work with dongles, memory sticks, GPS units).

Simple. Money return - US $29 or something similar …

I bought sleeve from Amazon which doesn’t have same problem as pen holder is fully covered …


@Konstantinos the biggest thing that is complained about is the lack of communication. It has been stated many times by many people. Weekly updates were promised and even if there is nothing new or if it has to be a different staff member making the update it doesn’t matter. An update that says:

“We are still here. We’re still working hard to make sure things move forward. We’ve shipped out the units we’ve been able to this week. We hope to have more info for you on the exciting things we have going on in our next update!”

That told me nothing other than your still alive, you still care, and your still working hard for all of us that have believed in you.

@dibadibadu, being one of the customers (purchased product from store) and posting in the “Official announcements form Eve” section I think what the majority of us want are the updates. Good, bad, or ugly we want to know what is going on (confidentiality is understandable but that doesn’t stop updates).
I can understand you being upset about other sections of the forums be flooded as well (personally I’m keeping it in this section) but a lot of what is being said here is direct frustration of a lack of communication.