Performance in StarCraft II



Hello. Just joined:)

Need to know if hardware can handle starcraft 2 on medium settings or do i need to use thunderbolt? Could any1 check? What avg. Fps?

Ps. Yet to buy. Still thinking… thanks!:slight_smile:


Sadly nobody can do this right now, since the final devices are not shipped until now.
But sc2 is pretty old afaik, so I would wonder if it does not run on the V.

PS: welcome to the Community :slight_smile:


sc2 is pretty graphic intensive. i would be curious as well!


It’s got a fairly wide range on its graphics quality sliders, though. The system can probably handle lower settings at the very least. And that’s what the Korean pros play at :wink:


I’ll test it as soon as I get my V and let you know.


Can’t wait pls don’t forget. Settings slider has wide range of presets, as long it looks as sc2 and plays at least 45+ fps. Thunderbolt gives more options. I reckon thats one of the options. I any1 has an optikn to test that would add to my purchase;) awesome community!:stuck_out_tongue:


I would have a look at the prototype testing section. One of them tried a range of games on them so you could get clue what to expect. I think it was Witcher 3, civil V and a view other. Sry don’t know who it was.


Thats as much worth as saying the i7 7700k is better than ryzen CPUs cauz ryzen bottelnecks the gpu in 720p benches. (gaming)


Back when I was investigating whether to switch from the m3 to the i7 one of the things I took into account was graphics horsepower.
There’s a noticeable gap between the m3 and the i7 model in this regard and apparently, on paper, the i7 model is comparable to my current laptop which I also occasionally use to play StarCraft 2 on medium settings.

You’ll have to reduce resolution to 1080p when playing, but I would expect the i7 model to handle that load. Frame-rate won’t be impressive, of course, but I expect the game to be playable.

All this I derived by looking at overall performance indicators, based on the processor (unknown whether configured for 7W or 15W) so I might still be wrong.


The V has i7 with a base tdp of 4.5W , that can go up to 7w.


So, basically, 7W.
I remember however that (by violating warranty) you could use Intel’s tools to bump it up to 15W… so I think it’s all still on the table.

A large part of the issue however is the resolution. If you push it down to half of Eve’s native resolution it should be fine even with low TDP configurations.