One liner update 6.11



100 devices assembled today. Now they are under QC and testing. For the whole day we were part of the production line :slight_smile:


:tada: :tada: :grinning:

Out of curiosity, how long does it take to assembly 100 devices? I know this is ramp-up and that it will get higher, but I am curious :slight_smile:


after those tests you will be shipping them or you will wait until end of week?


Great to see the @team commitment - and the detailed insight as result. An impressive story and potential PR benefits

How many now built?

On the basis all continues to go to plan suggests that all the HEBs will be built and tested by ?Wednesday 8th?

Then a shipping ex China date likely to be?
And arrival at our address ?


@Kuri64 this time it took a day. But that’s because it took some time to sort some of the materials
@Artur_Jedrzejewski first Emdoor & us test, then us + QC company test. then we ship :slight_smile: But I think its end if the week.

@SteveYork we have 150 devices produced!


They still haven’t assembled the rest… It would be unfair to send out some devices days later when we all paid the same money and at the same time (+/- a few hours).


I am so excited :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Edit: thank for you the update!


As an hyper-early bird, I really don’t care whether they ship out some a few days earlier than others. The shipping times are going to be different for different countries anyway so even if they shipped them at the same time, they won’t arrive at the same time.


I’m trying to be patient. I’m hopeless. :persevere:


I’m definitely near the back of the Hyper Early Birds (my order number is in the low 500s), and I personally wouldn’t mind if these were shipped as they were manufactured.

But I think it’s not cost-effective for Eve to do it that way anyway, as I believe they ship in large batches to their distribution partner.


Neither do I, but I’m pretty sure there are people who do.


after a few days in the factory, how are we looking regarding webshop release date? :slight_smile:


Great stuff, almost there! Anyone else a little bit apprehensive seeing all these devices go through the notoriously destructive (but very safe really I’m sure) hands of Konsta?

Good to see the dedication in all seriousness.


If any of them come out not working it was the ones Konsta touched lol.
Glad to see production moving where their any added complications aside from sorting parts?


thx for the update ^^
hope that the production will go smoothly


Great work!
I just wonder if my LB V will leave China in time to avoid pre-Christmas congestion of shipping companies…


@Konstantinos couldn’t find any information when the “Reserve Eve V i7 Limited Bird” are planned to being shipped, can you say something about them?


Those are the limited birds and will be shipped early December


Hey @Konstantinos, thanks for the update, glad that things are going smoothly. I’ve got a question regarding shipping. I think you’ve told us before though, are the Vs being shipped to Europe and then distributed? I ask this due to import taxes from outside EU. Thanks!


So, the shipping for limited birds is getting delayed now. Early December means within the first 10 days.