OnePlus 5T NYC Launch Event - a case of how OP marketing team F...KED up in communicating management's intent

So it sounded to me, till I actually read Carl’s post. Now it is true that there is a possibility that his post came a “patch” after the original effort turned to crap. But an optimist in me still hopes it was the reverse sequence, with screwed up messaging in other channels.

I don’t think that was ever a secret that OPPO is behind this whole effort

I thought it is pretty much a norm in nowadays, everyone and everything wants to track us and get our info. Would not be surprised when or if it is discovered that other manufacturers were pulling something similar. Not defending OnePlus on this one, rather just don’t have any illusions about other makers.

perhaps the reason is that they chose to take a reactive “plan B” when they saw the media backlash. Crisis team was responding and now it looks much better

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Propably or the tickets werent selling well

@inffy @Mike guys you are breaking into my la-la land and undermining my belief in people acting out of greater good :joy: :joy: :joy: You gotta be gentle and ease me into reality slowly


They today told that the ticket proceesings will be donated to F-Droid