Possible Additional to V? Accessory

I’m sorry to bring you bad news but we already talked about this product in an other thread and I already asked to the brand more information : Kickstarter Hyperdrive for USB-C Mac

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That is very sad :frowning:
But maybe @Team could work together with HyperDrive and create an even more awesome mobile companion for the V with our Input :smiley:

I do not think that a generic sd Card reader needs a specific driver.
Also the hdmi Adapter should be generic and work with the V if it works with the MB pro. (dp passthrough and then converting to hdmi)
And the USB 3.1 ports and the passthrough of thunderbolt and USB C should not be operating system depending either.

I am no way an expert on USB C, so please correct me if I am wrong but I think it should work if it fits.

I send a tweet to their twitter account, the link : https://twitter.com/hyper .

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I’ve opted in and pre-ordered one before deciding on the EVE V. I see this as a docking solution to use in the office or home. It’d let me keep everything connected with just one plug. Also, the idea of power bank works fine for me, extra juice never hurts when you are traveling. I’m thinking of it as a UPS just in case anything goes off.

@Jan a big draw back would be the extra size and weight you have to carry if you plan on using it as a power bank. As for a dock that doesn’t move around with, the power bank seemed a bit less useful.

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Ok i see.

I guess a downside would be that itsn’t a true TB3. TB3 connection would be just too great :slight_smile:

Well so i have to wait for another option i guess.

I just found nearly the same hub from another company.
It is already available on Amazon.de

And there is also this one which has to be compatible with the V! :smiley:
But sadly it does not Feature hdmi :frowning:

When it fits the MacBook it will not fit the Eve V.
I added a picture comparing the ports in an older thread.
See here: Kickstarter Hyperdrive for USB-C Mac

Edit: The one with 2 ports.


It would be great to have the Adapter with one Port with hdmi.
I Do not think, that you would need two TB3 ports for this.

I’m thinking the purpose of two ports was more for the stability of the hub (being less wobbly,etc.) rather than actual functionality, since the bandwidth of the two ports would be shared anyways there’s no benefit to using two other than maybe extra power. I could be wrong though.


Bandwidth should never be shared between two ports. Especially since Thunderbolt is so expensive.

I think He meant the sd Card reader and the hdmi and the USB are not all connected to the same Port.

Well, then there is a very clear benefit - when you connect a 4K screen it doesn’t eat all your bandwidth, because there’s still the second USB-C port :slight_smile:
On the other hand, it’s Thunderbolt, so one port should be enough…

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One potential problem I see with this is usage in non-tablet mode. I can’t imagine a place for this dock in my workflow for the V.

You are right I did not think about that, since the ports are on the screen not on the keyboard…
Maybe one with a cable would be better…
But with all this functionality…

One more problem with the line dock is that because they’re focused on the MacBook, you have to use it UNDER the keyboard. And for a hybrid like the Eve V, I find it hard to use on the lap.

Well, actually, it would depend on how the Thunderbolt ports are set up. The 15" MacBook uses two PCI-E buses to drive 4 TB3 ports. The three chips used for TB3 are either:

  • one “DP” (Double Port) version that uses a PCIe 3.0 ×4 link to provide two Thunderbolt 3 ports (DSL6540)
  • one “SP” (Single Port) version that uses a PCIe 3.0 ×4 link to provide one Thunderbolt 3 port (DSL6340)
  • an “LP” (Low Power) version that uses a PCIe 3.0 ×2 link to provide one Thunderbolt 3 port (JHL6240).

The MacBook uses two DP buses. My guess would be that the ports on one side use the same bus, and the ports on the other side use the other bus, just because it makes more sense to run the circuitry that way. Therefore, the two adjacent ports would share bandwidth with each other. TB3 uses an x4 PCI-E 3.0 bus, therefore, technically, you’d be splitting up around 4 GB/sec or 32 Gb/sec (PCI-E 3.0 x4 theoretical bandwidth limit of 985 MB/sec/lane) of bandwidth over two TB3 ports. Hence why I said that the two ports would be sharing bandwidth and that they probably just put two ports on that hub to get 14 Watts of power to the hub and add more physical stability. Does that make more sense now?

As a side note, to add to the confusion, some manufacturers use the LP version of the TB3 bus, which only yields a 16 Gb/sec bandwidth, far from the 40 Gb/sec you would assume it would have!

I saw another project on indiegogo that the delivery is guarantied. It’s a usb-c dongle called Arc Hub: Ultra-Portable 7-in-1 USB-C Solution.
You can buy it : https://www.indiegogo.com/products/arc-hub-ultra-portable-7-in-1-usb-c-solution .
Is this product is a possible accessory to V ?
For me I think so.

That came through my indiegogo “mailer” this morning as well. Does anybody on here have any experience with it, in particular how the display ports (hdmi and displayport) work?

At the same time, I think that product is flawed in that you can’t connect any actual USB-C peripherals to it for anything more than charging purposes. That’s a big miss IMO.

I wonder why they don’t use HDMI 2.0 so they could use a 4k monitor at 60hz. If you ask me 120$ is too much for this product but I haven’t found any TB3 dongle that has convinced me yet …

Also IMO counting the USB C TB3 port which is used to connect to your laptop as port number 7 in the 7-in-1 is cheating

For USB-C 4k 30Hz is a limit, if you want HDMI 2.0 60Hz you need TB3 connection.