One liner update 14.11



Sure, but I fear that my V won’t arrive for Christmas if the production/assembling is too slow.


I really hope to receive my i7 HEB still in November. Because on the 1st of December I’ll move to my new home…


AFAIK DHL worldwide express delivery was chosen by eve because they handle all the tax and import fees before shipping… This is not the first device with express delivery from china… I hope the delivery wont be as bumpy as all the other steps…


We dont know what shipping compnay is doing the China -> warehouse transportation. And even then that cargo needs to be custom cleared (=paperwork) for it to be even allowed to the country of the local warehouse. Also to unpack the stuff at the warehouse, then creating new shipping labels to every V box

So I would add 2-3 days to the timeperiod and that is the minimun


You can call me harsh… but that’s way too slow.

Assuming that there are 5 workers, working 6hours (very generous in Chinese factories). There are 30hours in total.
150devices/30hours= 5devices/hour.

No, i don’t understand any process from factory production, so need not to awaring me that I know nth in production.

I live in hk which working environment requires quick quick quick and accurate.
Please, anyone please persuade me this is an effective production. In early Oct, the team promised to give workers enough mooncakes. They should have had more than enough energy to work much efficient! :slight_smile:

The factory managers have already had briefing sessions, (I believe 2 weeks ago? ) to ‘make sure every step is correct’ as the team claimed. So, I assume production has no problems made And the only contributing factor of 150 devices/day is the efficiency of worker.

You may blame me that the timeline does not alter, why are you flaming? I have already given up the timeline! I’ve waited for 9-10 months, I really don’t give any xxx to the 1 week. I’m writing, trying to rationale myself the production rate.

According to this production rate, early birds want to receive their devices by Christmas? You really should pray for Jesus the savior( sorry to other religious members).
2500/150= 16.7 days. By the time, it’s already 11Dec. Who knows if there is power shortage which lead to 3days delay. Who knows if there is qc failed machines which lead to 3 days to compensate the failed devices. Who knows if kostatinos leaves China, the factory yet again fails us. By the time they compensate for the accidents, the devices will arrive the warehouse before Christmas. But will the logistics deliver @christmas time?

Before flagging me, persuade me that this is efficient, everything will go smoothly and the production will ramp up by 300% (which I still think not efficient).


I agree that it sounds slow, but as we dont really know anything about how the devices are made it’s hard to judge.

If it requires lot of manual work (as atleast it seems that most stuff is done manually) it’s of course much slower than doing most of the stuff automatically with a machine


i too think that the production seems to be slow - i thought the capacity would be higher at this stadium (producing the last heb). I could imagine that the Team has to deal with a “bottle neck” in the production line. e.g. if calibrating the screens takes 6 mins/device and they have (e.g.) only two devices for the calibration you need 7,5 h to calibrate 150 screens. just an example of course. :wink: (i hope i didn’t made a calculation error :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )

i hope they can “ramp” up the production numbers and everything runs smooth. but as you said: at this point - after waiting so long - it doesn’t matter (for me) if we have to wait a few days/weeks longer. i am sure, the Team does everything they could to get us our v asap - but it’s a bumpy road :wink:


Yes. They can definitely CANNOT accommodate the open sales (5figures orders) according to this rate


I think, the most important thing is now that the devices get assembled. Whether I get it some days earlier or later doesn’t matter after months of waiting. It’s more important that the delivered devices are as perfect as possible, and I think that the Team gives everything to achive this.
The question of efficency gets important when we think about mass production after webshop sales…


The calibration is something I missed considering. Thx. Good luck to the team and web store buyers


My own feeling - based on nothing but assumptions - is that even though the assembly team have had many briefings and trial runs, etc, it takes time for them to confidently build up the muscle memory required to build devices quickly. Until that happens, they must go very slowly to make sure the quality is kept up.

Remember, the devices are being built by hand, and people are clumsy by nature.


tell the web store purchases this msg plz.

dear web store supporters,
thank you for your purchase. as your device is hand-made in china, and people are clumsy by nature. we will ship the device in 1month. we need to gather a certain amount of devices (to reduce shipping fee) before shipping to warehouse and ship to you.

let’s flip the pyramid! (while you flip the table)
eve support team


Thank you for the update. :slight_smile:


Don’t get ur hopes up. The world is cruled and vile place.


Just…sigh. :joy:

To clarify; Eve has already stated: the low production is on-purpose at the moment. The team is hand-inspecting the devices, they’re making sure the manufacturing going forward is perfect . They want to make sure, over days, that the team of workers building the V know it perfectly inside and out before ramping up production.

They’ve already stated the factory is capable of ramping up production over 1000% from this point.


After all the months waiting it became weeks waiting. That is a mayor improvement.
It will become days waiting.
One or two days more or less is insignificant compared to the total waiting time we had to go through.

Let us be honest, non or partial info causes a steep increase of our :scream: level, because delivery is so close.

Yes, assembly was so much longer we anticipated.
But, consider that a learning period, very important for the bigger delivery period ahead of us.


I think the problem with your calculation is that one device is not finished by one worker, so it’s not the one worker that created 5 devices per hour. It’s rather a multi-step production line with QCs in the middle (assuming that the QC is one of the bottleneck here for the early devices).
So the calcualtion should be 150/6hrs (that is your anticipated time, don’t know if that is an average for China though) which brings you to 25 devices per hour.

But important here is the output for the day - for the past Monday at 150. As Konsta mentioned, the target is ~200 with the next run. I have to say that I prefer this slow ramp-up over what e.g. Tesla tried to run from 150 to 5k within a month… and even with this pace/ramp-up the EB devices should all be produced within 10 days if I’m not mistaken (plus 3 days buffer for power shortages or additional devices due to QC), which leads to a delivery in early December (as anticipated by the team).

I’m not saying that all the time in the past everything went smoothly, and it might not going forward, but to me the timeline the team gave for EBs still sounds realistic.


Hey @Team,

Thanks for the update, I would also like to have an update on the second batch. Are the LCD´s already bonded? If they are, where are they now? and when will production for the second batch start?

Thank you for your time and keep up the good work!


Kitty! :smiley:

That’s awesome news! Can’t wait to hear when you guys are loading up the truck.


Hi, good news, we waited sooo long.
What do you mean, will i receive my “V” (Hyper Early Bird Eve V Core m3) in Germany in 11/2017?

regards Sven