PART 1 of Eve Protective Sleeve Development. The Basics



Hi Guys!

Majority of community members in last thread wanted us to crowd develop V case. So I am proud to tell you that we are excited to do it! You can see previous discussion here: Should we crowd-develop protective case from scratch in our community? Stretch goal discussion part 5

So what are the next steps?

First of all we need to lock down the form factor of case we are making.
We find sleeve case to be an optimal solution as it will fit the device perfectly and you could easily carry it around or put it in your bag.

How the development process will go?

Developing case is a much easier task than the whole device. It shouldn’t take us 12 month :smile:
We are collaborate with Mozo and their design team to make V sleeve. Here is the process step by step:

  1. We lock down basics and functional requirements of the case that you want. Also we would gather list of cases that you like.
  2. After that we will make some sketches based on the feedback we received. We will have a vote about concept that you like the most.
  3. We will refine the best concept before we get there :slight_smile:

That´s basically it. We should be able to get final design in around 2 weeks.

So let’s begin!


As we are designing a sleeve it is very important to understand how it will be used. We generally have 2 main choices structurally now:

  1. Make a very tight fit, light and beautiful sleeve that will fit V, keyboard and pen perfectly.
  2. Make a bit bulkier sleeve that could also fit accessories inside in its dedicated pocket.

First option will be very minimalistic and fit every bag. While second option would be a bit bulkier due to extra pockets and specs needed for accessories.

So first of all it is very important to understand how you are intending to use the sleeve. Whether you will be using it with existing bag of your or just on it’s own. So here’s the question to you.

How will you use your V sleeve?

  • I will be using my sleeve primary with some bag or other accessory.
  • I will be using my sleeve most of the time independently so I will not place it inside any bag or accessory.

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Here’s another follow up question.

Should V sleeve have pocket for accessories or be very tightly made to fit V, Keyboard and pen?

  • I would like my sleeve to fit V, Keyboard and Pen only to keep it tight and beautiful
  • I would like my sleeve to have extra pocket for some basic accessories like USB cable and HDMI adapter

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So we have 2 choices here. Either we have something very clean elegant and tight or then we have a bigger sleeve that would fit other accessories as well making it a bit bulkier and harder to fit into some bags.

After you voted

Seasoned designer of accessories will take all things above into account!
Make sure to join the discussion below as well post examples of cases you like. Make sure to tell why you like the cases you find around the web or that you have had previously.

Next step will be showing you sketches :slight_smile:

P.S. Amazing job @Artur make sure to post your sketch here:)

Sleeve design continues. 3 design directions from Mozo are here


Copying my previous post…

Did a little more thinking and came up with a slightly changed design.

On the left, you can see the back (placed the mozo logo there) and on the right the front part of the case. The only change you see here is the addition of the front pocket (represented with the diagonal in grey and doesnt close -stays closed but you can pull it a bit and insert any paper for example).

What has changed too (but not visible) is the materials. I have two options thought about with some help of @Christopher_King

  1. One with leather on the outside and microfiber (grey on the inside) with the logo pressed as the mozo cases in the giveaway had
  2. Another with felt/alcantara in grey on the outside and same material or microfiber in grey on the inside with the logo pressed as well.

In this picture I also added the magnets - white lines - and two small elastics where the small ‘‘hinge’’ is located (tried simulating that look with the black lines), which you can use to store your Eve Pen (besides storing it magnetically on the right side of the Eve V).

I decided against adding a shoulder strap. This is because

  1. It’s a very light case (and device).
  2. Putting a strap would be adding stress to the materials and as such increasing wear and tear.
  3. Seen many comments saying you will use it to protect the Eve V but will put it inside a bag, defeating the need of a shoulder strap (same can be applied for the front pocket if community wants something even more minimalistic).

A final comment on the case. It should fit tightly the Eve V with the keyboard (and some room on the top for two storing options - attached magnetically to the right side of the device or using the elastics) and also stay secure with the Eve V. Maybe make it 0.1mm thinner than the thickness of the Eve V with keyboard would suggest?

So resuming this all,

  1. It’s a sleeve.

  2. Two possible versions - tell me which one would you like most: One with brown leather on the outside (see the brown mozo leather cases for 950/XL) and microfiber (grey on the inside) with the logo pressed as the mozo cases in the giveaway had and another with felt/alcantara in grey on the outside and same material or microfiber in grey on the inside with the logo pressed as well. Note: these pictures weren’t made with this second option too as it would be too difficult to see what I changed.

  3. Close mechanism: The sleeve would close with the use of a magnetic strip. Some may like velcro more.

  4. Protection: There would be like 0.5mm padding on the whole sleeve (between the outside layer - brown leather - and the inside fabric - felt or alcantara) - so it would be more protective. The bottom could have a little more padding to withstand better drops. Waterproofing or at least mild resistance to the weather elements and perhaps possibility to clean with a damp cloth would be a nice addition.

  5. There’s a pocket on the front for small (and almost flat) items.

  6. You can store the pen using those elastics on the ‘hinge’ and if you put left side down, on the right side of the Eve V, magnetically attached (hence the small space I told to keep on the top - you’ll need it for both storing options I put)

  7. There’s also the idea of having somewhere to put accessories. The only solution I could come up that wouldnt ruin the design would be if you used the elastics I told before that would be in that ‘‘hinge’’ to secure things like adapters.

P.S. added the two last points now :wink:


That would make it pretty much impossible to put the device inside, and also we don’t want to damage the tablet/keyboard by crushing it.


If it is made of leather the material will adjust, so it’s not impossible to fit it in, the sleeve is just very tight, which is good in my eyes.

For me the sleeve has to store 3 things:

  1. The device itself.
  2. Possible adapters / cables, a USB drive or stuff like that.
  3. A few sheets of paper; I know you can use the pen to write on the V, but sometimes you really need those old-school materials like paper :wink:

I voted for the second option as it was the only one I felt will incorporate all these 3 things, but I don’t want a big bag - the thinner /smaller the better.


It’s generally quite bad to stuff tablets into tight spaces. That creates unnecessary stress on the body and the screen might crack.


If a leather-case cracks the screen we have some far greater problems I’d say…


Fabric, especially leather has a bit of elasticity, more so over time :wink: and 0.1mm is very small too. Remember it is less 0.1mm than you would normally put and not the thickness of the device itself.

Why would the screen crack? Besides the padding I mentioned, the materials themselves will naturally loosen up a little and the solid aluminium chassis would ensure the screen doesn’t get damage. The material too hasn’t got enough strength to break a screen.


If it’s too tight and you try to squeeze a tablet in, then it all depends on the strength of the stitches and materials. If it’s strong enough, something bad will definitely happen with the tablet or at least the keyboard. More likely you will break the keyboard, because the tablet is made of metal… but that isn’t good. If it’s made of weaker materials, it will rip the bag.
@Artur it’s likely to break only during the first time you try to insert it. Either that, or you rip the sleeve apart.


It wouldn’t take too much if it is a constant stress over a long period of time. Its not like screens are invincible. In general any sort of physical stress to a device is much better avoided than encouraged, even when its minor. Enough time with even minor force on the same spot and you’ll eventually develop a structural weak point.


I tried to say this, but you put it in words much better than me. Thanks :slight_smile:


I also thought about the right words to explain this.

I had a lot of problems with cases that were to tight for the devices. Whenever I wanted to get the device out of the case it was a pain in the a… and it took me like ages.
When I want to use my V, I don’t want to fight with the case and waste time. It should easyly slip in and out of the case.


Continuing the discussion from Should we crowd-develop protective case from scratch in our community? Stretch goal discussion part 5:

Well, an additional sleeve is more protection than nothing. That’s all. Sure, there can always get something into an protection layer, but to me that’s no reason to just omit that protection layer :wink:


Since the pressure would be the same for all the device that ‘pressure point’ wouldn’t apply. The cnc’ed aluminium would ensure structural integrity and even the screen and screen glass is designed to evenly distribute the pressure - if we had cut the glass there would be a weak point forming but since there was the decision to not cut it so as to ensure the best rigidity, I believe you shouldn’t be concerned with those problems.


There’s no way you could ensure equivalent pressure for the device within a case that tight though. Stitching would have to be literally perfect. I would honestly be more worried by torsion and the problems that can arise from that over time with the electronic components internally than the screen or metal body itself. Sub-mm deformation of a circuit board over a long enough time can be catastrophic to the longevity of a device.


I vote for a sleeve, but with an extra pocket for some basic stuff. Nothing too visually prominent.

What should fit into the sleeve:

  • tablet itself, obviously
  • keyboard (attached to tablet)
  • pen (would be cool if it could just stay magnetically attached without the risk of falling off once the tablet is inside the sleeve)
  • charger and cable and maybe an adapter (pocket on the outside)

Desirable features:

  • protected zipper on the inside (should not have direct contact with tablet, so that there cannot be scratches)
  • no alcantara or other hair/dirt attracting materials, I would like to be able to just swipe it clean.
  • subtle design accents

What I liked about the Mozo sneaker like case (the blue/red one): it had that big pocket where you could easily put in charger and cables. At least it looked to me as if charger, cable and an adapter should fit into that bag on the outside.


Simple sleeve so when I put in a briefcase its well protect against the other items.

Can we safely put the keyboard in the case with tablet without scratching the screen?



Any chances of starting a thread on the dockstation/eGPU development?


Just a simple idea I just had to keep the pen magnetically attached to the tablet, without the tablet
applying pressure onto the pen when sliding around inside the bag (which could happen since the sleeve needed to be wider than the tablet itself for this idea):

The red thing is a little bumper inside the sleeve that keeps the tablet from applying force onto the pen which could make the pen loosing its magnetic connection. With that little bumber it will hopefully stay put.

I think it would be faster to store/unstore the device together with the pen (because I would always have it attached to the tablet and not having it lying around). It could save an unneccessary step to take the pen off the tablet and clip it somewhene whenever you put it inside or take it out of the sleeve.

What do you think?
And please, no jokes about paint :wink:

Question is: If the pen loses its magnetic connection and slides onto the display, could it scratch the display?

What's coming up? (29th May - 4th June)

I would prefer the outer pouch like this:

Then magnetic closure on top!!! =)