PDF reader/editor with good touch / pen support?


I have been using FoxitPDF for a number of years now. It is light and fast and has PDF annotation in the free version. However, after installing it on my V I have found that it is not designed for touch & pen interface. Navigating with touch or annotating with pen just do not work well.

Any alternatives that would have same functionality but designed with pen&touch in mind?


I’ve worked with Drawboard PDF a lot. It is standard on the surface pro 4. It’s realy good! However it costs 5 euro’s (which is a good investment I think).
I’ve read that some people use OneNote to open PDF’s.


I’ve tried xodo, that seemed to work with the pen.


I use drawboard as well. Has lots of pen options. The price is reasonable enough.


When I had my Surface Pro 4 I really enjoyed the Drawboard program. The version on the SP4 is a special, with all the features of the “basic” program and several of the advanced features. I think to duplicate what you can do on the SP4 you need to buy some advance features. Bummer.



Drawboard PDF is great but it does lack a few important features that you can use free online tools to do.

Mainly you can’t reorder your pages or duplicate existing ones, you can, however, delete pages

The pen support with a SP3 is pretty great, though.


Yes, OneNote can insert PDF for editing too!


Edge browser is good


I used to use the reader app that came with Windows, but they have rolled it into the edge browser.

It just isn’t as good for some reason. Since then I’ve been using Xodo


Can I annotate a PDF with? It is indeed a great browser and handles PDF very well if you just want to read them.


I can. With the v pen


I can suggest you this one https://4000a-125-2-form.pdffiller.com/ But keep in mind that this is a paid tool. Nevertheless, there’s a free trial period at the first, it was one week when I switched to this, I heard it’s something about a month for now. Speaking of editing features it’s quite the same Foxit, but web-based and works well on V. And it supports pen when annotating and signing, more in Surface Pen fashion, but I do so only when signing the e-forms and have had no issues so far


Used Xodo aft first, but tbh, it really sucks. Switched to Drawboard PDF (5 €) and never looked back.