Open source firmware for the Spectrum monitor?

I would liketo have the option to maybe use HDMI CEC to turn the monitor on and off mainly. Switching input would be a nice bonus. I was planning to use a Chromecast with Google TV on it, when not using my PC on it, so having it usable with that remote through HDMI CEC would be a big plus for me.


Once someone official commits to opening the firmware, I’ll pre-order 2 4K displays.

Reasons behind wanting source is

  • If the project/product gets abandoned, a community of developers will maintain the firmware
  • Niche specific changes that users may want to make to the firmware
  • Corporate branding
  • Potential custom implementation of HDCP/Custom Security changes

Not to mention, this would be the first (that I’m aware of), fully open source monitor, it’ll attract buyers from FLOSS and Security communities.


I’ll second that. I’ve been holding off on a monitor long enough to come across the early reviews. Those made it painfully clear that the hardware is exactly what I’m looking for, at a price point I can just about justify, but the firmware won’t be anywhere near polished unless you draw out the timeline by a ton.

Updateable firmware would be an insurance that the first terrible batch can be fixed up over time. Open source would ensure that the hardware unleashes its full potential, both in terms of eventual polish and unanticipated possibilities. Not to mention the Overton window moving in the right direction both for users and manufacturers. From an early adopter point of view, it would allow you to ship devices earlier to optimistic users even if the firmware still blows.

I’ll put in my pre-order as soon as the messaging switches from the long-running “We are looking into the possibility” to “We have looked into it, here’s what’s possible and we can commit to making it happen”.


I changed the typeface on the very important part of that last post that puts me in the camp of all the OSS-based firmware supporters.