Post Your Rig (Current or Future)

Unless you are sony… They used liquid metal for the PS5 you know…

Yep, but they have a dam around the chip to keep it from leaking onto the PCB over time.


Surfacebook 3 15in, I forgot the specifics tho lol


I’ve always wondered what the Surface Book laptops were like. Is the ability to turn the display into a tablet worth it? Is it too big and heavy for a tablet? What is the gaming experience like? The built-in Xbox controller support along with Xbox Game Pass on PC can make it comparable to a console. What do you mostly use the Surface Book for, and does the ability to turn into a tablet or into laptop give it an advantage over a dedicated tablet or laptop?


FWIW, I used to have an HP laptop that was a 2 in 1, that could be used directly as a laptop or in a ‘tablet’ mode, with stylus / pen / finger for note taking and use as a tablet (the screen rotated around and folded back down over the keyboard, making it effectively a large sized tablet). It had Windows 7 on it, IIRC, that’s how old it was.

I was in college then, and it made note-taking much, much easier, as I could take notes with the stylus, and then have the app (used primarily OneNote 2010 then) transcribe them into typed documents via OCR (which had a few foibles, but generally did a bang up job of transcription).

If you actually need a tablet like device, but also need a true laptop with native keyboard, trackpad / pointing stick, etc. than 2 in 1 devices are really good. That device had OK battery, would last well over 2 hours, and that was with a mechanical drive, versus today’s Ultra-Low-Power configurations using ULP Mobile CPUs and SSDs for much longer battery life.

Unfortunately, I haven’t used one anytime recently, but I plan to add one to my repertoire of devices in the next year or so and get back into using them as my portable device.


I can answer this a bit as have been using a Surface Book 2 (SB2) as my laptop/tablet since it released!

When I first got it, I was still taking courses in university and absolutely loved it! The Surface Pen and the ability to detach the screen made taking notes, reading digital textbooks, etc enjoyable and efficient.

As a laptop, The GPU is powerful enough to play many games at medium to low graphical settings, but when comparing price to performance, you can get a more powerful laptop for the same price, or cheaper. Examples like the Lenovo Legion, Razer Blade, etc. come to mind as having more powerful options, but without the detachability. I would most certainly not compare the SB2 to the Xbox Series X as the latter is much more powerful than most, if not all laptops available for gaming at the moment, but it is the closest device Microsoft has built to a portable gaming console.

For me, I would only recommend the Surface Book 2 for individuals that are looking to buy a laptop and a tablet, and are not power users of either one. The Surface Book 2 tries to be a jack-of-all-trades and ends up being a fine laptop workstation, a fine gaming laptop, and a fine tablet. If that is ok with you and can afford to spend a considerable amount of money for the device, then it is an option to explore, but is most definitely not a device for everyone. I would also add that the Surface Book 2 is prone to software issues, more than any other device that I have tried due to the detachability of it. Now that could be because I always run Insider Previews of Windows on my devices, but the SB2 definitely requires someone who doesn’t mind fiddling in windows and going back to a previous version if a new version break the device for whatever reason.

My suggestion for most people would be to get a Surface Pro for your laptop/tablet needs, and just buy a console for gaming (Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, or Playstation5). It will end up cheaper than the SB2 and for most people will be a more enjoyable option.