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Hello Community!

As promised keeping you on top of things.

Screens QC got pushed to Thursday as there were labour related issues at the distribution center. There were more than normal packages coming and there was not enough labor to sort them all out (that’s the place where goods go to from customes before coming to the warehouse where QC will happen).

QC will happen on Thursday. That’s why we had a week’s buffer in production estimate:) Shipping timeline is not affected

We have done all that is possible to get it sorted faster but officials can be slow at times.

------------END OF UPDATE-----------

###Why you dudes run into problems all the time?

Recently we’ve been discussing with our team, Emdoor and partners why would we be having so many challenges with component sourcing. The answer was actually surprisingly straightforward.

This will sound egoistic but we are the first company of small-medium size to enter Tier 1 brand space in Computing category.

####Tier 1?

So in our industry there are different suppliers tiers. Like tier 1, 2, 3, 4 etc

And all of the companies (all kinds of local brands like Chuwi, Onda, Cube, Telcast and so on) work with max 2nd tier suppliers. While only companies working with 1st tier are Apple, Acer, Asus, Samsung, LG, Toshiba, Microsoft, Samsung, HP, Dell, Razer.

The main difference between first tier and any other tier are components and their quality. So first tier suppliers provide cutting edge stuff. We can even play a little game:) Guess which of these LCD suppliers are tier one or any other tier

  • LG
  • AUO
  • Hannstar
  • Samsung
  • Sharp
  • Innolux

Exactly its Samsung, LG and Sharp :slight_smile: They are companies that can provide cutting edge display technologies.

Same goes for batteries, storage, housing, USB ports and so on.

For batteries first tier suppliers have more charge scales and offer slimmer batteries with more capacity

For housing there is a huge difference in how device will look and feel on your hand, etc.

Our batteries and housing come from Apple suppliers btw :slight_smile:

So to summarize if we want to do great devices on par or better than Microsoft, Samsung, etc we have to go to First Tier supply chain. If we want mediocre stuff second, third tier is more than enough.

###Now let’s get back to why we are bumping into challenges with suppliers from time to time.

The answer is very simple. The closest company to us in terms of revenue and order volume from the standard point of suppliers is Acer. Company with 10 billion USD revenue :smile:

###Why would then first tier suppliers work with us?

  1. Because they want companies that will give them rapid growth (we have that potential if they do as we say:))
  2. Crowd development approach is different and they can see we are making waves in media
  3. They all keep saying :"You never know who will be the next Apple "

So it’s great accomplishment we had with community that we managed to get trust and all of the other components in to the warehouse from First tier suppliers.

We have some challenges now but once we ship Vs open sales and sell more V’s to people who believe in crowd development around the world we will be able to show our first tier suppliers that they made the right choice and then we will be able to set our own rules.

You will say OnePlus

You will tell that OnePlus has done the same and managed to get all of those top tier vendors on board. Eve is not the first company to do that!

Thats what our team thought when we came up with idea to challenge all the big brands :slight_smile: We thought that if OnePlus could do it that it will be a piece of cake for us too.

The only difference between us and oneplus is that it is fully owned by OPPO (or actually a huge group that owns vivo as well) one of the biggest smartphone companies in the world. One plus also started with 40 million US loan from Oppo and they used all of the Oppos suppliers. That’s why OnePlus One looks so similar to OPPO find 7

So yeah we are in a bit different categories. As OnePlus = OPPO for all of the suppliers:)

But now that we actually made it! We are very happy that we did not know initially that OnePlus is owned by Oppo:)

Community, we are making history here! And all if you guys make industry change possible.

Exciting times :slight_smile:

[07.06] Latest updates on shipping schedule and more

Thanks for keeping us in the loop! I’m glad to see the shipping dates also aren’t affected :smile: Nice work @Team!



This internal stuff… just wow :smiley: … We will get a first class device then :smiley:


Amazing! Thanks for the update!


@Konstantinos I am still amazed at what determination and hard work can bring. Kudos for making V with all tier 1 one components at practically half the price of SP (i7 models). A product like V, without corners cut will certainly be appreciated by masses!

One thing that’s very different between EVE and Oneplus is that EVE is industry trends setter, while Oneplus was all about following top dogs and making them more affordable! Can’t wait to see what we’ll make next :slight_smile:


Amazing. I would like to keep The first V (like iPhone 1) for the history~:grinning::computer:

[14.06] GOOD NEWS. Screens arrived!

likely caused by the typhoon and crazy rainstorms throughout past week in HK and coastal regions… :tired_face:
hope it’ll go smoothly as the :sun_with_face: is now returned! :sunglasses:


Isn’t it funny that I’ve never seen an Oppo device out in the wild? I don’t even know what they make, the only place I’ve ever heard about them is this forum when people keep saying Oneplus belongs to it. So what’s the matter? How can it be “one of the biggest” while nobody knows about it?


Thanks for the very informative update. Good Luck for getting the next Apple - Because you know - An apple a day…


I think Oppo devices are much more widespread in Asian countries than Europe, for example.


@pauliunas That’s exactly why OnePlus was made to expand their portfolio and sales in Europe. As Oppo failed entering EU market. Most of Oneplus sales are in the EU currently and India.

They are huge outside EU and China. Here is the IDC data:

And remember that Vivo, Oppo and Oneplus are one group

So if you knew Oppo well most likely there would be no OnePlus then :smiley:

Electronics are a bit like car industry and any other industry. When brand get old or cant serve new buyer segment they make a new brand :smiley:

And this is the group that owns Oppo, Vivo, OnePlus and other brands. BBK Electronics


You misunderstood. They own company’s like one plus that make phones. With that suppliers deliver to oppo and oppo to their company’s. That way margins are a lot higher and oneplus did not have to deal with the same problems eve had to. Also they had a big player with high capital in its back, in that business it makes some things a lot easier. :wink: but if the main firm does nothing else than manage the other companies, they can be big but you did not need to know it or have ever heard of it.


Yeah basically. Yes. When OnePlus talked to suppliers just replace One Plus with Oppo group :slight_smile:



Never heard of Oppo as a smartphone manufacturer - I might have, but not fully aware.

But definitely heard of BBK, they make DVDs and Karaoke machines (just my stereotypical view of the company) :stuck_out_tongue:

And I thought Porsche owned VW, not the other way round?

Back to topic:

It’s quite surprising that there’s some labor issues going on…
And it’s only going to last for a day :thinking: ?


Since the next step on the timeline (quality control) got bumped down to later this week, there will of course have to be another update later this week to keep you all updated. Expect to hear how things are coming along this Friday, the 23rd of June. As Konsta said, our earlier estimates for delivery still hold.


Strike? I only found the term labour related issues. That could be many different things :slight_smile:


Whoops, corrected :stuck_out_tongue:


Indian here, and I can tell you that I’ve spotted plenty of Oppo and Vivo phones back in India.
And they go overboard with marketing. Like seriously, I’ve seen more of their ads and billboards than Samsung, and that’s overkill in my book.


You should update this as well :wink:

Edit: @Helios You are really fast at editing :wink: