Please welcome your new Community Manager


I want to start off by saying, everyone that hasn’t read the guidelines, and there are a lot of you, please do so here:

But yes, you read the title right. I was some time back contacted by @Konstantinos about joining the team as community manager. After a second careful consideration, I accepted.
That was, at the time of writing, a little over two weeks ago. You might ask why I haven’t made it public before now. There are two reasons. First, I wanted some time to get used to the role. Second, I wanted to get some more inside information so that I could answer questions and such without having to contact the others all the time. But it turns out there isn’t much I didn’t know. I guess that says something about how open the team is with community.

But now onto what I’m going to be doing:
As @iKirin has slowly become more involved with the development of the V he has less time to do stuff here, and I’ll step in to do stuff he hasn’t had the time to do on his own. But that doesn’t mean he’ll stop being community manager, don’t worry.
I’ll also work to improve the community, so feel free to throw any suggestions you might have regarding that at me.
We are already planning on sorting and cleaning up categories and stuff, and we’re set to start rolling it out alongside something @Konstantinos is going to share news about soon.

And of course, if you have any questions, feel free to ask me here or in a PM.
I also want to mention that I plan on updating my profile pic to a photo of my face. As soon as I have one that I am happy with. So enjoy your final time with the digital eye.

Wow, it feels good to finally get this public and off my chest.


I think you need more smiles in that post :smiley: Jokes aside, I feel really happy for you and for this community :slight_smile: I’ve noticed that @iKirin spent so much time here that I was seriously questioning whether he sleeps at all :smiley: I think Eve made the right decision by choosing you. And I hope you both get enough sleep :smile:
Oh, and your avatar is totally awesome :c it will be sad to see it go :wink:


Great to have you as Community Manager Nawthor. Appreciate everything you guys do :smile: :smile:


Hmmmm. What? Didn’t know you are?!!

Ok jokes aside :slight_smile:

Great to have you in the team. It’s thou very weird saying it as to me whole community seems like a giant team:)


Much Luck and succes at ur new Job !


Hah! Eve is such a big organization that you have a whole team to lead another team! :smile:


Welcome, nice to have you here!


I’m not sure, if you get enough time to sleep judging from your online time here :stuck_out_tongue:

And I think it’s good that @ikirin gets a little help from you, @nawthor :slight_smile: already positively noticed a bit of (much needed) cleaning up from you during the last few weeks :+1:


Good luck @nawthor!!
Definitely @iKirin will appreciate your help as we’ll all too! :wink:


Long story short: No.

On a more positive note: Great to have you as my partner in crime now @nawthor! :slight_smile:


I welcome you, New Community Manager @nawthor! :smiley:

I think Eve Team made a great choice choosing you! That runic nordic shield always accompanied very balanced, mindful and interesting posts. Since Community is so important for Eve, it make sense to choose the most fit for the role! :+1:
(Hey, @iKirin, I’m not implying you have been doing bad! :stuck_out_tongue: Having 2 Community managers is better than 1…)

Best of luck with your new job!

Now to the most serious dilemma of my day and possibly your first serious issue as community manager…

Oh My! Great Scott! I can’t believe my eyes! How will I and all the community be able to instantly recognize @pauliunas posts now that a second Green P Circle has started to write regularly on the community boards? I did not think ANY OTHER Green P Circle existed and the revelation is difficult to accept. This is serious, HELP!!! :scream:

[details= ]

No seriously! @Pappelau, my friend, your avatar is LEGEND in this community.[/details]


welcome welcome to

  • a truly full international community
  • populated by really top computer wizards to ‘oh is this a computer’ people
  • and me, still waiting for my Canadian French keyboard :innocent:

Enjoy yourself



This is a huge change at this point of Product Delivery ! Who Approved this change? None of the community were consulted or approved it (NO i am not talking about @nawthor induction, BUT @iKirin Peter being vanishing into the development) , though i only see benefit on this move too.
:slight_smile::grinning::grin::laughing::innocent: (my different phases of smile) :wink:

Welcome @nawthor. Now a very important question, does Nawthor means…

  1. New + Author
  2. New + Thor
  3. New + Authority



That’s an interesting way of looking at it. In reality it is the cover art for Area 11’s second album, Modern Synthesis:

You’re almost right on the first one, but it isn’t new + author, it’s naw. naw has always been a part of my usernames, and I realised the combo with author during my first try at NaNoWriMo (which went awesome, in case anyone was wondering).

And to everyone else, thanks for the warm welcomes.


Congratulations/commiserations @nawthor, which ever applies - probably both at times.

Sad to see your very viking/Nordic resemblance logo to go, it’s very recognisable, please reconsider.


I see! :smiley:
I thought that it was some kind of Norwegian Viking shield art :sweat_smile: Your user name also contributed to this, as I assumed @razaknk 2nd hypothesis was correct!
In Italian we call “mental journeys” this kind of unfounded assumptions about trivial things!


Aww, but I wanted to be the second community manager for Eve…

On a more serious note: Awesome to have you on the team, @nawthor. And yeah, we’ll have to get used to a new avatar. The Nawthor eye-shield-albumcover-whateveritwas was so recognisable!


That’s great to have you in the team, @nawthor :slight_smile:


Very happy to have you officially on board @nawthor. Looking forward to this new chapter for the community.



(twenty digits.)