Order Cancellation

Thanks for your information. You are lucky, I canceled on Apr 3rd, but they recently told me they never put my refund in the queue, so I might get a lawyer.

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@Aethel helped me out here. Try contacting him

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Did you get your refund?

Did you just wait? what did you do please tell me I’ve been waiting for 30 days now and not received it

Hey @Semih_Gokdemir I have responded to your DM if you could please provide the ticket ID as well, I will try my best to get that update to you asap!

I did, a couple days ago

man where do you find the ticket number I don’t seem to have it in my gmail he says it would help the process but I cant find it

Hey @Semih_Gokdemir Just sent you a message!

I’ve been waiting for my refund since January (Contacted their support) and have yet to get it. Anyone here got their refund when you decide to not wait and got a different monitor?

Hey @gemichi

Just sent you a message regarding your issue!

Just received my third email within almost 2 months all just sort of weaving around my refund request and now I’m considering going through legal means to resolve my issue.

Is there any chance that maybe here I can get a clearer and more helpful response to my problem.