One Liner Update 3.11



Hello Community!

Reporting to you from the factory!

The latest status of things: We are having good progress across all fronts and aim to start shipping end of next week!:ship::truck::star_struck:

Here’s more info:

  1. 1900+ Limited bird displays arrived to Liabao and will soon be bonded (next week or week after that)
  2. We flew to meet our touch panel factory to increase bonding yield rate (not all of the screens passed our QC after bonding so we were working on improving the yield rate) Solution was found after intense meeting between Eve, Sharp, Emdoor and Liabao in Chongquin. This is a very important project for our partners. So top pros from Sharp and Liabao help us to resolve any of the challenges we encounter.
  3. Vs have successfully passed a long lasting stress test after all of the changes (we tested new cables fully) For example we heated up our V’s to 60C for few hours as well as froze them to -25C. Now we can confidently put them all to production

reviewing units after stress testing
4. We have also improved the assembly process to make sure more V’s can be produced with highest quality possible.
5. Emdoor, QC team and our team will be checking each unit shipped to HEB to make sure that after all of the wait you get device you’ve been waiting for!
6. We originally planned to do 100 units yesterday (Thursday) but the factory producing cables didn’t have electricity. We have today received all of the HEB cables and we plan to produce 100 units on Tuesday, 200 on Thursday and 250 on Friday. Units will be quality checked straight after they are produced. So we will be aiming to get them shipped on Saturday/Monday
7. We will be shipping V’s exactly the same way as we shipped t-shirts so it will take about the same amount of time for your V’s to reach you! Some of the Hyper Early birds might get them earlier, some later! We will ship press units along with HEB units. We will be shipping press units next week form the same batch as HEB so that would make a review of the actual production device! We are very confident of our quality!

**That’s it! You will be getting your V soon and we are excited about the product we are about to ship! **
We did take few extra days to get the best cable available to you guys and we are now back on track!

:metal: Ready to Rock! :metal:

P.S. Here’s mine and @Xinjie Halloween outfit! Factory wouldn’t let us in at first :smiley:

Community Digest 03.11

First like! Thanks for posting info!


Thanks for the great update!

Do you already know (and can you tell us :wink: ) which reviewers will get a V to test?


Dare I ask about the 1TB SSDs?

Beginning to almost regret the additional HEB wait!


good to know that the V is nearly assembled.

but i dont understand the production rate is set at 200-300 machines per day.

i recalled that 3000 is the max capacity (mentioned in day 5 at the factory reply from konstantinos).
someone suggest the rationale plz


They’re ramping it up slowly to not have 3000 defected devices on one day, if they overlooked something, but rather “just” 100. If I’m not mistaken the EBs should be produced at full speed already.

And thanks for the update! Hopefully it’ll be shipped in 10 days max :smiley:


Darn. So it is now mid November delivery for HEB . I was really hoping for last week of October to first week of November delivery.


So, everything was postponed by a whole week?
The way I understood it from “day 5” thread, you should have already made 250 devices yesterday. Now you’re saying you were planning only 100? And according to the previous thread you should also finish producing them tomorrow, but now it’s Thursday? Did I get it right? I thought you already had received new cables at “day 5”…

One more thing: Can you provide us the date when you actually shipped out the T-shirts? Asking this because there might be a delay we don’t know of. People only received shipment notifications only after their T-shirts had reached local warehouses.


@Ho_Yi_Lee that’s true. But we want to get to that volume slowly. We really mean it when we say quality is our highest priority. We will get there as we keep the production line running.

@brightonBreezy 1TB SSD we will give an update on it as soon as we have it. Right now things are moving according to plan.

@pauliunas Yes it did take us more time to get those cables. There is little we can do about it. I have rescheduled my return flight 2 times already :slight_smile: Our focus is not just to ship but to ship device without any issues. So if we needed to wait extra days for the cables we waited.

T-shirts took around 4 days to arrive to local warehouses!


Thanks for the update!
Although waiting is really hard right now because shipping is so near, I really appreciate your dedication to the quality. Even if all the quality controls lead to a (small) delay - i think it’s worth it. After all the hard work and the stumbling blocks along the way it’s necessary to make sure that the v will meet your and our excpectations.


Will this timeline affect LEB’s as well? Would this push back LEB’s or it wouldn’t really matter since you can ramp up production after HEB units are done?


We can’t really see that far yet. We need to assemble HEBs first:) But as of now timeline for LB is unaffected.


As a whole, a lot of units have been made so far (samples, testing). Do they get scrapped? Recycled? Given to the factory workers?


Oh yes :smiley: Most of them we will use as team units. Emdoor team, Intel and MSFT will get some of them too. The rest get’s recycled!


Will that small delay also have influence on the opening day of the webshop? :slight_smile:


No it should not according to the preliminary info I have :slight_smile:
Webshop is unaffected by that small delay :wink:


I believe you are personally delivering Nadella’s unit to him yes? :smile:. And uncle Bill!


Can you refresh our memories with the timeline of LB? Because 2000 screens were sent for bonding 2 weeks ago and no news since that.
Do you know when the production of LB will start and when will you ship them?
Thks a lot and very good job made by all the different teams (Eve, Emdoor, …)


It read in the very few first lines:

Here’s more info:

1900+ Limited bird displays arrived to Liabao and will soon be bonded (next week or week after that)


I’m one of the lucky HEB’s, but what is with the 50.000 V’s that will be ordered via webshop??? Are all parts for them already possible to deliver to your warehouse? Are all manufacturer already building those parts? Is there a timeline for delivery of webshop orders?