One liner update 14.11



Hi Guys!

Wanted to touch base with you on the progress so far.

  • We have booked the truck to pick up V’s from the factory on Saturday. We will be done by then.
  • We have finished assembling 150 more devices so we have done 300 in total.
  • Things are moving a bit slow here but it’s really so that no mistakes are made. Most importantly we have good progress and will be shipping on Saturday. We did make less devices than planned on Monday but it doesn’t really affect the schedule as we prepared for that when told you about shipping this week!
  • Oky guys! Back to work now! Wish us good luck smooth rest of the week!

Photo as requested by @ianseer . I found Chinese girlfriend to my cat :slight_smile:

Community Digest 21.11

Thanks for the update. Hopefully you succesfully can put the remaining Vs together.


I wonder if this implies that some people would be receiving their Vs next week?


nice! good if it doesn’t affect the scheduled time! keep it up! no photo? :frowning:


Maybe if you live near Shenzen then MAYBE, otherwise no as the Vs are first shipped to the local warehouses and from there to customers (at this point you will get the tracking code)


Thanks and reassuring news that on target. Positive communication


Thanks for the update! Good to know that you are on track!


Looking forward to get a tracking code around Thursday next week. Great news!


Thanks for the update. And especially be v e r y careful with the M3 Vs :wink:


hahah… nice pic :smiley: at least we have cute photos on this thread :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you for the update! I may not be the first 300 lucky people to receive their V but I will patiently


As the ‘they’ are now sure to get theirs V delivered very soon, it is now time for ‘us’, the second batch ones.


Next week is possible after (as identified in a earlier thread) they need 4 days from china to warehouse and around 2-3 days to the customer. Load in truck in Shenzen at Saturday 18.11.2017 +4days = warehouse in London or in US (don’t know where) at Wednesday or Thursday 22.11.2017/23.11.2017 + 2days or 3days is Friday/Saturday 24.11.2917/ 25.11.2017 delivered to the customer…
AFAIK they ship per DHL worldwide express, so it should be possible to deliver within one week (7days from China)…


Everything is possible. But you have to remeber that there are lot of packages and other companies to (4PX) being the warehouse operator.

Wont hold my breath for next week delivery, but would ve a nice surprise


@Konstantinos are the review units also shipped on saturday? They are shipped from the factory directly to the recipients correct?

Good to hear from you! Let’s hope you guys get to go home soon. As you mentioned things are moving a little slower than expected. Since I will be one of the hopefully many people ordering the V from the Webshop I was wondering when you’re planning on really ramping up production. I read somewhere that about a 1000 V a day are the target.

Best of luck for the rest of the week and for getting the production line ready for the storm after Webshop opening. I’m very excited!


Shipping heb means one step closer to the webshop.
Would be nice if the prices for the different versions would be revealed before the Amazon cybermonday week. I want to buy a monitor with nvidia g sync and 144 Hz but can’t order it, because of missing v prices.


Smooth luck for the rest of the week!


Bare in mind that this delivery time was estimated with the t-shirt delivery, and for most country, there will not be tax for a few t-shirts. However, in the case of V, a electronic device worth more than a thousand USD, there will be import tax in a lot of country and the custom process may further delay the delivery time.


This is great news to hear!
I like the visual image of hundreds of Vs piling up somewhere, waiting to be shipped and flood the world! :star_struck:
I wish Team a very smooth and productive rest of the week!


Great news - I prefer a bit slower production over more mistakes being made and having problems later on.