One liner Update 20.10



Hello Community!

We are now in China getting first Vs produced. Things are moving smoothly

2000 Limited Bird screens have arrived today to our HK warehouse and are being shipped to our touch panel maker! Here are some pics:

The update 17.10
Community Digest 03.11

My screen is in that pile!! :smiley:


Limited Birds already??? Coooool!


personally I didn’t really miss anything before, but I have to say I definitely like this new policy of a small update every few days. :slight_smile:
(in particular when it is good news :sweat_smile: )


What is a limited bird? Someone who is quick to the draw when the site is open to public or a backer?


@Habbe This Project was realized as a Indiegogo-Project (Crowdfunding). The first ~700? People who bought a V there are hyper early birds, the ones who bought it later but still via Indiegogo are early birds. So those are the titles of the Indiegogo backers :slight_smile: EVEryone else will be a “normal customer” :slight_smile:


Small correction: V was funded via Indiegogo.


Oh my God! Oh my God! That’s my screen! :star_struck: *faints



Omg yes :man_facepalming: I am also an early bird, so shame on me :joy: I hope it is okay that I’ve corrected that :smiley:


Of course it’s ok! I always mix up those two and never remember which one I saw something intresting in.:thinking:

I’m so happy with these small updates! It’s just what I need in the waiting. And I’m also glad everything seems to go swimmingly! :swimming_man:


Great joke, i grade it 7 sharp screens out of 10


Great to see things are working out. :smiley:


I just love the transparency and informationflow of eve!! I’ve worked in many companies that could only dream of this even internally let allone to the customer :laughing:


Now my perk is also in this batch too! :heart_eyes:


Excellent information policy.
This keeps me up to date and excited.


I also think that’s awesome. Thanks for the update. Totally looking forward to get the Hyper Early V :slight_smile:

Greetings from Germany.


Hope this time the failure rate will be much lower then the last 720pcs!


For normal customer…
when will be?
How much ?


I’m happy that every thing works out fine. I’m also happy to see that my wishes about regular updates shortly in front of the finish line finally became true ;-).



The V board of directors does not accept any liability linked to unexpected rise in blood pressure, sudden bladder, anxiety problems and other sleep disturbances caused by progress in V delivery.

Please note this warning covers all expected and unexpected V deliveries too.