One year with my V in daily business use! Ask me what you want to know about my V!


My experience is totally different. I didnt get my accessories, no sleeve, nothing. They promised to ship them, never did. The keyboard and track pad are buggy, constantly losing connection and the mouse jumps around. I soon noticed that my screen was all marked up, everywhere the keyboard touches the screen when the V is closed has left a permanent mark in the screen. They promised to send a replacement, never received it and have heard nothing.


Your are not alone…

Almost a year with my V and if I am happy with it because no fan, good battery life, amazing screen,… I have to say your case and mine are pretty similar.

No additional keyboard (I paid for US and FR, never received the US (yet?))
No sleeveS (I paid for both, still waiting)
No accessories (usb cable, thunderbolt /hdmi,… Still waiting)
Because I wanted to use my V just after I received it, The coating of my screen is damaged on some dots, now I’m using a very good screen protector from so no more damages…

For other reader, yes we have our V and can use it but we paid 2 years ago for it, including the (missing) accessories…

So the conclusion is : the V is amazing, not perfect because nothing is and has some defaults, but Eve has to work harder to keep their promises.


3 things you liked the most
3 things that you’ve been most displeased by/not happy with


I tried returning my Eve V via DHL. Have not heard back from support since October on multiple emails. What should I do?


Write new mails and reference your old case?


3 things I like most:

  • not having the 10th Surface an the 20th iPad at the table at meetings
  • fanless design
  • heavy duty buildt quality of the V (tablet part)

3 things I’m most displeased by/ not happy with:

  • If I break my V, I have just an old SP3 for my business because eve support seems not to be business quality
  • quality and design of the V keyboard. Pogo pins are an engineering catastrophe, alcantara is 90’s style and the letters on the keys are much too big and fat which makes it look cheap…
  • the way it goes with eve last year and the way people talk about the team and especially Konsta here and at other places of the www. Eve did go a risky way for us by cutting out the middlemen and being the only middleman to make good hardware for a reasonable price. now they get crushed because they are the only one in the middle between the people who gave them money and the companies eve gave the money to build the device and to deliver parts…

3 things I like:

  • design of V
  • fanlessness with adequate power
  • size/weight

3 things I hate:

  • unusable upper USB-C port and only partly usable lower USB-C port
  • lies and broken promises from EVE + non existent support/not updated drivers
  • missing HEB engraving

Hi, happy as well with my HEB i5 since Nov 2017.
No issues despite the keyboard.


I’m very happy about your good experience with V i7. The same configuration is my own.
I note that you didn’t have problem with the external monitor connected only via USB-c port (Thunderbolt on V and USB-c on video if I understand right). Not so for me. I’m desperate with my DELL S2718D that has only HDMI or USB-c port. I connect the external monitor just as your configuartion. When I turn on I7 V during BIOS upload the USB-C video signal is present. But when W10 (1809 version and older) is uploading the signal video is missing and there is no way to resume video signal. Supply signal is present. Some other people have this problem? Please can you give me the W10 drivers of your USB controller (expecially for 3.1 USB controller). I think is a driver problem. Can anyone help me? Thank you.


maybe this could help???:

I had to do some settings at the monitor directly to connect perfectly, but that was no problem…

The only thing I have is that if I connect it while the V is running (Windows open) it does not work. I always have to shut down the V and restart it…


Thank you for your help. But I think my problem is in driver that not support ALT MODE as requested by DELL. So I ask to EVE support for resolution.


Max Ghezzer

Inviata dal mio Windows Phone


Me too :hugs:



Nice review!
Besides the problems with delivery and support the product itself is definitely an eyecatcher and its performance and endurance is way better than other competitors.
The only thing I recently had problems was my girlfriend accidently sitting on my V and breaking the hinge on one side! :scream: I managed to repair it on my own, because I didn’t want to send it in for 2 months.


no domestic fight afterwards? :thinking: did you forgive her? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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It was early in the morning, so I just sent her to work and my anger was gone until the evening. But it’s a running gag now when something is broken “did you sit on it?”. And in theory I’m allowed to break something on her new MacBook Air until we are even. So she is always very kind to me when I mention that :wink:


Eve team should improve the hinge to at least to withstand one women sit on the V on next generation.



You may have to introduce weight class ratings :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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A fantastic freeware to check battery wear I can suggest is BatteryInfoView by Nir Sofer.
You can find it on his site:
It simply reports all and more you would ever want to know, without an install.

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My first Eve V died after 2 months. The replacement, which took about 2 months died a few months later. Eve been absolute terrible in trying to compensate me and many others. I was all for their disruptor attitude but if the way the treated me and others with similar problems, then I hope they bite the dust pretty soon. Appalling attitude.


I just can’t believe that a V could die within some months of normal use… what did you use it for? Diving? playing Tennis (not as computer game)? constant fiddling in the BIOS? or you are a waiter, using it as a tablet… I thought I’m treating it really hard.