Only 65% of Eve V orders have been fulfilled, leaving many hanging for almost 9


Here you go!


And here you go with one that explains the situation instead of sticking the knife in without doing any research.


OK, what’s here is much more worrisome:

If the registration shut down for the forum is true, then it’s absolutely unacceptable and a complete disgrace. And from what I see, it is true.
If I had some disappointments on those last months with the way Eve-Tech is handling things, but never was I pissed off.
Censorship of your customers is intolerable @Mike and @Konstantinos whatever your reasons.
Everything that happen before may be put on the lack of knowledge/competency, alright. But this is a line you should have never crossed.


Yep, thats really going to help the situation.


Why exactly?

Customers already have accounts here and most of the new accounts here I see are either duplicates of banned people or those created solely for the purpose of trolling.

Lots of forums close registrations when the number of spammers, trolls or otherwise toxic people exceed a certain threshold.


You’ll never know until they post.


Youre on point.

I contacted the team the other day regarding the reason behind the registration closing, its precisely what you mentioned there.



So many of you think it’s acceptable to shut everyone up, including people that have legitimately something to say, just to avoid managing some trolls.

Shame on you. Like, seriously.


If you have a complaint…take it up with Neowin. NOT me. I believe their story is correct from what I’ve seen here.


Which situation are you referring to? The one that EVE created or a the lack of funds to ship products?


Agreed. Nothing in the Neowin article appears to be fabricated or conspiracy. What I read from it was a pretty good overview of the issue.

Unlike the lilliputing article that left out LOTS of details regarding the support issues and lack of refunds… and blaming PayPal for all their woes.


Did I say anything to you, just replied to the thread to show both sides of the story.


And what specifically in the lilliputing article is made up?

Not of course that PayPal freezing all your funds is any kind of an excuse.


I think you have that backwards.


I didn’t mean to imply that the Lilliputing article had “made up” any facts. I should have been more clear about that and I can see how some would read into that.

But where I take issue is with the author of the Lilliputing article somehow blaming PayPal for the financial woes for money being frozen. This is a very disingenuous way of putting things. PayPal has rules for buyers and sellers. The implications are such that if a tracking number is not provided, and units are not delivered as agreed upon, then funds are not released.

And not all of the $$$ came through PayPal. Many of it did, but, not all. That is the point that the article glosses over.