Oneplus Collecting user data?


Well, just saw this news today, and yeah a bit dissapointed about what and how they’re collecting it…

cuz all the time i always amazed how they built the device (Yes, I’m Oneplus One user here and thankfully always using cyanogenmod base / lineage os rom), and also i’m amazed how the community build the oneplus too…
many oneplus user doesn’t know about this issue :

just hope that eve will never and ever do this (i’m sure they will not to)… okay :kissing_heart:

share your thoughts :smiley:


Is that a real surprise to anyone?
Rule #1 of capitalism: if you can make some money doing something, do it even if it’s not a very moral thing to do.
Rule #1bis: and if it’s not a legal thing to do, do it anyway if you can hire lots of lawyers and still make a benefit.
As a capitalist your only obligation is to your shareholders, you included.
Everything else is irrelevant.


One more reason to use a custom ROM on my OP2.


this is,… since the first time i bough any phone, then i put custom rom directly on it… (cm on that day become my favourite, cuz the theme)… also it is more safer with backup from cwm/twrp like


Wish there was actually something that gives decent batterylife like on my old iPhone.
But looks like this is a wish never being fulfilled :slight_smile:


Hahaha! Did you just mention “iPhone” and “batterylife” in the same sentence? I’ve never encountered an iPhone that’s usable for more that a couple of minutes when it’s below 10° because of the battery. I really don’t get why people buy those phones…


now… this is interesting… :rofl:


My old 4S laster about 1-2 days, and didn’t loosem ~10% charge over night.


Honestly it’s not surprising at all, just like how it’s not surprising how any intelligence gathering agency can view your connections and browsing history. It’s common sense, my Xiaomi Mi Mix collects data as well. I try my gosh darn hardest to keep the information collected to a minimal, but it keeps sending logs anyway. We’re products not human beings to them.


Couldn’t agree more.
The only difference between Oneplus and the more established phone makers is the capability to hide their spying. Hiding by bury it deeper in the code, have a massive team of lawyers or make some money change pockets in order for the common folk not to know.


The big difference is, other OEMs offer an opt-out option for this crap, also when you opt-in for it, they anonymize it. Which is the main problem of one plus, cause they aren’t doing that.
/horrible english sentence structure lol


Not the only one…
For example, How many time did you find, on different platforms, amazon advertising some goods that you previously checked? All because you are using the same google account…
Privacy is so overrated :confused: :wink:


To be honest those Opt-Out options probably won’t stop them from collecting information anyway, sure it’ll reduce the log sizes but they will still be collecting information.


Is that irony ?




I hope that this clarifies :wink: :joy: :joy: :joy: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Not rly, just that it was a netflix series related pun.


Why is anyone still outraged or surprised that someone is collecting data. Let’s face it every company is collecting data.


That doesn’t mean that everybody should just shut up and accept it. As long as people still oppose it, voice disagreement and opinion and try to find out about details, companies still hesitate at least a little… otherwise it’s going to be wild west.


LOL I think you are leaving in LaLa land


Is that really surprising given that it runs Android? :wink:

[Let the debate commence.]