One liner update [01.09]



Isn’t it easier not to offer the upgrades?
Less skus
Less things to go wrong
And less Cluskey-Smiths pissed off he bought an i7 based primarily on the hard drive capacity



We have established you don’t wish for others to receive any kind of joy unless you can benefit from it.

Quick! find a child with a lollipop and slap it away from them. After all, when you were a child that brand wasn’t available, why should that child benefit from a change in circumstances beyond their control? the company should have had the foresight to assume that at some point in the future they would be in a position to change what products they have available and not sell you that inferior candy they had the nerve to offer you when it was the only option they had.


Wow. Someone created an account just for the purpose of posting this. They say ‘we’ though, I wonder if it’s an existing community member. Can WE all agree to not create anonymous accounts just to post one comment?

That being said, the analogy is quite striking :rofl:


I usually prefer to view forums without posting, but i check this every now and again for updates on when the online store will open.

His comments are always complaining about something ridiculous. So i made an account to point it out. Because apparently i have that kind of free time today.


This might help you understand his mindset.

I don’t mean we have to accept it, but at least we can start to understand him a little.

I still don’t understand or agree with his occasional rants.

But he is entitled to them as a member, despite the negative effect they sometimes have.

I loved your analogy of the child with the lollipop.

Sums up the attitude perfectly!


Yours would actually be the third batch, because the second batch goes to “limited bird” backers or whatever it was called. There is no timeline yet, but you could expect it in 2017. First batch should go out in october, second in november and third in december, but that’s just my guess.


Personally, I think it’s great news that Eve are offering a 1TB upgrade. Looking at the reviews, the SM961 seems to beat the 600p both on performance and battery life. The only thing to note is that being an OEM drive (unlike the 600p), it’s not supported by Samsung, so there will be no firmware updates and it doesn’t work with Samsung’s SSD tool.

This review includes benchmark comparisons between the SM961 and 600p:

One question for @Konstantinos. When you know, would you be able to tell us the model number of the SM961? There are two variants of the drive:
MZVKW1T0HMLH-00007 (OPAL compliant)
MZVKW1T0HMLH-00000 (no encryption)
It would great to know which of these it is. Many thanks!

(SM 961 Datasheet:


Thanks for your reply. I would have backed this project instantly (maxed out model with i7), but I only discovered it after Computex :slight_smile: Can’t wait to buy one.


Eve did some testing earlier of various SSDs when the form factor changed. Everyone then said the Intel one didn’t review well etc. But as mentioned by myself and a few others, those tests are irrelevant due to the V not being a full desktop and the fact Eve have direct access to Intel engineers who can help optimise the drive for them.


Don’t say that you cannot wait: you’ll have to :roll_eyes:


Sharp takes ~3weeks to process 3000 screens. I wonder how they can handle larger amount of screens in the same time span


Well usually new tech (which these screens are) three weeks is very quick. Usually you have to order screens etc many months before.


It does not mean that they only produce and handle 3000 screens. Their output will be a lot higher. But within that short timespan it was possible to squeeze Eve’s demand in as additional demand to their production.


MZVKW1T0HMLH-00000 is the model we are testing now


Probably they can’t, but they don’t need to. These 3000 screens are for two batches… So according to the timeline I suggested they would have two months to get screens for the next batch.


It would appear “K m8” as a response to your message isn’t deemed acceptable and has been flagged so I’ll take a bit more time as I’m on hold with Amazon and have nothing better to do to reply and let you know that you’re incorrect.

I’d explain myself and reasoning in more depth but I don’t think you’ve shown the general ability to comprehend it so it would be a waste of time.

Perhaps in future open a discussion rather than just offering insulting “established” conclusions that are incorrect m8


Just thought this might be interesting since many were commenting on the Acer Switch 7 Black Edition:
(note this was also posted in the ‘Eve vs. Competition’ thread)

“The only thing that should concern is battery life. With so much power and ability - from processor to discrete graphics and power-hungry features such as the high-res screen - we suspect the Black Edition won’t last long per charge. In its idle state behind closed doors at IFA 2017 - the largest European consumer tech show - it was showing 21% battery remaining with 51 minutes of life on the clock (that’s sub-4hrs without ever asking the system to do anything but show a Windows 10 desktop background).”



So why not have a look on some notebook with a 7gen similar CPU and similar graphics, similar screen and similar battery Whs.
That would get us a lower bound, as we can expect less battery consumption from the 8th gen CPU, smaller screen and pasive cooling…


Great news, Kirin goes worldwide!




Copying from other thread:

We have a KBL-R device here at the office. And I can tell you that power consumption when using it is at least 2.5 times higher))

Can’t say more that device is under NDA:)

That device does not have discrete graphics

Also let’s remember that Kabylake R, 8th Gen is not more battery efficient as its same 14nm architecture.