Oneplus Collecting user data?


Microsoft collects data, the other dudes with bitten fruits also do. What’s your point?


Don’t most companies use their data for product improvement? What did OnePlus do? Advertiser revenue? No the same the same, to gain insight into usage to improve products down the line.


“Everyone else does it so it’s ok for us to do it too”.

How did they screw up?

  • They didn’t inform the user clearly that they are harvesting information
  • They didn’t make it opt-in, rather than opt-out
  • They hid the configuration behind an “Advanced” settings tab in the phone rather than put it out in the open.

And the worst part is; all data they send is traceable back to the owner because none of it is anonymized

#24 … wow… the verge also reported it in their site :no_mouth:


I don’t really trust The Verge for any news source, I don’t remember the exact news that was blatantly false, but it was something so obviously incorrect that a lot of people pointed it out to it and they kept the story up anyway.


but you trust shinra corp eh? ff7 fans :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, of course, they’ve never lied about anything, everything that pictures them in a bad spotlight is Avalanche’s fault. :wink:


meh, the whole thing is asked in the first setup wizard. Don’t really know what the fuss is about.

The whole post only talks about OnePlus2 which is totally dead in the water anyways.

And if you have happened to buy the phone from a local carrier (in few countries) the company has no way to tie the info to a specific user info as they don’t have it.