Ordering a French Keyboard Layout


Hello everyone,

I wish to order a French AZERTY keyboard, Should I order the French (France,Switzerland) keyboard layout or the Belgium (Belgian) keyboard layout ?
If it is the (Belgian) keyboard layout as I guess it is after checking the French (France,Switzerland) keyboard layout on wiki, then it would be safe to show it as being the AZERTY option, otherwise many of my fellow compatriotes will make a mistake.

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I don’t know anything about French, but my tip is to visit the thread with all the different keyboard-layouts done by the community and compare the 2 you are interested in. This should be more accurate than Wikipedia :slight_smile:


Thank you for the information, I can find the Belgium (Belgian) keyboard layout, but I cannot find the French (France,Switzerland) keyboard layout, I would like to know if this is an AZERTY layout ?


Hi there!

I have just answered in the official FAQ tread. Take the French one!