Possible bug with Crosshair/Frame Rate Counter settings

Hey all.

I have had my spectrum for about a month and I love it!!! It has replaced my 4K Viotek as my main gaming screen.

That said, the on-screen crosshair dot (in gaming settings) appeared randomly. When I went to shut it off a peculiar bug happened where if I turned the crosshair off or on the frame rate counter setting (just below crosshair in the menu) would turn off or on. Making it impossible to have them both off at the same time (which is what I want)

After some finagling and unplugging the monitor I got it to shut off. FWIW I use my monitor with both a PS5 and my PC and I manually switch between the two as needed by selecting the input thru the menu. This issue started happening when I switched from my PC to PS5.

Anyone else having/had this issue?

Hi @Fuzzy,

Please check out Spectrum Joystick settings Topic regarding this.

This should assist with the issue you currently have.

If you need any additional support, please let me know.