[Poll] [Eve Core] [eGPU] How many Watts would you need for a GPU?


I still suggest having 2 models: 200-250W and 500W. Ok, some people have hungry cards that they want to use, but many people will buy a card specifically for the PF or their laptop. And here’s the thing: we will not need such powerful PSUs for long. Those days are gone. Just look at Nvidia’s newest cards and you’ll see: a GTX1080 is rated at 180W and has only one 8-pin connector. That means its maximum power consumption is 75W (bus power) + 150W (8-pin connector) = 225W, which still fits under 250W. And that’s the maximum possible drain, and it’s very unlikely that it will reach this for longer than like a second. And from the average 180W, you still have plenty of power to charge the PF.
Yes, this is pushing a 250W PSU to its limits, but really, how many people do you think will use these crazily overpowered cards with their 4.5W or 15W CPUs? Laptops with higher power (45W CPU) already have dGPUs, they’re already bulky and not so portable that manufacturers always add decend graphics cards to them, like GTX980M, or even a desktop GPU. So here we’re talking only about… not so powerful laptops with up to 15W TDP CPU. I think the most powerful GPU that people will need in this scenario is like GTX1060 or 1050Ti (if such will exist). These will very easily run on 250W, and leave enough power for charging and also some headroom not to overload the PSU.
OK, I know, maybe I’m pushing this too much, but I really don’t even imagine the average Joe using more than this. And it would let me save another $15 on the PCIe box, which is a lot, considering the already low price of it coming from Eve.

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That also means you forgot to factor in 100W we have to deliver to the PF :wink:

Maybe shipping without a PSU might be an option if we go atx compatible?


I really don’t think quick charging is our main goal here. 100W is just super duper mega overkill :slight_smile: 20W should be enough to keep the battery from discharging and charge it slowly. Also, the current sourcing capability depends on the tablet itself, and I doubt it would take as much as 100W, because that’s terribly bad for the battery. And here, I took a very extreme scenario. It’s just not logical to use such a powerful GPU with such a weak CPU. And I’m talking about all laptop CPUs here. People who have GTX980Ti (1080 is even better) also have at least an overclocked Core i5-6600K. You can’t find anything even remotely as powerful as this CPU in ULV laptops. Not even half of it. So this example was a super duper mega overkill, too. Because nobody will use such a GPU here. It’s better to sell it (used), buy a GPU that doesn’t bottleneck (new) and still keep half of the price. Easy money making here.

I really don’t understand this. Can someone explain me why we need more? Apart from fitting super powerful GPUs inside, which makes no sense at all.

@iKirin read the rest of my comment:

It will just provide less current to the PF, but only when the GPU is under very heavy load. Usually, this will come after some time, when heat builds up and the fans need lots of power, and the PF will probably be fully charged by then.


This can use an Eve Core. And other similar tiny desktops with great CPUs.
Just a thought.


My two cents

  • remember there will be people wanting the Eve Core but not the Pyramid Flipper (many laptops and 2 in 1s are shipping with a thunderbolt port)
  • People will also want to use their desktop GPU’s (so as not to buy another GPU just for the Eve Core or when you replace the GPU on your tower and have the weaker one use it with the Eve Core)
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First of all, I don’t see a USB-C port on it, and secondly, it totally defeats the purpose of this thing. It’s supposed to be tiny. Eve Core is not tiny. With laptops, yes, it makes sense, since they are portable, and can be used anywhere, anytime, without the Eve Core. And when you get back home, you plug it in and play your games. With this one… Well, it’s not really portable because you need an external screen and other peripherals. So its only use is when you have limited space on your desk. And since Eve Core will be as big as like half of a whole PC, there is really no point in having this setup.
@Artur that’s exactly why in all my comments I was referring to Core i ULV, not Core M. I was talking about basically all the laptops without a very good dGPU.
And using your desktop GPU for two machines is just… unpractical. You need to open up your PC case every time you need to use the GPU? Oh well.

Anyway, as I said, I was suggesting to have 2 options. Not to force everyone to choose the weaker PSU. But I very strongly believe that 250W is more than enough for like 70% of people who will buy this thing. Why don’t people like the Gigabyte’s choice, you ask? Because 1. they only have announced one config, 2. people are used to seeing the power of PSU for a whole desktop computer, and that needs to be significantly higher. If they see 200W they think like “wtf, how old is this?” instead of “nice, now I don’t need to pay for that extra unneeded power”. For the same reason people buy 650W PSUs for their desktops when they only really need 400W.

Having 2 options could become expensive. But why can’t we just ship it without a PSU? Or with the PSU included but not properly inserted? That would reduce or eliminate the cost of having 2 variants. I’m suggesting to include a PSU because Eve can probably get them for cheaper than we can on retail…

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Just so you know, a very famous overclocking team called TecLab recommend that you buy a PSU 10%-15% more powerful than what your setup needs because that way you’ll increase a lot the efficiency, reduced the power consumption/heat and will have an extra power just in case

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see this. 20 chars…


And guys remember you are not supposed to come to a 100% consensus here. Its okay to think differently about certain matters. After all it also comes down to business viability.

Many good alternative solutions have been proposed here already.


Even a 940 950 or AMD r375 or r470 75-150 Watts. Help with gaming and video

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Perhaps offering customers the choice of choosing how powerful a PSU they want? I don’t know if this has been said before, but it might work well, especially seeing as there seems to be a fair few suggestions for PSU wattage.

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That was quite my idea when suggesting that we might just offer ATX support and offer a version with PSU - since some people will like to just buy a eGPU with PSU included.


External GPU systems seems to be the future direction… but if you are buying a 2&1 most won’t want to carrying it around always…


You still have got a integrated GPU for most tasks (watching videos, etc.) - the eGPU is more if you want to game more “core” games you need much more GPU power than the iGPU can offer.
I don’t think an eGPU will be carried around that often - it’s rather for people gaming with their laptop on their desks (like students in the dorms) to have a upgradeable GPU since that is usually the part that needs to get replaced the fastest with a gaming notebook.


I was thinking external GPU as in a graphics amplifier to connect to the pf to add ganing abilty But my question could that even be useful … Possible processor throttling?

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Yes, I think it could definetly be useful, as even a Core M Skylake can hold a 2 GHz clock if only the CPU is used. Since you have the heatsource of the GPU completely far away from the CPU you can use the whole cooling capacity of your device for the CPU.

Yes the CPU will still bottleneck higher GPUs like the GTX 1080 or the upcoming RX 490 or even higher cards - but our eGPU would not only be compatible with the PF. eGPUs are compatible with every device that features a TB3 port and has the option for eGPU enabled in the BIOS.
You could buy an Alienware Laptop and plug in the Eve eGPU - should work perfectly fine.


Awesome idea… Here’s my money just take it :grinning:


which kind of games would be possible with the kabylake y chips? One example: I can run skyrim on my SP3 i5 would that be possible with the flipper (with and without external graphics)?


Yes it would. SP3 has 4th gen CPU… So I’m pretty sure our i5 can do just as well or better, seeing how much more effective 6th gen is than 5th and 4th gen. And I suspect 7th gen will bring posituve changes to the low-power sector.


An update: the best of the latest batch of video cards, GTX1080, only requires 180W of power. So I think more than 225W of power should soon become a niche market, and maybe it would be worth creating 2 models with different power supplies? I’d say about half of the buyers would prefer more than that for their old cards, and half would get a new card to support hotplug anyway. Or guys like me, who have old cards but don’t require much power (1 6-pin connector here) :stuck_out_tongue: