One Liner Update 9.02


Hello Eve Family!

We have no news to share this week as all Indiegogo Vs (m have been shipped on 1st of Feb last week and tracking info will start coming any moment now! :tada:

Happy weekend people!
Excited for what will New Chinese Year bring to Eve!

Community Digest 11.02

Great News! Thanks a lot for your effort! :smiley:

I cannot wait to get my hands on my V finally! :slight_smile:


Will the tracking numbers be issued when the devices are leaving the 4px local warehouses with the local couriers? Have the devices made it to the 4px local warehouses already?


this is one of the few moments where no news actually brings joy


All of the Vs left China last week. So they are on the ways to the local warehouses AND/OR being sorted for the final delivery. Chinese New Year is not a risk for us anymore. Phew :slight_smile:

Tracking does take some time to get now due to the sheer volume of shipments from other companies that managed to get their goods before Chinese New Year.


They are already out of customs. They can’t have been shipped to local warehouses without going through customs…


By all V’s you mean the December flash sale?


Does this batch also include the 1TB shipments? @Konstantinos


Yes 1tb orders are included! Flash sale delivery schedule is according to the newsletters you are getting as schedules varies, you can ask in support if you are not sure about your schedule. Vs are shipped to local warehouses by air. Most of the time goes to sorting and processing packages.


All of the Vs left China last week.

by “last week”, do you mean (29.Jan.18 - 04.Feb.18) or the week that we are in now (05.Fe.18 - 11.Feb.18)?


I purchased the LB perk from other backer. Will the tracking send to the original backer or send to me directly? Thanks


Thanks for the question. As mentioned in the previous update all the Vs left on 1st of Feb

@Kenny_Lee you will get tracking info to your email!


Thanks for the quick respond :blush:


Looking forward to my tracking number! Thanks for the good news :smile:


I’m getting pretty nervous as far as the superiority of the product is concerned. New devices are being developed with the 8th gen. Intel quad cores, which would suit my needs better. I am a bit disappointed by the speaker and keyboard issues I’ve heard so much about. Mostly, because there was a lot of hype around the speaker sound quality during the campaign. Let’s be honest about the keyboard issues. When, in recent memory, have you heard of any Bluetooth keyboards coming out that didn’t work according to Microsoft specification? I’m honestly a little frustrated about the simultaneous key-press issues, as I am in Office products and command prompts all day and keyboard shortcuts are a life saver.

That being said, my prototype experience was fantastic, and I’m looking forward to using my V.

This still isn’t the longest campaign I’ve been involved in. Let me go through the list. Moky Invisible Touch BT keyboard, started June 2015, still not delivered, survey came out today, YAY! MEATER: The First Truly Wireless Smart Meat Thermometer, started September 2015, single unit delivered last year, but the 4-unit block is still not delivered, no updates. Flow Motion smart phone stabilizer, started November 2016, now delayed until after the CNY. Ahh, perspective… :grinning:


I realized I (= 4th Dec Flash Sale buyer) did not get last Newsletter, and another member here on forum also did not get it. I hope I will get the next one, in a week I guess.
[no, it is not in the spam, it is even not in “all mail” folder in gmail.]


Honest feedback: if your situation requires more than 4 thread performance, the V is not for you.

You’d do better with a pen and paper - writing letters to your friend with a quad-core and asking them to do it for you would still be faster than you trying to run it on the V.

If it is not a requirement however, then I feel the V is still worth your consideration. The processor is zippy enough that most things won’t be a problem.

The audio issues are not as bad as the forum makes them seem, it was really only a issue in the first week or so before they released the first fix, and the 8th gen dual-cores (imo, at least) aren’t too much of an improvement to be concerned about.

edit: missed this earlier

I think we have a similar use case, and my feedback on that is while it’s weird, it isn’t a deal breaker. Just… weird.

Should I buy the Eve V?

@keithhubb also to note, in fanless design CPUs Y-series, the one in V is still the latest.

Most tasks use singe core anyways, and the ones that dont, are often not meant to be run outside desktop performance environment IMO.

Regarding the audio, I just switched from prototype to a production unit and the oomph im getting literally at least doubled (with the latest drivers of course) so I wouldnt be so worried about it :wink:


I never said I wasn’t going to love using my V or that anything was a deal breaker. I said that my prototype experience was fantastic, and I’m looking forward to using my V.

I do have several use cases. For my travel use case, the V is going to be perfect. The prototype allowed me to run VM’s in Virtualbox and VMware Workstation perfectly. I was able to spin up servers using Vagrant and Docker in Virtualbox while running a 2-core version of our equipment in Workstation. Some of my demo scenarios require up to 8 CPUs for a single VM, so, I either spin up an AWS or Ravello lab for those. Over time, I would like the possibility to run a 4 or 8 core VM on a small PC like the V even though I know it’s a stretch.

That’s great, my perception was that the speakers had declined from the prototype versions, but I’m extremely happy they haven’t!!

Agreed, definitely was not a deal breaker after using the prototype! Just a few registry edits gave me what I needed to work around the issue.

My frustration with the keyboard stuff, is that I feel the supplier doesn’t want to take ownership for the issues and fix them. To be fair to them, the V doesn’t have 1 million orders yet (which I hope it surpasses), and they probably don’t see a need to spend resources correcting the issues for a few thousand units. Just my opinion.

Thanks for the reply, sorry I wasn’t more clear in my earlier post.


Thanks, I was looking at that Acer Switch 7 Black Ed, and was like, “fanless 4-core :astonished:”. Then reality set in, and I was like, “S**t i’ts an Acer!! :angry:

Agreed. My use case was a desire to run serveral multi-core VM’s in a lightweight 2-in-1, but it was just a dream :sleeping::thought_balloon:

@Wickedly pointed that out as well, and I’m glad to hear it from another production user!! :grinning: I should have mine soon, and am excited to put it through the paces.