One liner update [01.09]



As i mentioned before: Forget the Acer Switch 7 BE: Using an Intel Y-CPU is the key here to get a fast working device (2 cores with high turbo in only short time usage at 100% like normal working cycle) and it fits in 12" fanless.
8W GPU is maybe an option for the future to think about for some gaming and graphic/video working on the road. Ant only because of using a Y-CPU it’s maybe possible to cool it sufficiant and fanless in 12".


Ya i was just posting that the Acer Switch 7 BE has very poor battery life. So for those thinking it might give 5-7 hours under medium use are going to be disappointed with 3-4 hours of battery life.


To me personally, Acer as a company to not illicit much trust in the build quality department. Also, V will be my best 2 in 1 as I have already place money to order it. So I am just gonna ignore the rest of the other devices and place absolute blind faith with EVE. *Covers ears/eyes and go lalalalalalala*


How will the 1TB upgrade process be handled? I wouldn’t want to miss the window of opportunity to upgrade.


As far as I know we’ll launch this option with the first iteration of the webshop, where we should also have the T-Shirts available.

More details on the whole process will come soon :slight_smile:


@iKirin goes global? :^)


Woop t-shirts! :+1:t2:


We all know the battery life wont be on par with V. However, if there are options on the Acer switch 7 to turn off the graphics card and only use the CPU, battery life obviously should improve.

I dont get the hate on Acer. Its has a graphics card, when in need. No one is telling you to use the graphics card 24/7. Its about options. The whole idea of 2-in-1 device is having options. If you want something that is basic, a laptop/pc is what your probably looking for.

It all depends on personal usage. I personally think the addition of graphics card is amazing, especially for 2 in 1. I will only need the graphics card for photoshop/CAD/light gaming. I would use the CPU for light-moderate usage. Perfect.

Wait for more info before judging Acer Switch 7. Im curious how it runs on just CPU alone. If they are using the latest CPU chip, i guess it should be efficient?


Whether it’s the Acer or another competitor, my humble view is that this is a natural defensive reaction to the machine we have bought and not yet received. In the IT world nothing stays still and as soon as you buy you fall behind very quickly.

Some accept this, some don’t


I also agree with your view. I just think its crazy to dismiss another device when we aint even got enough information. Its not even available!

We should be striving to achieve better or we would just be another corporation who dosent “get it”.


I must have missed something here @iKirin. Are you saying that the process for the 1TB upgrade option will only be launched with the webshop/web store opening? I thought this will be offered as an upgrade option for HEB/LB backers?

My apologies if I misunderstood your statement. I, for one, am waiting for when the process starts for Eve to ask the HEB/LB backers if they want a 1TB upgrade or not. I don’t want to miss out, just in case there’s a limited quantity available.


The challenge is that we can’t afford to change too much with the V now else it’ll never come out…

Assuming it comes out within the next couple of months, I think it will be well received as a very good option for many, rather than the market leader perhaps it might have been earlier in the year.


Dont get me wrong. I never said to change the current model.

Just the mentality of dismissing other device out there is what im saying.


Ah, I misunderstood what you meant by “we should strive to achieve better”, thought you meant to improve the V beyond the Acer…


Definitely guys! It’s great that Acer launched their product it will help us when designing next decide :slight_smile:

As for the 1TB upgrade we think we will offer it in 2 or so weeks from now in our webshop before V goes on sale again.


A small bit of elaboration on this: We’ll open up the webshop with the option to upgrade the SSD or maybe grab some nice clothes. At that point (in 2 weeks or so as in the statment above) you won’t be able to order a V. :slight_smile:


Maybe you could sneak in a V price tag when the shop goes up in 2 weeks?


Suggestion @iKirin…: just leak the last two digits for each model :laughing:


What a pitty. I already hoped I could order soon ;-(


Does this mean that we will get our V’s within the next two weeks or so?