One liner update 06.12



Not saying for sure but makes sense


why don’t to threaten to terminate the contract? there are tons of competition.


just threaten to terminate the contract!


Some of the responses crack me up. Clearly people who have no experience dealing with large scale supply chain or logistics.


Because unfortunately, in the minds of 4PX there are millions of other customers.
(This is how many Chinese companies think. And they’re right. - Always remember they don’t want to lose face.)

I would bet they really don’t give a damn.

We have to try to convince and coerce them to improve. If that’s possible.
Don’t antagonise them, whatever you do.

Sometimes lots of pressure only makes them try to pay back and go slower.

Sadly for those waiting there is no simple solution just yet.


It is normal that these things happen. “WE”, the EVE supporters and Eve-tech are a small company. I say WE because we didn’t purchase, we invested and believed in the project. We are not talking about Microsoft that produces millions and shipping companies will take more seriously their products than just a couple of hundreds from some happy guys.

I would have loved to have mine too so far before, but this is what happens when you invest in small and new projects. If the investors ("WE) do not take out beliefs seriously, imagine the third party suppliers and services.

Eve- can just manage what it is on their behalf, and I have complete confidence that the guys have done their best in delivering solutions asap.

I’ve been there, it is not easy, and pressure hits you sooo strong. I’m impressed on how they still keep their sense of humor so far from the first delay.

Keep the positive energy! We will be happy at the end of the year enjoying our V’s


oh, you should try calling them directly then, +852 2977 2968.
if you get through within 3 calls maybe you should get a lottery today/

and Masters888 is right, Eve is a tiny customer compared to other companies, and Chinese mindset sometimes will only fairly treat those they deem equal (source: am chinese, been living with chinese), which is despicable. That said, there are things Eve can do, being the weaker party in these negotiations, that is to forgo the “best” ones and work with those that aim to topple the pyramid like them, which is why Eve choose Emdoor versus Foxconn, isn’t it?


Thanks so much for this update! Can’t wait!


“I’m so tired
tired of waiting
tired of waiting for you.” The Kinks :headphones:


Saying those names and comparing them to a startup with 12 people total (in terms of financial or manpower options) doesn’t strike you as a little of a bad fit?


Maybe we can expect an enligthening thread in off-topics from you about how logistics work on such a great scale (of 500 devices).
I’m looking forward.


I tried to email 4PX, but got the following error from their Web server: "Error sending email. Feel free to contact our support if you need help.

Please remember that this free version is limited to 20 submissions"

Looks like they are using a free Web mailer on the website and HEBs have overloaded their system or they are not interested in customer feedback.


That has nothing to do with us. It was some rogue trying to blackmail DHL with a fake bomb. Definitely no explosion that would block DHL from doing anything. Especially since it wasn’t even in London. I mean, DHL even delivered the devices that were packed improperly.


@Konstantinos I tried to send px4 a mail. Even that is impossible. What a looser company.


Try “Plan C” now.

Get 4PX to just package essentials :

Power Lead

Send these out first and follow up later with Goodies, extras, cases etc


Also @thedrawer

Don’t waste your time trying to contact them by email, phone or web.
I would be fairly sure they are not at all interested in customer feedback.
(In fact I would bet money on that fact. They might say they are interested, but their real actions show the truth.)

4PX are more a fulfillment and logistics management company than they are a courier. They say they have over 20,00 customers. This is not a big number in that industry.
From the Google research I’ve done it seems their bad reviews are bordering on legendary, with delays being months in some cases.

Read my earlier post a few above this one and the posts of @hiddenflaw and @diegofcc .

The Team really can’t do anything about this situation,
We will just have to wait it out and wear it for now.

No need to get upset at the Team or anyone else guys.
It is what it is.

Eve does not yet have the influence or power to make them take any notice.
I’m sure that will come in time.

@Tirigon 500 or 5000 is a very small order to any logistics company.

I have friends and colleagues who deal in 40 foot container loads to and from China, and unless they talk several containers per day, week or at worst per month they are considered to be very small almost insignificant to Chinese companies.

China is so big, they actually don’t really care about customers service in most companies and businesses.
They don’t seem to need to, and it frustrates me more than anything else in China.

@jcateve Great idea. However I don’t think many here will be up for the extra costs for shipping, packaging and labour.


Would you have any recommendations for EVE if they decide to switch from 4PX. What could be a good partner that could do what 4PX should be able to do


Would that be efficient? Won’t that stall the thing even more? I guess the only thing we can do is to curse them or forget about V’s and work on our personal life. V will come, when it will come, and it will be a warm surprise.
I’m just looking like a wasted zombie now reading these threads and worrying, where are my 4 packages, that should have come during last 2 months.


Combined with all the negative experience from our comunity, one starts to ask why 4PX was even picked.

Make it part of the contract you sign. For every X weeks of delay the other company has to pay Y amount. Common practice when buying large software applications, so why not here?

Then I’m wondering (a) why 4PX fucked up on such a small order and (b) why some certain community members tell me I simply have not enough knowledge to understand ‘big business’, when in fact it’s a rather small business…


Because you can’t even grasp that whilst Eve’s order is considered small. They’re dealing with large scale logistics companies. It’s not like when you as an individual post something or send one thing.

At the large end of the spectrum you deal with things like distribution centres, expedited warehousing etc.
The reason for picking them is questionable, but acting like you can just pickup and move at the click of your fingers is naive at best and ignorant at worst.