One liner update 06.12



Hi Community!

Time for another update.

This time I will start with update on Limited Birds!

1. Production and delivery schedule

After all of the materials arrived production started on Monday evening. We have reached the rate of 200 devices a day. We are now improving it to 300 and then 500 devices a day! Assembly line is fuller than ever!

Since Monday evening till today we have produced 400+ devices! This is the fastest we have ever produced them before


The plan is to arrange shipping for as many ready made devices as possible next week so that they would come before Christmas. The rest of the devices will be still produced next week and the week after if there are any minor delays.

So things are looking solid on this front!

2. 1TB SSD situation!

Things are looking good on this front too. Now that we have changed the supplier we were able to get confirmation of the SSDs in stock. So SSDs are already available and we have fully paid for them so we are waiting for dispatch! Reviews of the new SSD are very positive too

We will let you know once we receive them!

3. Hyper Early Birds

For people who received their Vs or their tracking says they are on the way:

First of all congrats to the ones of you who received your Vs already! :tada: We can’t wait to hear your thoughts! I have been waiting for this moment now for so long! :cry: But these are happy tears! :smiley:

As for the people that got their tracking number but it has no update

Your Vs are ready for final shipment but 4px hasn’t given them to courier yet. Tracking numbers will get update soon! We are pushing 4px daily. NONE of this issues happened during our supply chain test with tshirts. This is literally only job of 4px to get goods to warehouse, sort them and ship further but they seem to be really bad at it! 4 px is telling us its the holiday season and that’ causes delay. We think its a lame excuse and try to push them as much as possible.

You can give a bit more pressure to them by sending them an email here:

As for the people that didn’t get their tracking number

Your Vs arrived to the local warehouse but now its taking 4px ages to process the shipment. They told us that there was an explosion in local DHL/ Inventory system crashed. So all kinds of excuses! None of that happened with our tshirt test.

So what will happen to 4px

We will give them last chance with shipments before Chinese New Year and if they still keep having same problems we will switch. We will be having meeting with their management soo to discuss this.

And one for thing!

Few of the Hyper Early birds have received their Vs packed incorrectly. Device box was not in the inflated airbuble pillow. (this is again something that we told 4px numerous times and send instruction of. None of this happened during test shipments.)

We want to apologize to every HEB that has received the device that is not properly packed in the shipping box. If something within your package is missing like Accessories or one of the secret goodies (please check the spoiler at the end after unboxing to see if you’ve got all of those) or anything is broken please don’t hesitate to contact us ASAP at

Secret Goodies
  • V Pouch (different from Sleeves!)
  • Sticker
  • V Poster
  • 3 Pentips
  • International Charger Adapter

The good news is that we are moving forward! We are learning from this and fire bad partners immediately! Together we will flip corporate pyramid!

We’re also trying out a new thing where we will summarize all news in a bigger update like this one! This means next update will be around SATURDAY, 16th DECEMBER.
If we have breaking news we’ll update you guys ASAP as usual! :slight_smile:

The HEB Shipping Corner
The HEB Shipping Corner
Audio Quality in Eve V
Community Digest 11.12

Congratz on ramping up process! Yoohoo, I’m waiting for my twin Vs .


Congrats on ramping!

Honestly as one of the HEB who didn’t even get a tracking number yet, this is very disappointing again! Shipping a T-shirt is something entirely different than sorting sleeves and a computer and accessories. Also, why is no one from EVE on the plane to 4PX to sort this out… that’s the usual step for a major product supply chain release. I have dealt with UPS for electronics fulfillment before, and this is how you deal with this kind of issues!


Yeah why wait until new year - demand better/more now :slight_smile:


Must not click spoiler…

Thanks for the update! But I’m not sure, whom to give the award for most ridiculous sh*t this year. It’s been a hell of a ride…


So, HEBs with 1 TB SSD will be produced as the last ones?


Thank you for the update! Was growing nervous and this was a definite relief. So happy to hear the ramp up is happening as planned.


Why that spoiler now NOOOOOO :smiley:


This is a serious problem. Why after the experience with the screen supplier would you even consider giving 4px another chance?


It’s possible there is a contract in place that would be not economically viable to break with the LB’s looming…I’m sure there’s a reason though and it usually is to do with $$.


I would think that LBs with the 1TB SSD would be produced last. As an LB/1TB backer I would expect the HEBs to get made first.


So, shipping takes more than two weeks, and the devices will be ready to ship next week. How is it possible for any of them to arrive before Christmas? That makes no sense (unless I have the date of Christmas wrong!).


There are still problems but it’s time to celebrate too…
So CONGRATS EVE TEAM for achieving this job and continue to flip the pyramids!!!


Thanks for the update, Konsta!


Shipping is not supposed to take so long at all!
@Spence we give a second chance as shwithing to some other one will take some time. We don’t want to delay anymore. Also the issue is that when we were choosing a partner for warehousing 4px was the best one so generally it’s not so easy to find.


But it is taking … check reality with HEB shipping …


Hi Konstantinos. I wonder if there is any prediction regarding when people in North American can get their packages, or at least the tracking code?


Well he knows that currently there are problems.


Thank you Konstantinos for the update! Glad to have received a tracking code as HEB in Germany now. Today, I finally showed my family that the team kept their word. Now you can no longer blaspheme about me because of the constant delays. I will be happy if I hold it in my hands. THANK YOU!
I have to pull myself together to read no spoiler and reviews. :joy:


I Ordered one on Monday. I read every spoiler to calm me down. That the V is the right decisions instead of the Asus transformer t304ua. A good friend bought it and He is happy with it.