[poll] Eve monitor for desktop pc


I think this is a really great idea. I do not know if I would buy it, since I do not really need it, it is more like a nice to have.

Integrating some ports and “dock” Features would be indeed nice since you would always have them near you and not on the PC. Adding some USB A&C Ports, SD Reader and definately HDMI/DP should be no Problem and not really add extra cost. I would prefer a 28" screen with about 2k, since 4k would be really expensive and it is really hard to Power when you want to do demanding graphics Tasks


The Studio isn’t a bad product, just it’s price/perf is absolutely terrible.

If you don’t mind Apple, you can get a 27" iMac, and a wacom screen, for the same money but way more performance.
Dunno if that would serve your use case tho.