One liner update 14.11



i really hope so.
but again the timeline is on the limit 15-18th of november… and it is shipping on the 18th. i really hope there isnt any more delays.
Well, i trust them and i think it will be delivered before december.


These regular updates are keeping me sane lol. Thank you for doing it.


Great news can’t wait to hear more and start seeing devices in the hands of the community good luck Team and keep up the good work.
Keep us posted hope to have my device before Christmas!


Aha, now I get it, that picture explains everything: that little kitten will be responsible to spontaneously scratch the engraving onto the back. Each scratch: one of its kind.

This also makes clear what was the bottleneck in the production… hurry up, little kitty, hurry up.


@Helios Maybe the project status should be updated, since the shipping date is now clear?


@Konstantinos - any updates about 1 TB SSD for HEB?


for the new cat ?:open_mouth:


It sure should be (and I just did)!


Don’t quote me on this, but I believe I read they are due in time for LB shipping.


Last time they did not have them yet. That’s why I’m asking.


My first post, hopes this goes where it’s supposed to.
As said by some, slow production on first units always seems a good idea to me if one is most concerned about checking and rechecking quality.
I only saw this website and product yesterday therefore looks like I can’t order until 20 Nov. so I am probably looking at a ways down the road for one, just hope my laptop display holds out long enough to get my own V. But I like the idea of taking things a little slower at first, not rushing units out the door like most producers theakingoday who only care about share price and executives’ bonuses.
Thanks for the update guys, hang in there.


You cannot order until 4th of december


Can’t wait for my V in second batch already. Wish everything goes smooth so that 2nd batch can be shipped on 26th :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m pretty sure that the LB’s will shipped on the 26th. Depends on the month and year.


LB’s = Last Birds or Last Batch??:wink:

Am I to guess about the date of the 26th, that you are privy to some insider knowledge that hasn’t been shared with the rest us? :rofl:


You’re so mean. :sob::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: But 2018 seems to be realistic.


I disagree, 2018 would be unrealistic!

I am fairly sure all devices will easily be dispatched in 2017 for the HEB’s and the EB’s


Look at how many delays they’ve had… And look at how many deadlines they’ve actually met… Are you really naive enough to think this December 4 deadline is something different?


We have agreed to disagree many times before and continue to do so.

Please try understand this!


“Easily”… um, no. Unless the cat works for us too