One liner update 06.12



I got this from Amazon about fifth time in last 3 years …

Delivery from others - Microsoft, Google, Apple, AliExpress (China) - everytime on time and really fast.


Doesn’t it make you wonder what the profit margin they are making from you is?


Still cheaper on Amazon than in “brick and mortar” store.


They’ve said they chose the most expensive shipping method they could. Which means, DHL is cheaper.


@pauliunas they dont have the manpower to organize 2000 devices with accessories. That’s why they had to use a shipping company that had warehousing options.


Well, it is shipped by DHL and they pay for sorting and custom clearing done by 4PX as well, I guess. So, I’m not sure, if DHL alone is cheaper, if a) Eve has to sort everything, b) get it through customs or let DHL get it through customs and then c) pay the price for the fastest delivery option. Especially since global logistics firms usually get discounts from their shipping partners, which Eve wouldn’t get.

And don’t get me wrong. This stuff is ridiculous at best, but switching midway through the shipping won’t work and I’m not sure, if there are good options to get in a week for the LBs. I hope, there are, for the sake of everyone, but I’m not sold that it’ll be easy. Imo 4PX should at least ship the LBs completely for free with the fastest option or pay us HEBs for the delay. Or both. It’s plain and simple unacceptable what they’re pulling off here. Not being able to complain to them actually pisses me off even further.


There’s a ton of fulfillment centers in HK. 4PX isn’t even considered top ten.

DHL also has fulfillment center in HK. I’m surprised we didn’t use them…


Does this mean we, as hyper early and limited birds batches get those goodies? Or just certain groups?


All Hyper Early & Limited Birds get the goodies :wink:


Eve does much better, one year of goodwill for free, including one year of apologies ! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Sorry folks, I could not resist .

And really, my sincere congratulations for the team, and my respect for your ‘going on’ force in this whole saga.
And a saga it was!


Hope I can get the tracking number very soon, limited birds batch here
Is almost mid December now… Fingers crossed.


Huh? The delay of delivery is because of slow sorting.
Situation: Sorting takes 2 weeks and courier takes a few days.
Not this situation: sorting takes 3 days but courier takes 2 weeks to deliver.


Since all regions are affected (the Lutons warehouse, no tracking numbers in US, the Hong Kong local warehouse for Asia countries) the problem is more widespread than originally thought. I’m glad Eve thinks that the sorting delay is unacceptable as well but hoping for more concrete actions that could be taken. Can we ask that shipping/sorting updates be given if you’ve decided to take other actions / once you receive any other reply that isn’t a sad excuse from 4PX and not until the grand update mid-Dec?


No, the explosion is not an excuse. It actually happened.


Thank you for the update, Konstantinos.
I’m a LB +1TB, and I know it is before being assembled.
It’s OK! I hope surely assembled rather than being quick and early.
It’s already been a year since I have ordered, why can’t I wait for just a few more weeks.
Most disturbing to me is an initial error. I have to google up English to tell the error, and have to send it back.
SURE rather than EARLY, I personally and really hope.
Thank you again for the update. We all are looking forward to the next, and Merry Christmas to all the people who can accept/join it.


I guess the team hear us loud and clear for the use of 4PX, time to move on for better option!


targeted DHL

Why does it feel like some secret organization that is responsible for all of these delays? Why are they trying to sabotage Eve?



Fire in LA, and someone stated that the t-shirts went thru DHL LA… Guess USA is going to be delayed even further


Nono -didnt say that. There is a 4px facility in LA but we don’t know if that’s the actual reason. . Just making conversation. In due time the USA parcels will be in your hands


does anyone from the community live near 4px headquarters and want to storm up and demand a resolution on behalf of the eve community?