One liner update 06.12



Reminds me of this (and other one job memes):


This is a great update. I was starting to get annoyed as s*** that Backerkit was like “ready to ship” and no information. I was starting to think some crap was going on. For any US based people who were wondering what is going on, this update pretty much explains it.


this also applies to me in Europe / Germany. 4px is terrible …


Funny. It’s impossible to send a complaint to 4px because as you click send it shows a short error page telling the “free version is only available up to 20 submissions”.

It redirects you to joomla Webservices Error Page.
Seems like 4px is really professional.

This is so unbelievably annoying. My HEB V is there and I am urgent to receive it but it won’t be processed…


Just encountered the same problem. Couldnt send the message via their contact site and got forwarded to a joomla page… very strange tactic to avvoid negative feedback…


The person responsible for the Feedback would say very efficient xD


I think the point is that it takes time to shift to a new shipping partner, and this will lead to more delays to the current heb and lb customers.


They already had information about 4px “quality” from forum members … Yes, now it is late to do anything, but they should demand some type of payback (i.e. discount on $50 shipping cost).

This week Amazon missed delivery by 1 day and I got 3 months of Amazon Prime as goodwill.


I wold never complain about that except the item was a thing that i need on a certain day like a suit, but maybe that was your case.


I even did not complain about that - got email with that apology next day morning.


Well, it might be the case (like Konstas post suggests) that finding another suitable logistics partner may be a little more demanding than choosing another musli flavor in you local supermarket


Please just ship them directly like you did with prototypes. it might take a bit to deal with customs, but definitely better than this shit show going on right now.


Whilst I’m not defending 4px, forum feedback was about delivery, not sorting.


Would stick to that demand if shipping costs doubled?

… I’m not what many here would call a fan boy. In fact I’m seriously pissed that my V is still stuck in fkn Luton.
Still I’m under the impression that quite a few people here have a Trump mindset when it comes to analysing problems and suggesting solutions.


That’s the reason why you always have a plan B. Always.

Not that this lesson could have been learned from the screen supplier issue earlier. Nooo.


Yes true Tirigon but problem happened only when Vs came to local warehouses and before there were no problems when we tested 4px. Now that they are in local warehouses plan b is to get them shipped from there faster. Other option is shipping them back but that will take ages


@Konstantinos any feedback to share from the first flash sale? Was it successfull?


You tested it with T-shirts!..that’s ridiculous to think packaging a computer with add-on items is the same as shipping a t-shirt…

What are the current mitigation plans? Like an daily update from 4px?


If you think so.


Oh lol, lucky you. But it’s not something that you can expect on general from others (imxp).