Order numbers - what do you look at?


Hi. In some discussions, I noticed that the order numbers are mentioned with 4 digits. When I check my order, there is a 6 digit and a 12 digit number quoted. Which numbers are you looking at to determine your order number?


4 digit number is order nr


The numbers I have are #702352 and #225206501386.
Perhaps it’s the last 4 digits of the first number?
Or the first 4 of the second number?


There is really no need to look for order number as it doesn’t really correlate to anything


The 6 digits number you mentioned is your order#.
You are probably not flash sale customer or early customer and therefore you have no 4 digits order#.
Don’t worry about that at the moment as there is a long long way to go.


It correlates to when you ordered, Shopify runs order numbers sequentially. They aren’t random numbers.

So when the Q&A video says we are fulfilling orders in the order they were placed, the earlier the order number should mean the quicker you get your device. Except it seems that’s not the case, so some more embroidering of the truth is going on :smiley:


Well its pretty clear that they are not doing that :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, I quite agree with you about that :upside_down_face:


Those who ordered on Dec 14 during a ‘flash sale’ are not Flash Sale customers? Only those who ordered on Dec 4 are Flash Sale customers? I’m confused - wouldn’t be the first time. :yum: :grin: I ordered on Dec. 14 and also have both a 7 digit initial order # and a 12 digit order # after the fact. :thinking: I do agree with others that they don’t seem to correlate to anything.

Agree with your last statement though.


Something changed then between the flash sales then, if you ordered on December 4th you had a 4 digit order number.


THere are more numbers…
…if you click on your order number, the details of your order appear and above, a big “order # xxxxxxxxxxx” 11 digit number after #…

I do not know which number is important and what is not.
I only hope they get soon the software done to look up an estimate shipping date on your account.


Personally I had 2 different types of numbers …

During the flash sale on December 4th I received the standard number 4 digit # 1XXX

After thinking that the V would be delivered soon, in February I had asked to add an accessory to my order before the expediton, the team therefore assigned me a new number starting with # 70XXXXX

Now when I look at the numbers it does not correspond to anything, the # 1XXX is not even entered in the sequence of 12 digits, it would mean that there are two order numbers for each order: A simple number starting with 15XX for example and another #12 digits