Paperlike Screen Protector



Hey Guys,

Im writing a lot on my V so Im wondering if theres a way to eliminate this slippy feeling while writing. Maybe some people like that but I would love to have a screen protector that is a little rough. I don’t know how much this could affect the clearness of the screen but for me it hasnt to be crystal clear.

If theres already a paperlike screen protector fitting the V out there and it will be shipped to europe then feel free to tell me.

Greetings Shwyne


Try to get one of those matte ones, had one for my SP3 and it had a more paperlike feeling. Scratched easier and gave a worse image quality tho. Dunno about an exact make that fits the V, given the low amount of devices out there, it might be hard to get an exact match.


Ive found a startup that produces paperlike Screen protectors for iPad. The biggest size is enough to cover the entire V, but u have to cut it a little down before gettin it on. In combination with the soft tip of the bamboo pen it rly feels near to paper. Just a tip as long there is no other solution if anyone wants to have a nicer writing feeling.


What’s the name of it ?


Its called “paperlike” u will find it for sure :wink: but be warned, the paper effects doesnt rly come through with the V pentip. I can hardly feel any difference with harder tips but like I said, the Bamboo pen comes with a great soft tip for that.