Portable battery charger for v


As good as the V’s battery will be, it may still need a boost during a long day of being out and about. I’ll be busking with it all over NYC (heavy CPU usage; sampled pianos and Abelton loops of lots of drums and percussion, bass, and other instruments), and will use it at Jazz clubs afterward for a quick look at any tunes that I might not know as well as I should. So I’m looking into a charger, with weight and size being prime considerations, as well as not having to bring the V’s wall wart & cord.

On the Acer community for their Alpha Switch 12 (a V and Surface Pro 4 competitor), a poster stated that THIS:


charger worked, via USB-C, due to the variable voltage (30 volts, in this case).

OOTH, THIS ONE has 65 watts of output, but not via USB-C; it’s via an ac plug, which means bring the wall wart:


So, what are the V’s voltage requirements?


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