PC crashes when G-sync in enabled on Spectrum.

Hi y’all, I might have found a defect with my monitor. Over the past months, I have been very happy with my spectrum (except that other HDR post but I’m blaming windows implantation for now).

But one thing that has been bugging me is somewhat of a major issue that I would rather at least the team to be aware of to see if it’s a firmware issue or I was the only one so far to experience this and is related to my specific monitor.

So in the first weeks I got the spectrum, my PC would randomly shut down and reboot in games without any reason, my first thought was my PSU that was bad, but this occurred on even small loads in not demanding games at all. And after checking the Event viewer in windows for the crash, the BugCheckCode is 278 and is usually related to the GPU or drivers.

So I tried the usual route, DDU’ing my drivers and reinstalling the latest one, trying some older drivers too to make sure, but the crashes were still occurring. And suddenly I had a thought about G-Sync and I was a bit desperate so I removed it and for a full month I didn’t have a single PC reboot, and kinda forgeted about it and moved on. But recently with the latest driver, I decided to give it a go again, the setting was working fine until it re-crashed my PC for the first time yesterday. What brings me to make a post about this is the fact that since the first time it crashed, I also traded my GPU (MSI 3080) for a new Asus 3080 model.

So anything that could have been related to my specific gpu model I was owning is out the window since it’s also occurring on the Asus card I just acquired. I got the logs from the error system saved, and some info from the Event Viewer app.

I’m willing to help in any way to try and fix this issue as I would g-sync to be on and I’m fairly certain that it is the cause. (But I could be wrong).


maybe reinstall the gpu in a different pci-e slot and change hdmi port on the gpu and see if that made any difference. Also see if windows is all up to date including additional optional updates. issue im running into is that the spectrum signal detection is very sensitive. takes awhile to detect signal. some days it doenst take long and some days i will loose visual for a second and the visual will come back up. i even have g-sync enabled.

I switched GPU and the mobo never had any issue with g-sync before with my past monitors, really doubt that my PC is the problem here

do you get the same issue with adaptive sync enabled or VRR enabled?

my PC doesn’t restart but I did notice sometimes all monitors would “restart”, more like flicker as if they’re adjusting (like when you set resolution in the display settings and the monitor flickers before settling). Happens when I play a game and it causes the audio to cut out from my receiver, doesn’t happen often but when it does its only when I’m playing a game…I’ll restart the game and then it doesn’t happen again for a few days lol It’s really odd. Only started happening recently. Not sure how to fix this.

Other issues seemed to have been fixed when nvidia updated their drivers and released spectrum under the g-sync compatibility list.

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There is a driver update for nvidia. download that and see if that helped fix the issue.

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Both are enabled in windows and the OSD.

Did the latest nvidia drivers helped at all? Nvidia just released a new driver update.

Didn’t install it yet, but my bet is no, as the last driver with the g-sync compatible for Spectrum didn’t fix it.

Hmm. The only thing I can suggest is checking out Asus website and look for their gpu drivers for your specific gpu model and see if that helped. If that didnt do anything have nvidia experience driver up to date and install what asus has for driver update.