[Poll] How about make a Eve brand docking station/hub?



Dear community,

I am Xinjie Duan, a new product manager joined Eve team 2 month ago.
The whole concept of community design is new to me, but I really like it. And after seeing V, I truly believe that we can design the best product with the community together.

There hasn’t been a big thing happened in the community since the design of V and its accessories. While other team members are extremely busy to get V delivered to your hands as soon as possible, I, although also put my main focus to the V shipment, begins to think we need to do something new and interesting before the real next big project.

After browsing the community, I found a Eve brand docking station/hub has been discussed for long. Then the idea comes to my mind – why not just make it now!

However, as this time point I don’t have commitment from the team about money and resources to begin the project – as you know, all of them are put on the production and shipment of V now.

But I still want to try. No matter what’s the result is, at least I will know the community better, and get prepared for the future project – we can practice to build a better design flow.
And, you never know what’s going to happen – there isn’t anything ready when V was designed.

As a summary, why to start a Eve brand docking station/hub:

1. community needs something new to wake-up brains

2. docking station/hub is a hot topic in the community for a while

3. we can practice to build a better design flow in community

Before we vote, I would like to give a little definition for docking station/hub:
a product provides more ports to V or other laptop/PC.

But we don’t limit it to a very particular product at this point. Form factor, size, features are all open.
It can be this

or this

even this

or anything else

So, do you want to start the docking station/hub project

  • Yes, Let’s do it!
  • No, not interested

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If you vote Yes, please give a code name for the project, we will select from your suggestions!

Black Mirror Project: USB-C docking station proposal
How can we improve community development before Eve Dock's crowd development is kicked off
How can we improve community development before Eve Dock's crowd development is kicked off

‘Port Prime’? :smiley:

I think a dock/hub is a great opportunity as there are quite a bunch of them out there, but they’re kinda samey - so community development for that would be super interesting and as it’s much less complex than a PC much faster to turn the ideas into reality! :slight_smile:

Super stoked to do this! :smiley:


Switch kind of dock would be nice, where you could put your V, and have the thunderbolt port connect to the dock. It’s so smooth and nice with Switch :smile_cat:


Port Prime? And when it is attached the dock say: Roll out, autoDocks. (Sorry, this was my first thought)

I have no idea for a code name. And yes there are a lot of docks. But there are also a lot of people asking: do they work?

so a 100 % compatible, save to use (USB PD!), TB3 Dock with HDMI or Dp out, some usb ports an LAN would be great.

Perhaps there is an idea for a Codename. it is a kind of a port replicator: the Eve pore (no,not at all.)

There is the V for the 2 in 1 device. It’s a dock why not the EVE D. No not the D :slight_smile: the is a serious community. Sorry about that.

So i am back at the beginning. I have no idea…


On that sidenote - a V does fit more than nicely into a Switch dock but it’s going over the edge pretty hard. And I did not try if you can charge it via the dock :smiley:


I voted yes, code name, “Eve dock 2019”


Eve “P” Pod, Dockmaster, V-Port, Starboard Port, Com-dock, V-desk, maybe I sparked others imagination??? :sunglasses:


Uh “Dock En-V” ?



I’m totally in for this, its a great idea. I’m currently looking for a neat solution so I can use the device at home on my dual (soon to be triple display) setup. It doesn’t have to run all three screens, but I’d like it to be secure, and charge etc…

I’m currently scoping a small wall mount shelf, and hoping for a one cable solution. Most things at home are wireless anyway.


Yes I would be interested - Eve ‘Home’


I would like a dock like in the third picture. But one that rotates on a hinge so it can be landscape or portrait while still charging. Codename swiVvle


Eve HQ


I’d also love a dock to place the V vertically! You could connect it to the two USB-Cs for example and have something to fold out that works as a stand? I’d have to think it through a bit to come up with something more useful as a hinge that doesn’t block the kickstand in horizontal mode :smiley:

As a name…

  • Project Dock, dock - who’s there?
  • Donald Dock
  • V-hub = vub (= wubba lubba dub dub) = vubba lubba dock dock
  • Space Hub
  • Portland


Project Harbor?

You know, at first I voted no, because a USB hub and some adapters is enough for me, and these “docks” are expensive… But then I said heck, whatever, there’s nothing better than this while we wait for our Vs :smiley:


Loving this :joy::joy:


Looks like we have some strong interest for a dock.

The main problem with the dock is that it has to be different enough to be a viable product in its own right and simple enough that its easy to manufacture cheaply. it cant be a bog standard thunderbolt dock because it wont sell in any meaningful quantities and it cant be too crazy because then it would become far too expensive and thus not get any sales either.

I would steer clear from a dock in which the device physically slots in because then your limiting the target market to the V which doesn’t have a large enough market share ( yet :slight_smile: ) to warrant a custom docking solution and the tb3 mechanism would probably be tricky to do. Also such docks are extremely limited in that you cant change the screen angle or easily use the pen when docked.

I would also steer clear of the tb3 port extender, mainly because there are a plethora of affordable options out there and also because it doesn’t charge the device. There is an interesting case for a combined charger and port extender however, more on this below.

so that leaves us with a standard dock and optimus prime, well how about a simple stackable modular dock? the modules connect via usb-c or thunderbolt and extend the capabilities of the dock depending on the needs of the user. not unlike the Lenovo stackable pc or HP elite slice pc.

there are a wide variety of potential modules and all of them can work as standalone usb devices if needed.

the most interesting and most difficult to pull of is a eGPU module with custom PCB and integrated power supply.

a battery module can also make the dock a mobile accessory which allows for a power brick with its own ports and even battery (as mentioned above).

the full scope of the concept allows Eve to easily pivot to other product types such as pcs ( a pc module to replace the dock module) or home theatre setups ( a TV set top box module to replace the dock module).

the full concept can be found here. EVE Modular 'Box' Concept (includes eGPU/Mini tower PC/Docking station/ AiO and more)

To eGPU or not to eGPU?

great idea!
What every module will contain and which module(s) will have to be the first available may have to be discussed off course (we have a whole community).
Somewhere the pricing will be a factor too off course.


Would suggest after “project pyramid flipper” maybe “project pyramid top cutter”. If you cut the top you can make it stand (or dock)…


Second suggestion: project “chasity vlock”… no more words needed…


This looks like a great idea. Nothing for me. I have a gaming PC and need somthing for travaling

But i am the SysAdmin at work. Something like this happens every day:
-> A table with a keybord, mouse, monitor lan -> normal business desk. The Employee comes back from a meeting, now he wants to transfer the notes and other stuff to the fileserver. One cable, maximal 2 cable. After that it has to work.
At the moment most of the employees who work in different places work with fujitsu laptop and dockingstations. But the need Hardware less heavy, more comfortable to carry arround.

I mentioned it before: 100 % compatible and perhaps the same nice design.

The stackeble system isn’t a dock imo. It’s a complete own produkt like an Intel nuc but with extras.