One Year With V

Ouhh i see. But is it worth the buy. does it provide better pen control as such by using it on the eve-v ?

I don’t own an Eve yet but am seriously considering it.

However, the pen specs are making me think twice. I have no problem getting the MS pen, but I really want to know if you get the full pressure sensitivity of it (4096 levels), tilt, etc.?

I’m also curious if there is a way to use the Eve as a Cintiq like device, attaching it to my iMac and using it as a second screen and drawing tablet.

I highly doubt the latter is the case, but if it can indeed be used that way, I’ll definitely be pulling the trigger.

You’d be way better off buying an iPad Pro in that case. There are apps that let you use the iPad with macOS as a second screen with pen input.

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I’ve thought about the iPad Pro, but honestly it just feels like a waste of hardware being forced to use iOS only apps.

Sure, there are some great apps out there, but what I really want is the ability to run a few desktop apps on the go - mainly Visual Studio Code, Capture 1 Pro, and Affinity Designer. Two of the three don’t really have a worthy iOS counterpart.

The ability to use a mobile device as a cintiq-like replacement would just allow me to return/sell my drawing tablet and consolidate my hardware a bit.

But it seems like what I want is a pipe dream. From what I can tell the only device that can really do that is the Wacom Mobile Studio, and even then it needs a little extra hardware.

If you require certain programs, especially if they don’t have any worthy counterparts on iOS that’s a legit reason not to use an iPad.

There is one ‘but’ in that scenario, if you happen to use a mac(book) anyway, there is not better solution then an iPad since there are some apps that allow you to use the iPad as a second screen with input. It’s light, has an amazing screen and pen, and can run standalone for some more mundane tasks. It also has a decent battery.

There is Duet display which also works on windows, but i have a ‘meh’ experience with it. It has had a recent update, haven’t tried it since so I’m not sure if the experience is nowadays.