Poll: how often do you use skype

  • very(once a week or more)
  • often(once a month)
  • rarely(once a year)
  • never

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It is Skype for Business included?


yes for business particularly

edit:- i mean any video conferencing not just skype


So you should add - multiple times per day. :smirk:


ah to late to change it now


Since this poll originated from this thread: https://eve.community/t/dont-need-a-camera-mic-and-speakers/9355
Not only Skype, anything you need a camera, microphone or speakers for would be the better question.
Even if it’s just sitting at home watching a youtube video on speakers it should count :smiley:
Any other voice/video chat as well. And go? :smiley:


Discord won my heart over Skype, but I guess you all use it for videoconferences


Actually once a month - to attend our companies monthly meeting, that’s it. Other than that, other solutions are much more flexible.


daily (hourly) as I use it as my messaging service on my mobile


I miss the ‘daily’ option as well.

I spend four hours a day easily just in audio and video calls. And that’s not mentioning text chat throughout the day…


what about once a day or more? :wink:


Privately I use discord over Skype since a year or so :smiley:

But the business stuff is usually still done in Skype, so I can’t escape it’s clutches :stuck_out_tongue:


I like to use discord for team projects. Seperating the conversations in different channels and pinning stuffs can be really useful. I’m still using skype for a friend or two but I’m getting sick of using it.

Also the new Skype redesign on android is a big NO.


I am a frequent business traveller and I have found Wechat (98% of my use) and Discord(2%) to be far better options to use than Skype.

Wechat does more than any other comms app on the planet, including language translation during chats.


You may or may not use Skype but:

Do you use your speakers for any non Skype related activities? Perhaps the microphone too? I was always talk Google searches in my computer with a microphone for example.

  • Super Often (at least once per device usage)
  • Often enough (atleast once a day)
  • Often (atleast once a week)
  • Less often (once a month)
  • Rarely (once a year)

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my point is you wouldn’t need 2 great mics for stereoscopic sound for that 1 mediocre 1 would do


2 microphones are for noise cancellation. Its how that’s done. Not sterescopic sound recording? Is that even a thing?


does google search need noise cancelling tech ? not asking rhetorically i wouldnt know ?


Nothing requires it. A computer doesn’t require a screen to be directly adhered to it either.

You could just hook it up to whatever size monitor you like, to give people flexibility so they can have their screen preference. That’s more reflective of not including stuff for the sake of it after all. With the screen delay we should have just not included it, then we’d all have our V’s sooner as well.

Noise cancellation microphones is cheap to implement and with technological advances no device could be called high tech without some basic noise cancellation. It would make Google searches work more efficiently yes, because it can better understand the sound you want it to listen to (ie your voice)


Doesn’t really.matter in the end. If it has great.mics then great but it also must have speaker that is not muffled. Every tablet needs them (as much as you wouldn’t want them) and getting rid of them wouldn’t really change anything.