One of the first to recieve my Spectrum 4K 144hz

I’m just here to say my experience thus far has not changed with my Spectrum. I’ve been playing Series X everyday running at top speed when the games allow it and it’s just beautiful. Best monitor I’ve ever owned hands down and will purchase another in the near future , possibly the newer model glossy. Just updated to the latest Firmware 107 with no problems. I just love my Spectrum and I’m glad I was one of the first to have a 4K 144hz gaming monitor using HDMI 2.1 Thanks Eve you have a customer for life when it comes to me!!!


Hmmm, I smell something but will take this at face value. I have a Spectrum too, pretty good product. Had to wait quite a while after promised dates for that one but I was patient since there were frequent, credible and substantive updates. Ordered two more early this year to match the 1st in a 3 monitor setup. Since then nothing but BS, lies, ghosting… Go read the shipping update thread and if you still say you are planning on ordering a glossy monitor from them, well… then you would be telling me you are not the brightest crayon in the box.

I also have 2 LG LG 27GP950-Bs, gave up on Eve. They are less expensive and every bit as good as the Spectrum, better in some respects. They do not have all the USB ports the Eve does and I like the style on the back of the Spectrum better. Got them the day after I ordered them from Amazon and since they are mounted on the wall, I do not see the back and have bias lighting from the LGs. They are identical from the front, since this is the exact panel Eve uses for the Spectrum.


Do they already support integer (pixel-perfect) scaling?

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Pics or it didn’t happen bro. You know the rules.

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