Oneplus 5T full pictures and specs reveal - would you buy it or wait for Oneplus 6 with Snapdragon 845?


The factory was built because Indian laws require you to have a factory in India where you have to produce a specific percentage of the phones if you want to sell anything in India.


Thats true, but they wouldnt have chosen the SE if its not selling well.


If you want to waterproof a phone, you need to do one of two things:

  1. remove the headphone jack
  2. internally seal the headphone jack, put a specialty waterproofing coating on the contacts, and reduce the water resistance level/waranty

This is the reason that most water resistance devices are removing the headphone jacks such as the Pixel 2 and iPhone 7 models.
Besides that fact, OnePlus makes good hardware cheaply and with low quality control (had multiple OnePlus Ones in my family, just believe me that they tend to fail over time). They have good spec phones that usually last about a year or two before showing hardware/OS issues. I would not trust them to make anything waterproof, and neither should you. It’s far better that they just go with the bigger market of users that want to use normal headphones and don’t intend to swim with their devices.


I would get the Essential Phone. 50$ cheaper, almost same speccs, Titanium/ceramic body and pure Android.


WEll SE is the cheapest they have at the moment, and we all know that India won’t be the biggest market for iPhone X or iPhone 7 or 8 just because of economics.

There was also an article that Apple specifically chose SE because it’s small and cheap which seems to be a good fit for India. But they know they won’t get market share from India with their flagship phones as they are so expensive and India is definately a country where Android is the norm


The thing is, technology has evolved so much that Android resource usage is not a major concern anymore. A mid-range processor nowadays is enough for anything, I’ve never had my Sony Xperia X Compact stutter even though I do a lot of heavy browsing and sometimes gaming.

Also, what’s up with the insane obsession with “thin” phones? Now they’re often even too thin to be held comfortably… Thin and slippery. And it would be darn awesome to have a shape sort of like Zenfone 2… just in the compact form factor like the Sony series. It’s much more comfortable to hold than flat back.


IMO it looks like the best phone in the market. But I would not buy it…
The screen is way to large and 2:1 is not a nice aspect ratio. At least they haven’t removed the headphone jack. I can’t believe you actually have to look for a phone with it again… But I guess 1+ doesn’t have enough blind followers to sell adapters to


Yes! Phones are way too thin. This iPhone is the worst phone you could hold. It’s so uncomfortable and awkward and the thinness doesn’t even look good or provide any functionality.


I’m annoyed because I bought the One Plus 5 in August. I’d have preferred this phone, but I shelled out for 2 years insurance as well and simply can’t justify it.


Nothing wrong with OP5. It is still a great phone.


But the new screen is so much more modern :heart_eyes:. I love these near bezelless screen designs


now… i think i will buy it…
still the downside is only on screen res (planning to use VR mobile)… but, i can live with that… since, no developers friendly phone nowadays with middle range price or a bit high i assume? :frowning:


Could it be also because SE was/is the cheapest way to get new iPhone? iPhone SE was pretty much a flop in the US market.


What about the Oppo R11s and Vivo X20?
Do they match the competitor to OP5/OP5T?


nope… different processor and RAM i think


How come? I thought its one of the favorites there as I saw here a few months ago

From my personal experience, it looks great but its quite a lot harder to use, with the status bar all the way to the top. The GS8 is almost has hard to use as the older Note series.

Not true, Android phones with a similar hardware configuration consistently use 20-50% more power consumption than its iPhone/WP counterparts. The saving grace is that Android phones generally have 20-50% larger battery to compensate that.

Your Xperia is one of the best examples:

Despite having almost twice as much battery capacity, the Xperia is beaten by 15-40% by the iPhone SE in realistic scenarios. To make matters worse, all that is completed with a battery thats nearly half as large.

(source: Bye bye iPhone - whats good out there?)

Another example? Identical hardware, different OS


Xperias and iPhones still use different chipsets, that’s where the difference in energy consumption comes from not the OS alone, i doubt that the OS is responsible alone for that.


I guess the Galaxy S8 did option 2 then?


The thing is, IPX7 phones are nothing new. Sony has been producing them for years…

I think I’m going this direction once it’s available in Stellar Grey (matte finish). Apparently there are some software hitches that still need to be worked out, but Essential seem relatively quick to update and hold regular Q&As. They are not on the level of Eve but I’m happy to support the upstart :slight_smile:

No logos on the PH-1 too!


Customer satisfaction surveys and market success are rather different metrics. Something could be loved by those who bought it, but at the same it didn’t sell well or in large enough quantities to become a successful product for the company.